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February 13, 2013

WARNING: The EU Crisis Is Back And Will Be Worsening In The Coming Weeks

Greek Economy Grinds To A Halt As New Construction Implodes By 66.6%

Escaped North Korean Refugee Reveals Nation’s Desire For Nuclear Weapons, Intense Persecution

February 12, 2013

Spain Kickback Scandal Threatens Rajoy As 79% Find Corruption Explanations Weak

Italian Stocks Slump As Berlusconi Proclaims Himself Poll Leader

February 7, 2013

French Government Fears Social Implosions Or Explosions

Corruption So Pervasive It Makes the U.S. Look Good By Comparison

February 5, 2013

Spanish Data Halts Euro Rally

Spain: No Mas

Political Squalls In Spain, Italy Threaten To Derail Reforms

Bank Of Italy Caught Lying About Imploding Monte Paschi, Counters With Even More Ridiculous Lies

Europe Plunges By Most In Six Months

Defense Secretary Panetta Maintains That U.S. Will Have Everlasting Stay In Afghanistan Despite 2014 Withdrawal

February 4, 2013

500,000 People Sign Petition Asking Prime Minister Rajoy To Resign

Twin Crises In Italy And Spain Stalk Markets As Political Unrest Prevails

Greek Isles Cut Off From Mainland For Sixth Day As Strikes Return With A Vengeance

A Putrid Smell Is Suddenly Emanating From European Banks

Spain – A Deepening Recession Amid A Widening Political Scandal

February 1, 2013

The Secret Kickbacks In Spain Fall Mainly Into The Pockets Of The Ruling Party

The Politics Of Removal: Dressing Up The French Unemployment Fiasco

The Tearing Of Europe’s Social Fabric

EU Banking Union – Another Ticking Time Bomb

January 31, 2013

New Horrors In Syria Prompt Waves Of Refugees To Flee

Italy Crashes Most In Six Months Despite EURUSD Strength

Why China Is Holding All That Debt

January 30, 2013

Britain Is No Place for Jews

Zimbabwe’s Total Cash On Hand: $217.00

Spain Is World’s Most Miserable Nation, Worse Than Greece, Venezuela And South Africa

China Just Threatened A Currency War If The Fed Doesn’t Stop Printing

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