George Washington’s Prophecy of the Coming Invasion of America

georgewashingtonadjustedMany Christians are seeing visions of a coming invasion of America. Over 200 years ago, America’s first President, George Washington, saw the same thing. This post shows why his prophecy is a source of hope and encouragement for us today.

George Washington’s credibility has come under severe attacks, especially in the past hundred years. So before we look at his prophecy, we must first set the record straight regarding the accusations that he is a deist, which is someone who believes God created the earth but is no longer actively involved in what goes on here.

Sadly, I hear many Christians repeating this lie. It is a false accusation and an attack from Satan designed to undermine the foundations of our republic. The devil seeks to discredit the character of the man in order to discredit the principles that he promoted and upon which he established our nation. Here are four reasons why George Washington was not a deist:

  1. His Speeches: Deists do not say the things he said in his own speeches. His farewell address includes so many tributes to the Lord that it can no longer be published in public school history books.
  2. His Writings: Deists do not write the things he wrote in his own letters and documents. After surviving the French Indian war with four bullet holes in his coat but not a scratch on his body, the young Colonel George Washington wrote, “I now exist and appear in the land of the living by the miraculous care of Providence that protected me beyond all human expectation.”(1) Deists would never write that.
  3. His Prayers: Deists have no reason to pray because they don’t believe God answers prayers. The testimonies of the people who were closest to George Washington confirm he was a devoted Christian and a man of much prayer. When his army was at Valley Forge, his men reported that he went into the thicket many times to pray. There are many paintings showing him on his knees praying because he was well known for that.
  4. His Prophecies: Deists do not receive prophetic visions from the Lord because they do not believe God gives anyone prophetic visions. George Washington received the an amazing vision for America.

In the vision God revealed to George Washington three great perils that would come upon the republic. He saw the hand of God on America as our republic survived each of the perils. He was shown that America was going through the first peril at that time. The second peril was the American Civil War, which came nearly a hundred years later. The third is still looming in America’s future. The complete text of his prophecy is shown at the bottom of this post.(2)

It now appears our generation will be the ones who must confront the third and most fearful peril. Just as George Washington and his soldiers endured great trials to fight for the birth of our republic, our generation might soon be called upon to fight for America’s survival. When that day comes, we can take comfort in knowing our founder has already seen the outcome. As the angel said to him, “The whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and Union.”

The battle looming ahead of us appears ominous. George Washington saw fire burning the cities and villages of America. That is consistent with many other prophetic words posted on this site regarding the coming invasion of America. Here are a few of them:

TD Hale saw destruction coming from an invasion of America and described it as follows:

Then all of a sudden I began to see bombs had landed everywhere. The land was totally destroyed.

It looked like things were totally just wiped off, grass, trees, everything. Everything was gone, burned. There was nothing left. There was nothing on the trees. There was just total disaster. I don’t know if it was everywhere but it was everywhere that I could see, from the point I was at.

When I saw this I saw people standing around their homes and things that were left, holding onto each other. I saw people that laid dead, and I heard the cries of the people saying, “This should never have happened, this should never have happened.”

It was like they just kept saying it over and over again, “This should never have happened, oh Lord, this should never have happened.”

You could tell that life had changed. There was no food. There was no water. I could see babies crying, grownups, men all crying, holding onto their families. They were begging God for mercy. As I moved along I saw people running, looking for their loved ones who were missing and they were completely, completely out of their minds. Insanity had taken over.

I could see people slinging themselves off of bridges, committing suicide. It was just so vivid what I could see. [Continue reading]

Dr. Eric Castleberg also had a prophetic dream in which he saw disturbing images of destructive fire spreading across America in the days ahead.

Red flames surrounded Obama and the flames began to fill cars and buses and buildings. The people who were watching began to get very nervous and began to flee. They were frightened and very scared. They were panicking over this consuming fire that was spreading across America with Obama in the midst of the fire. [Continue reading]

Many others have seen glimpses of a Russian invasion coming. Some have seen nuclear missiles coming up out of the water, fired from submarines, and destroying our cities. So we have many witnesses all seeing a very similar picture of the same dark cloud that George Washington saw enveloping America.

George Washington not only saw the perils, but he saw the story of the battle as it unfolds. He saw there will be a time when our victory is uncertain and our soldiers are close to giving up. But then we cry out to the Lord and He sends His angel to deliver us. Our soldiers regain their courage, close their broken ranks, and continue the fight. Based on that, America will not only get invaded, but the invading forces will succeed in breaking through our forces. In the end, he saw the dark cloud is turned back and the enemy forces leave our land. Then he saw us all kneel down together and say, “Amen!”

George Washington saw America coming together in agreement to call upon the Lord. That is when the dark cloud finally leaves our land. The terrible trials will cause us to come together.

That is not a picture of the America we see today. Our enemies have divided us against ourselves. We have allowed them to do it. Their strategy is to first weaken us, then attack us. Our President today, President Obama, is intent on dividing us against each other. He makes the most of every opportunity to divide blacks against whites, rich against poor, and left against right. As a result, America is more divided today than perhaps any time in our history except for the Civil War. We are getting close to the point of having another civil war today. We are in a dangerous place today because no kingdom divided against itself can stand.

America has forgotten the God of our fathers. We have turned away from Him to follow after idols, but George Washington saw in the dark days ahead, America will return to the Lord. We will once again build up our most holy faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We will put our trust in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will put our differences aside as we join together to cry out to heaven. George Washington saw the angel of the Lord will cause the dark cloud to be rolled back. When it is rolled back the armies that it brought will also be rolled back. Then America will be victorious!

The coming invasion that George Washington saw is the same one that many other people have seen in recent years. Reading his prophecy by itself leaves the impression that America will defeat the invading forces. However, we get a clearer picture by putting his prophecy in the context of what others are seeing. The following provides insights from other prophetic words to help clarify the meaning of what George Washington saw.

The dark cloud will eventually be rolled back, but Cathy Lechner saw that America will be in captivity for a season, in bondage, serving ungodly rulers.

Chuck Youngbrandt saw our season of captivity will last seven years. During that time, America will be occupied by enemy forces. Our military forces will initially resist the invaders, but will be defeated. However, there will never be any formal surrender, so technically the battle does not end in defeat. Many of our soldiers will carry on resistance with guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile, our people will cry out to God amidst great hardships. God will hear our cries and will deliver His people. Those who refuse to repent will perish. The Lord will be our only hope.

David Taylor saw a coming Russian invasion of America, but he saw the silver lining in that dark cloud, saying, “In the middle of this war the greatest revival is going to break out because whenever darkness hits the glory of the light arises.”

TD Hale saw the same event and described it this way:

At that point in the dream I knew we were coming to a showdown between good versus evil. I saw people gathering in their homes and there were prayer meetings. People were praying in the spirit. Then I heard the Lord say, “Tell my servants and my handmaidens a special anointing will reside on you in the last days. Hold not back your voices but speak your hearts for out of them come the issues of life. Pick up the mantle of prayer and cover yourselves in a secret place of prayer. Your eyes will be anointed with a special anointing. There will be others who will be blinded to my word. All things will be revealed in their due course. There will be a supernatural wave of the spirit that will come over this generation very soon.”

In another post titled TD Hale’s 4th Prophetic Dream: Rain of Fire Coming to America he describes a great revival sweeping across America following the fire and destruction.

As I was in the air I saw America in this state of being covered with these flood waters (symbolic, not literal). Then all of a sudden as I was suspended in the air I could see these beams of light quickly coming up out of the flood waters. Like at the speed of light they were quickly going up into the air. There were millions it looked like.

He saw the light of God shining in the hearts of millions of people as revival spread across our land. It would have been far better for America to turn to God now rather than waiting until calamity comes on us. But at least there will be good things coming as a result of the calamity.

In the end George Washington heard this promise. “While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.” The remnant of survivors will then carry on the American republic. Righteousness will finally be restored to our land, but at a very high cost.


I do not know whether it is owing to the anxiety of my mind, or what, but this afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaging in preparing a dispatch, something in the apartment seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite to me a singularly beautiful being. So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of the visit. A second, a third, and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of the eyes.

By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I tried once more to speak, but my tongue became useless, as if paralyzed. A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took possession of me. All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor.

Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed to fill with sensations, and grew luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarefy, the mysterious visitor also becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations I sometimes imagine accompanying death. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move. All were alike impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly on my companion.

Presently I heard a voice say,

“Son of the Republic, look and learn,”

while at the same time my visitor extended an arm eastward. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon the strange scene. Before me lay, out in one vast plain all the countries of the world — Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America lay billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific.

“Son of the Republic”, said the same mysterious voice as before,

“Look and learn.”

At that moment I beheld a dark shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air, between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, he sprinkled some upon America with his right hand, while with his left he cast some over Europe. Immediately a cloud arose from these countries and joined in mid-ocean. For awhile it remained stationary, and then it moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky folds. Sharp flashed of lightning gleamed through at intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American People.

A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it out as before. The dark cloud drew back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sank from view.

A third time I heard the mysterious voice saying,

“Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and town and cities spring up one right after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them. Again, I heard the mysterious voice say,

“Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh, look and learn.”

And this time a dark shadowy angel turned his face southward. From Africa I saw an ill omened spectra approach our land. It flitted slowly and heavily over every town and city of the latter. The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other. As I continued look I saw a bright angel on whose brow was traced the word ‘Union.’ He was bearing the American flag. He placed the flag between the divided nation and said,

“Remember, ye are brethren. ”

Instantly the inhabitants, casting down their weapons became friends once more, and united around the National Standard.

Again I heard a mysterious voice saying,

“Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene. From each of these continents arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men. These men, moving with the cloud marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of the cloud. And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities, which I had seen spring up.

As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I again heard the mysterious voice saying,

“Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast. Instantly a light, as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments of the dark cloud, which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shown the word ‘Union,’ and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well-nigh over come, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks, and renewed battle.

Again amid the fearful voice of the conflict I heard the mysterious voice say,

“Son of the Republic, look and learn.”

As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped the water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark clouds rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious.

Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seem them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard cried with a loud voice:

“While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.”

And taking from his brow the crown, which blazoned the word ‘Union,’ he placed it down upon the standard while the people, kneeling down said, ‘Amen.’

The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor, I at first beheld. This also disappeared, and I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor who, in the same voice I heard before said,

“Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful for her is the third. But the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and Union.”

With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been showed me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.”

(1) Source: Washington, Writings, Vol 1, pg 152, letter to John Augustine Washington, July 18, 1755.
(2) Source: The account here was originally printed in the U.S. war veterans paper, The National Tribune, in December 1880. The National Tribune became, “The Stars and Stripes” and this article was later reprinted in that publication also.

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Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. guest poster says:

    STAR SPANGLED BANNER — PROPHECY VERSE Inspired by the war prophecies of George Washington, Chuck Youngbrandt et al. Not to be sung publicly til after the war… Oh say can you see, by the savage red dawn, The long-prophesied war, and our land’s devastation? For God’s judgment is just, yet His mercy lives on, In the remnant preserved, for restoring the nation. With our government gone, our guerrillas fought on And victory came, when the Lord made them strong And the star spangled banner, by God’s grace shall wave, O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


  2. this is crap. Washington had no such vision. Look it up. Falsified account of a soldier in 1860 to rally Unionists to the cause.


    James Bailey Reply:

    I have heard that charge too, but I don’t believe it. We live in a world filled with lies so we have to use discernment to separate the truth from the lies. I know the devil has worked overtime to discredit and destroy the reputation of our founding fathers, but the historical record is available for anyone who wants to dig into it. Based on the original documents including their letters and their personal testimonies we know George Washington and many of the other founders were devoted believers and great men of prayer. There has been a great smear campaign waged against them ever since and unfortunately it has recently won many converts. Be careful who you believe. Even and other sites like that have their own agenda and cannot be trusted. For me, I believe this testimony is true.


  3. I have read this quite a few times and am inclined to believe its authenticity. It rings true to who this man was according to his own writings,speeches etc. Since 2001 I have had a sense of this forboding feeling of which he talked about that keeps intensifying as to what lies ahead for this generation. At the same time I am tremendously encouraged because to the degree of the difficulty that we are to face, so also can we depend on our Lord to supply the grace to endure. May we as His people present ourselves to Him to be used as He sees fit. We will yet see His glory poured out on this nation if we will also suffer with Him.


    James Bailey Reply:

    Thanks for your comments. You have perfectly summed up exactly how I feel about this word too. God bless you!


  4. Pardon me if I’ve missed it, but in Washington’s vision, he refers to an ‘azure standard’ (light blue flag), indicating a takeover by the UN after the victory. Its just that I haven’t seen any comments/questions on this element of the vision. I don’t tend to believe in supernatural things, but even if this story had been made up during the Civil War, how in the world could the author have conceived of the UN and its sky-blue flag?


    James Bailey Reply:

    Wow, what a great point! I had totally missed that. Thanks for sharing it.


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