Gun Laws News

February 13, 2013

U.N. Maps Show U.S. High In Gun Ownership, Low In Homicides

February 12, 2013

Wisconsin Mental Health Reform Is Gun Control In Disguise

Obama’s Gun Control Disaster

California To Ban All Semi-Automatic Guns, Confiscate Firearms And Limit Ammo Sales

February 11, 2013

Obama Gun Grab Based On False Assumptions

February 8, 2013

Counties and Cities Now Nullifying Gun Control

February 7, 2013

Maryland Governor Wants To Charge $100 For 2nd Amendment Rights

February 6, 2013

Wyoming House Approves Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Grab Scheme

Gun Control Coming To Minnesota?

February 5, 2013

SC Bill Steps Up To Protect Unorganized Militia From Fed’s Gun Grab

De Facto Gun Control

Doctor Warns: Obama Taking Over Psychiatry

February 4, 2013

Arizona And Wyoming Pass Pro-Gun Legislation Out Of Committee – Defying The Federal Government

DHS Raids Gun Collector – Confiscates Nearly 1,500 Guns – No Charges Filed

Armed Guard Saves School Last Week (Gun Control Freaks Wrong Again)?

The National Sheriffs’ Association Rejects Obama’s Gun Ban

Coach Shoots Two Attackers, Saves Himself, Two Females

Arkansas Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Allowing Guns In Church

February 1, 2013

Decorated Combat Veteran Arrested In New York: Charged With 5 Felonies For Possession of AR Magazines

Woman Heckled By Anti-Gun Advocates For Wanting To Defend Children

Strictest Gun Laws In The Land Couldn’t Stop Fatal Shots

January 31, 2013

Vast Majority Of Gun Owners Would Defy Ban, Poll Shows

The Transparency Of Gun-Grabbers

Teachers Flocking To Firearms Training Classes

Kennesaw, Georgia Requires Gun Ownership, And Is One Of The Safest Family Towns In America

Doctors Kill 2,450% More Americans Than All Gun-Related Deaths Combined

Democrats: Never Let A Good Tragedy Go To Waste

January 30, 2013

60 Percent Of Young Americans Plan To Purchase A Gun To Protect Their Future Homes, Families

Gun Laws News