National Security News

February 13, 2013

Is DHS Ammo For Obama’s National Security Force?

White House Issues Cybersecurity Order

Obama Administration Embraces Major New Nuclear Weapons Cut

South Carolina NDAA Nullification Act Passes Senate Committee, 14-6

Obama Signs Executive Order On Cyber Security

LAPD Pulls Waco On Christopher Dorner; Orders Media To Stand Down Before Burning Dorner Alive To Silence Him Forever

February 12, 2013

America Gave DHS An Inch, Now She’s Taking A Mile

LAPD Literally Trying To Execute Christopher Dorner While Endangering L.A. Citizens With Frenzied Shoot To Kill Gunfire

The Constitution Repealed In Ten States

February 11, 2013

Shock Claim: Obama Picks Muslim For CIA Chief

Why Would We Arm Our Racist, Jihadist Enemies?

February 8, 2013

Iran Releases Footage From Hacked US Drone

DHS Solicits For Another 21.6 Million Rounds Of Ammo

Benghazi Failure

Obama Building A Personal Army At The Department Of Homeland Security

February 7, 2013

Will Pro-Life Terrorists Be Named To Obama’s Assassination List?

Chicago Cops No Longer Responding To Many Crimes

Hagel Linked To Iranian Lobby

North Korea’s Secret Gulag Prisons Serve As Model For Where Obama Is Taking America

Obama Kills US Citizen, 16-Year-Old Boy, Without Trial

White House Secretary Says Drone Killings Are Ethical And Wise – Senators Demand Targeted Killing Justification

Obama CIA Pick John Brennan: Jihadist Apologist, Wrong Man For Job

DOD Official: Odds Of Sequestration Happening Much Higher Than Previously Thought

Exclusive–Senate Letter: No Vote Until Hagel Hands Over Info On Foreign Cash

DHS Insider: Obama’s Cyber Warriors & Preparing For Collapse

February 6, 2013

North Korea Vows To Test More Nuclear Weapons, Aims Threats At U.S.

Obama Administration Offers Direct Talks With Iran

Obama DOJ: We Don’t Need Clear Evidence To Kill Americans With Drones

Justice Department Memo: Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens Can Be Legal

Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Gov’t Threatens Liberties

Guest Post: Congratulations Charlottesville, Virginia! The First City To Pass Anti-Drone Legislation

February 5, 2013

Responding To Rising Islamist Movements (VIDEO)

Marines Plan Invasion Of South Carolina For Realistic Urban Warfare Training

Generals, Admirals Say No To Hagel

This Is Why Iran Backs Obama’s Defense Pick

Secret Rules To Let Obama Start Cyber Wars

February 4, 2013

Why Is Government Stockpiling Guns, Ammo?

Blackhawk Helicopters VS Hello Kitty Bubble Gun

February 1, 2013

Advice From The DHS: See An Active Shooter? Run And Hide

Afghan Troops’ Illiteracy Hinders U.S. Withdrawal Plans

Chiefs Of Staff Highlight Military Readiness Concerns Caused By Budget Cuts

Terrorist Safe Havens In North Africa Threaten The United States Homeland