Destruction Coming to New York City

nycProphetic minister Mike Shreve claims God showed him in a dream that mass destruction is coming to New York City on the same scale as the disaster that hit northeastern Japan in 2011. A 3 minute video clip is provided below.

Mike Shreve is the author of eleven books and the founder of Shreve Ministries, based in Cleveland, TN. He has been involved in full-time prophetic evangelism and power gift ministry since 1970 when he spent his time hitchhiking across the country preaching on college campuses. He has appeared on TBN, The 700 Club and many other programs. Since October 2012, Mike and Elizabeth Shreve have been pastors of a local church associated with the headquarters of United Christian Church and Ministerial Association: an interdenominational fellowship of over 30,000 ministers worldwide.

The Lord showed Mike Shreve destruction coming to New York City. He describes what he saw, “It was very heartbreaking. In fact, earlier in the year 2012, I had a dream where I saw New York City lifted up above the ground and it became translucent, you could see right through it. Then it rushed across the United States up America and across the Pacific ocean and hovered over Japan. Then it merged with that area in northeastern Japan where that terrible tragedy took place about a year prior to that, where there was an earthquake and a tsunami and a nuclear incident. I saw New York City destroyed with the same level of destruction. That makes me very concerned that there will be a nuclear incident in New York City. But if that happens in the near future, I believe it will only serve to bring America to repentance. I don’t know what God’s plans are. I know we can pray and we can intercede, but I do know God has a plan that will prevail.”

In the same video, Mike Shreve expresses his belief that God still has great plans for America with another great awakening coming. He said, “But God showed me many years ago, about 30 years ago, God showed me another third great awakening that is coming to our nation and ultimately to our world. So God has a plan that will outwit the enemy.”



As disturbing as this word is, it can be a good thing if people will believe the warning and begin to seek the Lord about what they should do about it. People living in or near New York City should seek the Lord fervently regarding whether or not they should stay there or move away. Mike Shreve was not given any dates so we have no information about when these things will happen. It might be soon or it might be decades away. That is why each person needs to seek the Lord for themselves to hear what God wants them to do. It is impossible for us to figure out all of the details on our own. Only God knows these things so we must go to Him for His guidance.

For a major event like this it makes sense that God would give his people plenty of advance warnings. Those who are humble enough to believe the warnings and seek His guidance can avoid being part of the destruction. Similar words have been received by other people, including David Wilkerson back in the 1970’s.

It might also be possible that this disaster could be avoided if people would turn to God now and begin to follow Him and obey His commandments. There are examples in scriptures where God withheld His judgment because the people repented. Unfortunately, there is not much evidence of repentance in America today.


James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. Question?
    Do you truly believe that God brings destruction? Jesus clearly states in John 10:10
    The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Satan is the destroyer.
    If destruction comes to New York or anywhere else, it will come from Satan and not God.
    I believe, we see in part and know in part. The prophecy may be true about destruction but not as mere human beings may interpret. 9/11/01 made people think about life and later it was back to usual for most people.
    Romans 2:4 It is the goodness of The Lord that leads men to repentance. I am sure there could be much more to discuss about Romans 2 but I choose to concentrate on the love of God.

    • You are correct, God is good all the time. However, His definition of good might not appear to us to be good because we cannot see the whole picture. When people reject His kindness and still refuse to repent, they eventually run out of time. His spirit will not always strive with man. When His grace is lifted off of the life of unrepentant sinners, His protection is also removed and the devil then has full access to devour their lives and destroy them. There are many scriptures that identify God as the one who sends destruction, but if you look at the whole context He is always operating in love and kindness, even when it might appear otherwise.

    • Rick Smith says:

      What in the world are you talking about?
      GOD executes JUDGMENT on SIN.
      He KILLED every man, woman and child on the Earth, save eight!
      What about the Egyptian firstborn? What about Korah’s rebellion?
      Satan didn’t do those things. GOD DID!
      God is LOVE, but He is also righteous and Holy and HE DOES
      execute judgment on sinful man. He will have ALL of lost humanity
      cast into the Lake of Fire! Satan will already be there to “greet” them!

      DO NOT DISTORT the character and nature and attributes of GOD!

      The “Cream Puff” God that MOST Christians worship is a FALSE GOD.
      They might as well worship a tree or an idol!

  2. I believe destruction comes when God moves his protecting hands away from a city and wicked angels or men do the evil deeds they desire. The elite are planning a one world religio-government. Usually their plans come to be after a disaster of some sort. “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”. They are lead by the spirit of Satan. Youtube “$100 and $50 bill hoover dam destruction and nuke” The past USA bills when folded had detailed the events of 9/11, Oklahoma bombing, Pentagon explosian, all before it took place. Its a message from the Elite. Following the sMe sheme…the new Bills are predicting Hoover Dams destruction and a city flooded with water from what look likes a nuke. Maranatha, Jesus is coming soon.

  3. Heard a man tell that he had a vision of the destruction of New York city on the 3 December 2015 and then he told this other Christian and he told him his son had a vision also of New York city being destroyed on the 3rd of December 2015 at 10am. Sounded genuine!

  4. I do not know if the above poster responded back to you but I believe he is referring to Erick Enz who was on TruNews. I don’t remember that Mr. Enz specifically stated NYC but “a city” however I could be mistaken. Thank you for your website.
    and also on the 1/9/15 broadcast

    • Thanks, I heard the interview on TruNews the day after I received the post from Martus. It sounds like he is referring to the same testimony from Eric Enz, but the odd thing is Martus shared his post a few hours before the Trunews interview was recorded on Jan 9.

  5. Several years ago I had a dream about NYC, also. In that dream I saw the statue of liberty plucked up and put down in San Diego facing Mexico. Then I saw the San Diego military base, that is shaped like a swastika, plucked up and put down in NYC. At the time, I had little thought about how this would look in reality, but now with open borders, and the more power given to the UN, in NYC, I can readily understand the dream, and the trouble coming to California and New York. As I see it now, the statue of liberty had it’s back turned away from the US, and the military base in the shape of a swastika, I believe it’s the naval base, put in NY harbor, speaks to me of a power transfer. One is based upon military power and the other sort of a religious icon, an idol, nonetheless.

  6. God has shown me visions in my dreams of 9/11 and the boston marathon bombings. at the time i did not understand that these dreams were prophetic. after i saw the events unfold i remembered that God had vividly shown me each one yrs before they occurred. in 2013 God showed me in a dream that nyc is going to be destroyed and set on fire. i saw tall buildings on fire everywhere across the city and buildings were completely toppled over except for the foundations. i believe this dream represents a great earthquake coming to nyc like the usa or the world has never seen before. this is judgement coming to america for its turning its back on God and for its continued and growing acceptance of sin. major, major destruction is coming to america and this destruction will send shock waves across all of america and the world. the financial loss and the loss of lives will be unspeakable. we must prepare for this so that we know what to do in the event of an earthquake as many in the northeast have no clue. we must more importantly pray for God to hold back His planned judgement, for Him to have mercy on us and pray for the repentance and revival of all americans. God wants to restore us. He wants to make us whole. He loves us. But our nation must repent deeply and turn back to Him if we have any hope of Him withholding HIs planned judgement. i believe the fact the foundations remaining from the torn down buildings represents the fact that God will raise us up and restore us again if we turn back to Him once more.

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