Civil War is Coming to the United States

CH47ChinookCrashThis morning I had a prophetic dream regarding the future of the United States. This dream had three parts, describing future events in the economy, the value of the dollar, and a civil war.

When the dream started, I was looking for a way to make some income. The first place I looked was the job market, but the only jobs I could find were driving transport vehicles. I saw different people driving these vehicles, but I realized I was not qualified to do that and was not interested either.

Then I had an idea to start my own mailing service. However, I then realized the government was soon going to be implementing major changes in the mailing system that was going to make my idea obsolete. So that idea was also a dead end.

Then I was standing on my property, which was a 2,500-acre farm in a remote rural area. I do not own anything like that in real life. The land on this farm was used for growing pine trees. So I had an idea to harvest the trees and make some money that way. However, I looked at the trees and realized they were nowhere near ready for harvest. The trees were only about ten feet tall. Then I remembered what someone told me. They said the cost of harvesting the trees had gotten so high that there was not much profit left after selling the wood. So that idea was also a dead end.

Then I saw my brother-in-law sitting near the barn on my property. I walked over to him to ask what he was doing. He was holding a quarter in his hand and he had a silver dollar sitting on top of a box next to him. He said, “They keep doing everything they can to prop it up but the value keeps going down, down, down.”

I reached down to pick up the silver dollar as I told him, “I have a few of these too.”

Right at that moment I heard two very loud explosions up in the sky. At first I thought it was thunder, but it was different from thunder. It was much louder and shorter like a blast. It was very startling. At first I could not see what it was because the barn blocked my view. However, just moments after the explosions off to the right side of the barn I saw two large aircraft falling rapidly towards the ground with big trails of black smoke behind them. They were large helicopters, like the CH-47 Chinook helicopters shown in the above image, which are used to transport troops or cargo.

When we realized the aircrafts were shot down we were confused because all of the aircrafts flying above us were from the United States military. Our own military shot down two of our own aircrafts. It made no sense.

The aircrafts crashed down not too far from my farm. It was about a mile away from us. So we immediately ran towards the crash site to see if we could help any of the survivors. As we ran we saw some of my neighbors who also heard the explosions and like us they were running to help the survivors.

hazmatIt only took us a few minutes to reach the crash site, which is why we were amazed by what we saw. The whole area was already covered with at least twenty government vehicles and people wearing emergency uniforms, including some people wearing Hazmat Suits, designed for protection against hazardous materials. There was even a news reporter already set up there with his microphone in his hand. We knew there was no way these people could have possibly arrived at this rural location as fast as they did. There just wasn’t enough time. The crash had just happened! They had to have known ahead of time these aircrafts were going to crash and they also knew exactly where they were going to crash. The whole event was planned. There was something very sinister happening within our own government. Our military was divided against itself and waging war against its own members.


I believe the first part of the dream is a warning that America is heading for a time when jobs will be very hard to find. Even being self-employed will be much harder due to the actions of our government.

I am not referring to the unemployment rate touted by the government and promoted by the news media. That is one way they are already lying to us. I am referring to the real unemployment rate, which is measured by the labor force participation rate, which is already the lowest it has been since the recession caused by President Jimmy Carter’s administration. Today we are being told the unemployment rate is moving down, but the reality is there are nearly ten million fewer Americans in the labor force today than when President Obama came into office in January 2009. We are already seeing the actions of our government making it harder for people to find jobs or any means of income. Obama-care is a great example of that, but there are many others.

The second part of the dream is a warning that the American dollar is going to lose value rapidly and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. The Federal Reserve will have exhausted their bag of tricks. Their policies that previously succeeded in propping up the value of the dollar will no longer work and the dollar will lose value. The value of the dollar has already declined by 97% since the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913. The actions of the Federal Reserve continue to weaken the dollar today. However, the rest of the world is already very weary of the way America has abused the privilege of being the world’s reserve currency. Other nations are already pushing to bring an end to the dollar, including Russia and China who have already begun using gold to pay for their purchases of oil.

When we see the first two events happening, Americans losing their jobs and their means of income, and the Federal Reserve no longer able to stop the dollar from spiraling down, then civil war will come to America suddenly and secretly. The United States government is going to wage war against the American people, which will lead to civil war even within the military. Those who take sides with the government will be divided against those who take sides with the people.

Evil conspiracies will abound as our government leaders plot to betray and destroy anyone who stands in their way. Their strategy will be to fight under cover, relying on deception and lies to hide their true intentions. They will present themselves as being the good guys, hoping to keep the American people on their side while they work to destroy and enslave them. They will rely on corrupt members of the news media to help spread their lies to the American people to mislead them and cover up what is really happening. Even in the midst of the war millions of Americans will not be aware of what is really happening because they will believe the lies told to them by the government and the news media.

That is why I saw the news reporter already at the crash site. He was already holding his microphone in his hand, but he showed no interest in talking to us or any of the local people even though many of us were eye witnesses of the crash. He already had his story and he knew we had nothing to contribute to it. In fact, we could ruin it by telling what really happened. I could tell by the look on his face that he was not happy to see us and had no interest in talking to us. He was included in the dream as a warning. He represented the larger mainstream news media. Let those who are wise take heed, the mainstream news media is filled with liars. Do not believe their reports. Be on the alert against their lies!

A nation walking close with the Lord would not be deceived, but America has strayed away from the Lord. As a result, many will be vulnerable and will believe the lies. Those who stay close to the Lord are already being warned ahead of time to be on the alert watching for these things, aware of their evil intentions, and questioning everything they tell us.

This is one example of how the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth. He gives us discernment to know when we are being lied to. He tells us things ahead of time so we know to be on guard. Knowing the schemes of the enemy will help us avoid the traps they will set for us. Many will be deceived and there will be much confusion resulting from that, but those who stay close to the Lord will be informed and will know what to do.


Our country is currently on a collision course with these problems, but it does not have to be this way. The events that are coming are directly connected to the choices we have made in the past and are continuing to make today. If our country changes course, by turning to the Lord, we can avoid much of the heartache that is now heading our way.

Now is the time to draw closer to the Lord than ever before. God will provide for His people and protect them from harm. No matter what craziness comes, God’s people are not victims who should cower in fear. Those who stay filled with the spirit will rise above every adversity and will remain in the peace and joy of the Lord that He has given to those who follow Him.

God’s people must turn away from every sin and be filled with the Holy Spirit. We must allow Him to pray through us for His will to be done in our country. Our prayers can stop the schemes of the enemy, causing them to be foiled before they are carried out. Hard times may be coming, but there are different levels of hardships. If the devil has his way, the days ahead will bring total devastation. If the Lord has His way, His people will pray and cause the schemes of the devil to be stopped.

Do not trust the words of our government leaders or our news media. Betrayal will be at work among them as they spread lies to manipulate anyone foolish enough to listen to them. Even now many lies are already being told by them. If we seek the Lord He will reveal the truth to us and connect us with trustworthy sources.

If you don’t know the Lord, but would like to find out how you can, click here.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. Good word, brother. I see way too many Christians advising fellow Christians to arm themselves to be ready to fight tyranny. Tyranny is here and has been for a long time. And things continue to get worse just as you say here. Our help is not in force of arms for “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword.” No, our hope is in Jesus Christ who will be with us in all things. … Glenn

  2. Hello James, I’m so glad to see another Christian post on the net. We need more and more as time grows shorter here on earth. I received this from God several years ago and I’ll repost here in the reply section. It’s the call of our nation and the world to rely and depend upon Christ for our well being but so far, not many seem to have repented and turned to Jesus Christ for the healing of our souls or our land. 2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  2Ch 7:15 Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.  Saints, America has a heart problem and this call from God for America to revival is from this prayer. I have seen it on a few sites but not that many. We need to get this out to all that will accept and do as The Lord has instructed us to do. Not just for America either but for the lost world. WE MUST DO THIS, IT’S THE ONLY WAY!

  3. yes, that’s the way i have been instructed by the holy spirit i also have a shot gun,(sword) but i don’t keep it loaded because my first line of defense is my faith. to believe the government is to take the mark. the mark in your hand is your actions and mark in the head is your thoughts. for me and my family, we will follow the lord. the descendants of the two houses of Israel are the two witness of revelations.

  4. Dont be stupid!!! Just cuz you dream something dont make it come true. I dreamed I had 4 hot chicks in bed with me, but they aint here now.

  5. Don_in_Odessa says:

    It is always time for the unsaved to turn to the Lord. And for such, there is never a more urgent time than the current moment. We know not what the ‘morrow will bring. The time and hour of our final breath is mystery known only to God. The condition of the world is not a factor. People who use the fear of the future are unwittingly teaching people to fear the worldly realities, instead of the finality reality of the Spiritual realm. Fear not what man can do to your body, fear God who can destroy your soul. Jesus told us to go into all the world and proclaim the good news. That being that He has already paid the penalty for our sin. And, if we accept His gift his Spirit will come in and be a part of our lives. Not necessarily to make life a bowl of cherries but to remind us that He is in charge. We can trust Him. The simplicity of the commission mirrors the simplicity of the plan. Anything else is a pollution of the Spiritual waters. Let us teach the rest of the Book to His Church lest the words be trampled by swine.

  6. @Glenn; Jesus told his disciples to SELL their cloak and buy a sword, you are taking a portion of scripture out of context and applying it for your own cowardliness. This IS THE REASON the church has failed miserably, because God instructed us to occupy till he comes, Prayer goes before the battle, IT DOES NOT EXCLUDE US FROM DOING OUR PART as natural law dictates. David choose five smooth stones when he had his appointment with Goliath. why 5? because he was a bad shot? No! He knew God went before him and Goliath had 4 brothers. His part he will do, Our part he will not do!!!!

  7. I have no reason to doubt your dream. Personally, I believe the tribulation is just around the corner. Getting close to God now is extremely important even without what appears to be on the horizon. What I also believe is praying for Gods will in what us coming. He has a time for everything and no prayer will turn back his hand. When Peter thought to save Jesus from the cross Jesus said get behind me Satan. Not because Peter was Satan but because only Satan would benefit from preventing the crucifixion. I see the tribulation the same way. If Satans time is up then we should not pray to prevent it but pray Gods will in our life as we go through it. Revelation says God allows Satan to make war with the saints and kill them. We do need to pray.

  8. Hi Warrior54, You are so right. We are to have a sword, but it is no longer a physical sword. It is a spiritual sword: the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God. Jesus never fought people with a physical sword. But He gave us a mightier sword. “It is written…it is written…it is written.”. In death he took dominion over satan. He paralysed his authority over believers. (Col 2:15) He transferred His authority to us, His body. (Lk 10:19) And the scriptures never teach once that any of the Apostles or anyone in the early church used any other weapon other than the two-edged mighty sword of the spirit. In Jesus name, in His Words spoken out of our mouths, by His blood, and in the strength (power, ability, anointing, might) He makes available to us, we fight. But not human beings. Our conflict is against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies. See Ephesians 6. And see in Revelations how we overcome him(the devil), “And they overcame him, by the BLOOD of the Lamb and by the WORD of their testimony.” Just as the ones before us needed no other weapons, neither do we. Let’s keep our trust in the God of our Salvation, even Jesus, and dwell(live) in Him moment by moment by moment, no matter what we see or feel. Then, when trouble hits, we will say and do exactly what He tells us, and not of ourselves, the same as when He was on earth and did exactly what the Father showed Him and spoke only the Father’s words. PK x

  9. JesusisGOD says:

    jobs will be very hard to find ??? Have you tried to find work these days … already there .

  10. JesusisGOD says:

    Guess Glenn would not defend His wife and /or daughter if men broke in and planned to rape them and kill them .Glenn would stand there and do nothing . Jesus took a whip to those in the temple . Righteous anger is allowed . God allowed Israel to defend itself .

  11. prophetic dream ? Where the evidence that you are a prophet ? I am not saying against you but the bible proclaim one will always be right and never wrong .This is the mark of a prophet . I have dreams but I never call them prophetic dream .I hold them in my heart and tell a few friends and wait to see if they are just dreams or of God .Because I dream every night does not mean my dreams are of God .

    • James Bailey says:

      I agree with you that every dream is not from God. However, some dreams are from God. The Bible is filled with examples of God giving dreams to people. There is a difference between a dream from God and a dream from our own minds. There is a confidence that comes from God that helps us to know we have heard from Him. Jesus said his sheep follow Him because they know His voice (John 10:4). We can know His voice whether it is in dreams, visions, or a still small inner voice. The best way to know the difference between what comes from God and what comes from us is by studying God’s word because His word is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword for the dividing of our soul from our spirit and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).

  12. I am so sorry but lust of the flesh is not a dream it is a desire that all would fulfill because our carnality needs to submit to God’s word for our freedom.

    • James Bailey says:

      I don’t understand your point. How does your statement apply to this post? It was not about the lust of the flesh.

  13. James, I think cat’s post was a response to NOT’s dream about 4 girls. I think your dream (James) was a good dream. Psalm 107 is about how God brings His loving discipline (hardship in life) to fools, rebellious, and transgressors. And when they turn to Him, He brings deliverance to them, as it says below – that theme being repeated throughout the Psalm. Psalm 107:6 KJV. Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses. Hardship has been, and is, coming to America because of our rebellion against God. Terry Bennett said the Lord told him, “Sound discipline has been appointed unto your nation.”

  14. James Bailey says:

    testing the form

  15. The dream most interesting. From logic we can see the financial collapse, and it is confirmed in Zerohedge, kingsworldnews, investmentwatchblog, more. Do you keep track of your hit rates? So, we can see the collapse is occuring, though the ptb deny it to the people, unfortunately there are many people that believe the main stream media, over the facts they are seeing with their own eyes. The democratic party of which is controlled and run by the very rich elites, have done excellent marketing and getting the poor to believe that the democratic party supports poor. When of course, the democratic party supports communism, muslims now, sexual perversion, and slavery. Those in control of the republican party are very similar, in their belief for total govt control, slavery of the masses, etc. Yet, the republican members are still in belief of true conservativism, the Tea Party is some hope. I think only a lottery for political positiion will allow for enough randomness to stop the evil from getting to the top. The Lord told us that in these end times, His people will have dreams and visions of what is to be, so we Christians want to hear of these dreams, for they will help guide us in these times of trouble. So, your high lights: 1. Jobs hard to find. 2. US dollar collapse 3. Civil war, I see this every month, the last day of the month, go to a food stamp grocery store, that is open 24 hours, at 11:55 pm, and you will see the food stamp people, shopping because they are hungry, they are out of food. As the price of food increases, the longer the days they have no food, the civil war approaches. 4. Betrayal by our govt, it is occuring. In fact, this is all occuring, in some way. Frein, the man on the run, is successful, and I wonder if he is really a hero. I wonder why the military has not done their job and removed the obola admin.

  16. @ PK Hodges re: Warrior54, You both have good points. I am A Christian, Spirit filled, Have seen dead raised, blind eyes opened, and was Healed from a tumor myself. Standing in Faith, you must know the word. David did take 5 stones, David did kill Goliath… Trust in God for your provision, but go prepared. The Christians being hunted by ISIL right now are serious God honoring people. They are seeing their children beheaded and wives sold as slaves…. The One with guns are fighting back and sometimes winning to live another day! No shame there. They sold their cloak, and bought a modern day sword!

  17. why haven’t they got rid of Obama? perhaps he is the AC ” I saw satan fall from heaven like lightning” Barak=lightning see what he does this coming year no more presidential elections?

  18. Just because they say dreams are dreams doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. I have had prophetic dreams myself. What about Jacob? Or Joseph? We’re their dreams phony? Or Peter in Acts? Or so many others in the Bible? Is it different now? The answer is no.

  19. I have prophetic dreams I’m a servant of God I always tell my husband of my dreams and then a day later or a couple weeks later the dream comes true. God is showing us the way, his will and the truth. Many people are dreaming these things, we are on the precipice of witnessing historical change , By Sept 2015 we indeed are going to witness the downfall of great empire it will be domino reaction,and we are going see weather being very erratic , then the devastation from the drought will continue and mass migration, and an asteroid will strike the planet and what followed by tsunami earthquake, and the winds will more than howl it will beyond the beyond experience and the weak minded will have a total meltdown and appear crazed. Thing will never be the same . Everything God does he has reason for it and he has shown me why so I’m good. May God be with you i

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