Kat Kerr: Shocking Amazing Things Coming in Spring 2015


Are you ready for a word in season? Well, here it is! With so many dreams and visions warning us about trouble coming, plus scriptures warning us about a time of unprecedented trouble (Daniel 12:2, Matthew 24:21), it is enough to make us forget what is really happening. I have even considered fleeing the United States, but then I remember I can't do that unless the Lord puts it in my heart to go and so far He hasn't. So I have resolved to be … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Prices Going Way Up by the Light of the Blood Moon


Here is another confirmation that something big is about to happen with the value of the U.S. dollar. Sarah Beveridge, a Christian blogger, received a prophetic dream on December 18 2014 showing her prices will be increasing dramatically very soon. She was not given a specific date, but was shown the fulfillment would come "by the light of the blood moon". The next blood moon is coming April 4 2015, less than two weeks from now. There will be … [Read more...]

Warning: Dimensional Boundaries Are Being Removed


You don't have to search hard to see evil is manifesting all over the earth today. However, as bad as it is now it is going to get much darker before the end. Jesus told us the trouble coming in the last days would be "such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will" (Matthew 24:21). That is an amazing statement considering the horrible times the earth has already endured. Jesus explained further, "Unless … [Read more...]

Glynda Linkous: Cracking, Splitting, Ripping Heard in the Spirit Realm


I have been sensing we are getting close to something big happening in our nation that will also impact the rest of the world. So it got my attention when I heard this prophetic warning from Glynda Linkous, founder of Wings of Prophecy. She posted two very short videos on YouTube, both about this same topic, which are posted below. Along with that I transcribed her key points as follows: Five or six days ago (recorded March 4 2015) I was just … [Read more...]

Sister Barbara: The Clock Strikes Twelve


The following prophetic warning was received by Sister Barbara on March 8, 2015. She shared this on her YouTube channel, which is called Godshealer7. She has also shared many other prophetic words there. A 9:30 minute video of this message is shown at the bottom of this post. This is a call for our nation to repent and turn to God. She warns "the beast and the false prophet shall bring terror on all people one blow after another until there is … [Read more...]

The Event Before the Event


If you have been following this blog you know a big event is coming soon that will cause a sudden drop in the stock market and the U.S. dollar. I shared the details about that event in my previous posts, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015. I also laid out the coming sequence of events in my post: The Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar. In those posts I shared how I was shown the big event will occur at a time when there are … [Read more...]

Terry Bennett: “The South is Going to Save the Republic”

Peacekeepers from the United Nations Int

On October 3, 2013 the Lord showed Terry Bennett some very specific events that are coming to America. He saw it would take many years for all of these events to be fulfilled. There are far too many events to all happen in one year. He saw it would take a season of years, and we have already entered into that season. In a recent message (scroll down to listen) he shared that these events would have already started, but they were delayed. The … [Read more...]

The Sign of the Son of Man Will Appear Over America


There are so many warnings of trouble coming that it can be overwhelming. By some reports it sounds like everyone in America is going to be either killed or enslaved. I don't know about that, but reports like that make me think about packing up and leaving the country. Lots of people already have. I believe many more will flee in the next couple of years. But just because trouble is coming does not necessarily mean we are supposed to leave. I … [Read more...]

America’s Broken Covenant Causing All Sorts of Trouble


Many believers are seeing big trouble coming to America in 2015 and beyond. Are you serious? Haven't we already had enough trouble with the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers in 2001 and the collapse of our financial system in 2008? Has God forgotten America? No, God has not forgotten America. The problem is America has forgotten God. To help explain what is happening, we need to understand our nation's unique relationship with … [Read more...]

Warnings of a Massive Earthquake Hitting Japan


Over the past few days several  visitors to this site have sent in prophetic warnings about an earthquake hitting Japan. Neville Johnson shared this prophetic warning in his recent newsletter. “I saw Japan being shaken by volcanoes and earthquakes in a way that had repercussions around the world.” Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared the following prophetic word for the year 2015. "An earthquake will hit Japan again. While I tell you this, I am … [Read more...]

Two Calves Born with the Number Seven on Their Faces


Holy cow! Two cows were recently born with the number seven clearly displayed on their faces. Of course many people would say it is a sign of good luck. Others would say, "So what!" But for those who are paying attention, the Lord speaks in all sorts of ways. In this case there are many interesting points indicating God is saying something to us. The first calf was born on Saturday, September 20, 2014. Saturday is the Hebrew Sabbath day, … [Read more...]

Neville Johnson: Seven Years of Harvest Are Coming


Neville Johnson had a visitation from Joseph, the son of Jacob. In this encounter Joseph told him there are seven years of harvest ahead, but after that is coming a time when it will become difficult for believers to buy or sell. This prophecy sounds very similar to the dreams that Joseph interpreted for Pharaoh. In some ways, it sounds like history is repeating itself. He described his encounter in the video shown below. The first six … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: The Coming Nazi Police State


I saw the coming Nazi police state in a dream. When the dream started I was walking down the street by myself at night in a large city. I don’t know what city it was, but it felt like I was in Germany. Perhaps it actually was Germany or perhaps it was only a reference to the Nazi police state that once existed there and is soon coming to America. I knew the government authorities had a massive search underway with orders to find me and arrest … [Read more...]

The Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar


It will soon be time to say farewell to an old friend who has stayed as close as our hip pocket for as long as any of us can remember. At the ripe old age of 230 the United States dollar has entered the final four seasons of its’ life. The dollar was born on August 8, 1785, when the Continental Congress of our new republic authorized the first issuance. It was born out of a great struggle as America’s founders fought and prevailed against the … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Credit Card Crumbles


Thanks to Michael Perritte, a visitor to Z3news.com, for sending this prophetic dream. Sounds like a warning of a severe credit crunch ahead. "In this dream I was in the lobby floor of a large building waiting to place an order at a coffee shop. I opened my wallet and saw a new American Express card. I have a gold American Express card, but in the dream it was green. It fell to the floor and when I tried to pick it up it crumbled." Also … [Read more...]

Believers Transported to Meet the Lord in the Air


I had a dream where I was on the ground, then suddenly I heard the most amazing music. It is something that I have never heard on earth and is a bit hard to describe. Imagine every voice in Heaven and Earth as well as every single musical instrument in Heaven and the Earth playing/singing the same note and building it to a crescendo. It was so loud and overwhelming, yet so beautiful at the same time. As the music played, I was suddenly … [Read more...]

Believers Supernaturally Delivered from Great Trouble


I dreamed I was in a cold dark prison. I remember being separated from my family. I remember being filled with despair and anger knowing I could do nothing to protect them. I had no idea when or if I would ever see them again. Suddenly, it was as if we were Israelites being thrown out of Egypt. The doors flung open and the guards let all of us leave. I ran to the outside and franticly looked for my family. Then, I saw them and ran to them. As … [Read more...]

Forced Redistribution of Wealth Coming to America


This dream was horrible. I remember I was in my bedroom and I was going through the drawers of my dresser. I was looking for anything of value and importance that we could use while on the road on our own. I knew that we had to leave the house in a hurry and that we could not take much. I remember feeling completely unprotected, mad, and without hope. On my bed, I had a large sheet that I was piling things up on. I gathered anything we could … [Read more...]

Tsunami Coming to the East Coast of the United States


I had dream where I was on vacation with my family in a condo on the beach (in what felt like the east coast, somewhere between VA & Florida). I remember the front of the house that faced the water was all huge glass windows. I remember standing in the living room looking out at the ocean, when way off in the distance, I could see a dark line across the horizon that did not look normal. As I watched, the dark line started to grow in … [Read more...]

Florida Going Under Deep Water


Back in 2008 I was given a vision that was so real it frightened me to my core. My family and I were visiting with my parents in Fort Myers Florida for the weekend. After dinner, we said our goodbyes and hit the road to head back to St. Petersburg, which is about an hour and forty-five minutes away. We were on the road for about 15 minutes when my kids fell asleep in the back of the vehicle. My wife said she was going to lay her head back and try … [Read more...]

Nuclear Terrorist Attack Coming to Washington DC


My very first vision took place on 9/11/2001. I had just moved from Washington DC area to Fort Lauderdale for a job and I had only been there for about one week. As I pulled up to the office, someone came running out saying a plane had hit the Trade Towers in NY. My first thought was, “It must have been a small commuter plane as the big planes don’t fly near the city.” When I got inside, I realized the scope of the event. As we watched the … [Read more...]

Mena Lee Grebin: “America Will Burn”


I went into deep worship with the Lord this morning. Afterwards, the Lord spoke to me in the bathroom and said; "I have something to show you; come into the secret place." So I went into my closet and placed the tallit over my head in prayer. I entered into the spirit realm; in a vision, and I saw the American flag. It's colors were dingy and dark. Shortly afterwards, words begin to appear on the flag. It read, "America Will Burn.” The Lord … [Read more...]

Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015


On 7/7/14 I had a prophetic dream in which I saw a sudden economic collapse coming upon the whole world. In this dream I was in a big banquet hall, which was filled with representatives from different countries. Each country had a long wooden table where their representatives were seated. Then I saw the table for the United States. There were about six or eight representatives seated on one side of the table, but I could not see any of the … [Read more...]

End-Time Believers Learning to Fly


This past Sunday night I had a detailed dream in which I saw large numbers of end-time believers being trained to operate in the powers of the age to come. They were being trained to do the greater works that Jesus said we would do (John 14:12). For training purposes they were separated into three groups. Each person was assigned to a group based on their level of development. Group One - Sitting The first group included a very large number … [Read more...]

Debra Walker: Americans Numbered for Execution


Somehow I knew what was going to happen, like a vision within the dream. Everyone was to be evaluated and given a number, 1 to 9. If you had a lot of money (like hundreds of millions of dollars), or if you had a job they wanted (like some particular kind of doctor), then you were 8 or 9. Homeless were 1, with everyone else in between. I saw people being called in from their homes or work for the numbering interviews. People came as commanded … [Read more...]

Debra Walker: The Russian States of America


I awoke just after 1:00 am on June 11, 2014 from a dream which still haunts me. I was with three or four other people, and we were all just standing and talking quietly. We were in a very large, ornate room, sparsely but very expensively furnished only around the perimeter. It looked as I would imagine a ballroom in the White House or a European castle with marble, gold-leafed moldings, huge crystal chandeliers, matching wall sconces, and antique … [Read more...]

U.S. Government Planning Mass Murder of Americans


I saw the future destruction of America in a dream. In this dream I was at an outdoor dinner party at a resort hotel on the east coast. It was a formal corporate business event in an elegant setting. I was there because I was an employee of this corporation. All the men were wearing black tuxedos including me. I was not shown the date, but I was able to see it was in the future, not in the next few weeks or months, but it seemed further into … [Read more...]

America Invaded During Football Season


Today I dreamed America was under attack. It was during football season and everyone was totally distracted by either attending the games or watching them on television. Suddenly, our nation came under attack as we were invaded right here in our land. In this dream my family and I were living in a house located in a neighborhood in a coastal city. I don’t know what city it was because we actually live far from the coast. When the news of the … [Read more...]

Bears in the House


I had this dream in June 2014. In this dream I was in a home that I had not seen before. It was an ordinary looking house in an typical middle-class American neighborhood with nothing fancy about it. I was living there and my two kids were living there with me, but oddly enough there were other people living there too that I did not even know. My kids are in their early twenties and it appeared the other people living with us were about their … [Read more...]

Twelve Differences Between the Tribulation and Great Tribulation


No wonder there is so much confusion among Christians regarding the timing of the rapture. We have been so focused on getting out of here before the trouble starts that we have completely missed an important key to understanding the end times. After decades of debate, almost no one seems to realize there are two distinct periods ahead, not just one. According to Jesus, the tribulation period is followed by the great tribulation. Jesus … [Read more...]

Terry Bennett: “You Will See 666″

Terry Bennett

For five days in December 2001, Prophetic minister Terry Bennett received visitations from the angel Gabriel revealing to him a 21-year period marking the rise of the antichrist to a position of ruling the world economy, government, and a new one-world religion. Last year I posted another article about this same topic, but that was based on a message he shared in 2009. Terry shared more details recently in an interview on a radio program, … [Read more...]

A Great Storm is Now Upon Us


On August 28 2014, I dreamed I was alone in a barren desert plain. I had no shelter, but I did have a couple of couches outside under the open sky. The sky became very dark and ominous, far beyond anything I have ever seen in the natural. It was obvious a major storm was about to start, but it was more than a natural storm that would bring bad weather. This was much bigger and far worse. This storm was about to unleash all sorts of evil upon the … [Read more...]

Civil War is Coming to the United States


This morning I had a prophetic dream regarding the future of the United States. This dream had three parts, describing future events in the economy, the value of the dollar, and a civil war. When the dream started, I was looking for a way to make some income. The first place I looked was the job market, but the only jobs I could find were driving transport vehicles. I saw different people driving these vehicles, but I realized I was not … [Read more...]

Vaughn Clark: The Fullness of Time


A couple of months ago I posted a prophetic word from Vaughn Clark, a prophetic minister whom I have met personally and found to be very skilled in his prophetic gift. My previous post shared his comments that "the world is about to change." Vaughn Clark has been in full-time ministry for many years and is a native of Dublin, Georgia. A few days ago, on November 7 2013, Vaughn posted the following comment on his Facebook page: "I am stricken … [Read more...]

Nita Johnson: President Obama says, “I tried to stop it.”


Nita Johnson is the president and founder of the World For Jesus Ministries, Inc., a ministry established to reach the world with the love of Jesus. Earlier this year, she received two dreams from the Lord regarding President Obama and America, and about the intercessors, and about the church. The following provides the transcript of parts of a message she shared about these two dreams and other things she has learned about the coming … [Read more...]

Powerful New Anointing for End Time Apostles to Reveal the Heart of the Father


Neville Johnson received a visitation from the Lord Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. Each of them spoke words to him about the things that are coming upon the earth. They told him a powerful new anointing is about to be released to end-time apostles in the church for the purpose of revealing the heart of the Father to the world. The following provides his recap of what they told him. TRANSCRIPT: There has never been a day like today, these days in … [Read more...]

News Reports of Chaos and Confusion Coming from Asia


Today during my prayer time I saw words written in an Asian language like Japanese or Chinese. The words were moving up quickly like reading news coming across a news wire service. They were also swaying back and forth as they moved, which gave me the impression there was a whole lot of shaking going on and the news was reporting chaos, confusion, and panic. I was not given any dates so I have no idea when this will happen. It all happened … [Read more...]

Terry Bennett: 21-year Prophetic Timeframe 2008 to 2028

Terry Bennett

In December 2001, prophetic minister Terry Bennett was shown a 21-year timeframe, which began in 2008 and will end at the end of 2028. He saw this 21-year period divided into three periods of seven years each with each period having different kinds of shakings. Terry Bennett is founder of Terry Bennett Ministries. The 58-minute audio presentation of his message is provided at the bottom of this post. A more recent interview with Terry … [Read more...]

Paula Hodges: Prophetic Dream of Foreign Soldiers Enforcing Martial Law in America


I found confirmation of a mini-vision I was given in the summer of 2012 while in prayer for America and it's leaders. Here is the description of this vision: I saw soldiers, they were dressed with gas masks and eyes covered. They were, and I stress, not friendly, but very cold in their manner and approach. These soldiers had guns, and they were big ones. They were each holding their guns toward people, not away from. They appeared to be … [Read more...]

Famine and Death Are Coming to America


Famine and death are not the will of God for America. He has a much better plan. However, His will is not always done on earth. If it was, Jesus would not have taught us to pray, "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). God's voice has been almost totally silenced in our schools, our government, our news media, our public lands, our shopping malls, and even in our churches. He has not rejected us, but we have rejected … [Read more...]

James Jansen: World Economic Collapse Coming


We are living in an unprecedented time. The Internet and computer technology have connected global markets unlike any time in history. Traders across the globe react within seconds to news coming from every part of the world. As the world's largest economy, whatever happens in the United States has a big impact on the world economy. An economic collapse here would immediately put the world economy into a tailspin. As documented in previous … [Read more...]

Wendy Alec: Revival Coming to California


Wendy Alec, co-founder of the God TV network, received the following prophetic word of revival coming to California following some shaking. She received this word in January 2007. "Yes for many have said, this is a hard place to break through. It is hard ground. It is not like the Bible belt. It is not like the heartland. But in this coming season, I tell you even as the wildfires that blazed across California, which could not be contained, that … [Read more...]

Lindy Pierce: Now It Is Your Turn America


Lindy Pierce, owner of Lion of Judah Anointing Oil, received the following prophetic warning for America on April 19 2011. She saw a time of great upheaval and trials coming. "Little do you know of what is to come.  Yes, I have spoken to My prophets and will continue to do so, but you are not prepared emotionally or spiritually for what is to come.  In fact, there is no way you could be, for it is My desire that you come to Me for strength when … [Read more...]

Lindy Pierce: Sudden Destruction is Coming to America


On June 10 2011, Lindy Pierce received the following prophetic warning about sudden destruction coming to America. One of the reasons for the coming judgment of God against America is the murder of innocent unborn babies. Lindy Pierce is owner of Lion of Judah Anointing Oil. TRANSCRIPT: "America, America!  I longed for your repentance yet you continue in your pride.  Therefore, I will have to bring you down, bring you down to your knees so you … [Read more...]

Pastor James Durham: “It is Time to Shake Up Many Things On Earth”


Pastor James Durham is founder of Higher Calling Ministries International. He regularly posts words and visions that he has received from the Lord. The following is an excerpt from a word he posted on September 27, 2013. The Holy Spirit led me to Psalm 121:5-8, “The Lord is your keeper; The Lord is your shade at your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall … [Read more...]

European News Headlines from the Future


The following provides actual European news headlines that will be reported in the future. These headlines were given to myself and others. Capital Controls Put in Place in Europe On June 25, 2013, I saw this headline printed in red ink, which I believe represents Europe’s bankrupt condition due to massive financial debt and excess government spending. Capital controls means banks will restrict the maximum amount of cash their depositors can … [Read more...]

Lindy Pierce: Russian Invasion and Famine Are Coming to America


  Lindy Pierce is a mother and owner of Lion of Judah Anointing Oil. On May 6 2009, she received a word from the Lord regarding a coming military invasion of America that will bring destruction and famine. The war will be fought here in the United States. The Lord warned her that the times coming are going to be very hard, but He encouraged her and gave her hope that He was going to protect her and that she would survive the war; not … [Read more...]

Erick Fleischmann: Large Tsunami Coming to California


A visitor to Z3news.com sent us the following message, relaying a dream he had about a large tsunami hitting California. TRANSCRIPT: My name is Erick Fleischmann. I have been a Christian since a boy. I went to Bible collage in 1991 in CA. In 1995, I was praying for about a year for the direction of God in my life and had a choice to stay in CA or go to MT. I had a vivid God dream of a huge tsunami hitting the coast that towered way over the … [Read more...]

Wendy Alec: Judgment of God Coming to San Francisco and Northern California


On July 18 2008, Wendy Alec, author and co-founder of the God TV television network, received a vision of an earthquake hitting California. In her vision, she saw the earthquake hitting both northern and southern California, but the San Francisco Bay and the northern California coast were the areas that were hit the hardest. She saw the scales of sin and judgment in the San Francisco Bay area were full, which caused the judgment of God to be … [Read more...]

Chuck Pierce: The Shakings Begin in San Francisco This Year


Chuck Pierce, President of Global Spheres Incorporated, gave a prophetic word regarding San Francisco. Global Spheres is an apostolic, prophetic ministry that is being used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve throughout the world. The following word was spoken at the Head of the Year Conference in Corinth, TX on September 6, 2013. In his message, he said "the shakings begin in San Francisco this year." His word confirms … [Read more...]

Sandy’s Dream: Food Shortages Coming Very Soon

A visitor to this site shared the following dream she received nearly one year ago. It sounds like another confirmation that something disruptive is about to happen soon. Whatever it is will disrupt food supplies. We still have a few more days left to stock up on food and supplies before it hits. Nearly a year ago I had a dream I went out to eat and there was no good food all I could find was junk food mainly cake and goodies. The dream bothered … [Read more...]

Derivatives Panic Coming to Global Markets


Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson saw news headlines from the future. The headlines revealed many coming events. One of the headlines said, "Derivatives Panic Hits Global Markets." WHAT ARE DERIVATIVES? Derivatives are financial products or securities that derive their value from the value of an underlying asset. The most common underlying assets include stocks, bonds, commodities, interest rates, and currencies. Examples are interest … [Read more...]

James Durham: This is a Time of Judgment on the Nations


If it was only a few people seeing judgment coming we might conclude they are wrong, but when so many people are seeing the same thing then it is time to pay attention. A chorus of prophetic voices are now warning that a time of judgment has arrived upon America and the nations of the world. The following prophetic word came from Pastor James Durham from Higher Calling Ministries International. After serving almost 30 years as an active duty … [Read more...]

Darryl Williams: Destruction of America is Coming Soon


Darryl Williams received several words from the Lord over the past few years, which are in line with words and visions received by many other believers. However, Darryl was not only told about great destruction coming to America, he was also told the timing, and it is very near. Darryl is a 20 year veteran of the United States military. He loves America and prays often for revival or awakening. His heart has always been for America to be that … [Read more...]

Ten Things that Must Happen Before the Rapture


I have heard Christian leaders teach the rapture could happen at any moment including right now. That sounds great, but I believe it overlooks the scriptures telling of other events that must happen first. Until those things happen the rapture cannot happen. Regardless of what our pastor or anyone else says about it, we must rely on the scriptures as the final authority. God's Promise To Deliver Us Just mentioning anything that must happen … [Read more...]

Michael Boldea: Endure Hardship as a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ


When the reality of what is coming to America finally became clear to me, my first thought was to get my family together and fly to Australia where we would stay until peace and stability returned. However, within a day or so I realized I could not do that unless the Lord tells me to go, and I don't think He will. The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, "You must therefore endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ" (2 Timothy 2:3). Previous … [Read more...]

Dumitru Duduman: China and Russia Will Attack America


In April 1996, prophetic Christian minister Dumitru Duduman received a vision of a coming attack on America coming from both China and Russia. Dumitru Duduman was a Romanian native who came to America and founded the Hand of Help Ministries. He received many visions and dreams during his life. He went home to be with the Lord in May 1997. The vision shared below is just one of many that Dumitru Duduman received. A complete list of his prophecies … [Read more...]

Vaughn Clark: The World is About to Change


Prophetic Christian minister Vaughn Clark posted this message yesterday on Facebook. This man hears from God. Vaughn Clark is a native of Dublin, Georgia. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a former educator and has been in traveling ministry since 1988. He is also a certified chaplain. "Something really big spiritually this way comes....got any unfinished business with God? … [Read more...]

Civil War Coming to the Church in America


Three prophetic Christian ministers are claiming difficult days are ahead for the church in America as a major civil war is coming. These warnings have come from Neville Johnson and Bob Jones, while Bobby Conner sees a radical Christian revolution coming. Prophetic minister Neville Johnson says the war will be waged in every available media format including the Internet, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He claims, "It is going to be very … [Read more...]

George Washington’s Prophecy of the Coming Invasion of America


Many Christians are seeing visions of a coming invasion of America. Over 200 years ago, America's first President, George Washington, saw the same thing. This post shows why his prophecy is a source of hope and encouragement for us today. George Washington's credibility has come under severe attacks, especially in the past hundred years. So before we look at his prophecy, we must first set the record straight regarding the accusations that he is … [Read more...]

Invasion of America is Coming But God Will Deliver Us


Many people have received prophetic dreams and visions revealing a time when armies from other countries will invade America. Even George Washington had a prophetic vision of this invasion. This post attempts to identify the timing of the coming invasion based on prophecies shown below. Regardless of when it comes, we can take hope and courage because God will deliver us if we turn to Him. Understanding the timing of the invasion can be … [Read more...]

Neville Johnson: Prophetic Words for the UK and Ireland


At a meeting held in Sheffield England in October 31, 2012, the following prophetic words for the UK and Ireland were delivered by Neville Johnson, a former pastor and missionary from New Zealand. WORD FOR UK: There are seeds that lie dormant in the UK, many seeds. These are the seeds of godly men like Smith Wigglesworth. Men like John Wesley. Their seeds lie waiting for the rain to come. When it comes they will be available for the United … [Read more...]

New Insights Into the Coming Beast Global Financial System


A top-level financial insider at a multi-national bank recently provided his insights into how the global economy is already being prepared for the financial system that will be controlled by the beast and the anti-christ. He explained how the system will operate and how it will be able to control everyone on earth. It is amazing how much of the technology required to run the system is already in place. The following provides the transcript … [Read more...]

Paul Keith Davis: Three Anointings Coming to End-Time Believers


Paul Keith Davis shared the following message at a Morningstar Advanced Prophetic Conference in February, 2013. In this message, he said God showed him three anointings are coming upon a remnant of believers in these last days to enable them to usher in the return of the Lord and the millennial reign. For many believers, this message will sound like jibberish, but to those who are part of the remnant these words will stir their hearts to rise up … [Read more...]

Major Earthquake Coming to the Heartland of America


Several different prophetic ministers have received warnings from the Lord over the past several years regarding a major earthquake, which will hit the heartland of America. Most of the prophetic words connect the earthquake directly to the judgment of God for America's role in pressuring Israel to divide their land. Warning #1: Pastor Shane Warren from First Assembly of God in West Monroe LA had a prophetic vision in which he saw the … [Read more...]

Three Prophetic Warnings of a New War in the Middle East


This article puts together three prophetic words received by three different prophetic ministers over the past few years regarding the start of a new war in the Middle East. There is a lot of overlap in the things they saw. By putting all of these words together, we can get a clearer picture of the future events in the Middle East. Warning #1: At the beginning of this year (2013), prophetic minister Cathy Lechner from King Jesus Ministries in … [Read more...]

Prophetic Warning: Major West Coast Earthquake is Coming Soon


A panel of prophetic ministers met in February at the Morningstar Advanced Prophetic Ministry Conference in February, 2013. They shared what Lord has shown them regarding a major earthquake coming on the west coast of the United States from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA. The ministers include Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, and Paul Keith Davis. Rick Joyner and Bob Jones first saw these events back in the 1970's and 1980's. They are raising the topic … [Read more...]

Bob Jones: Disciple Ministry is Beginning for the Over 50’s


Speaking at the MorningStar Advanced Prophetic Conference in February 2013, Bob Jones shared a prophetic word for the generation of over 50's. He explained things that are going to happen this year and what we should expect for the beginning of a new season ahead. The 8:43 minute video clip of this word is provided at the bottom of this post. The following provides the transcript of what he said. TRANSCRIPT: You over 50's, this is your time. … [Read more...]

Ken Peters: “I Have Seen the Tribulation”


In 1980, Ken Peters had a long, detailed dream about the coming tribulation period. This article provides the transcript and video of his amazing testimony. I took the liberty of moving a few of his comments to organize them by topic so the transcript is not exactly the same as the video. Today, Ken Peters and his wife Tonya are Senior Elders at the The Gathering @ Corona, which is an Apostolic Prophetic Reformation church. TRANSCRIPT At … [Read more...]

David Taylor: Russian Attack on America is Coming


Prophetic minister David E Taylor says the Lord showed him the future of America. He is the founder and leader of Joshua Media Ministries International. Back in 1990 he had two dreams in which he saw America being attacked by Russia. The war led to a great Christian revival in America. A video clip of his message is shown below. David Taylor first saw the future of America in a dream he received twelve years before the attack on the World Trade … [Read more...]

Perry Stone: Riots and Fire Coming in At Least Five Major Cities


The following is the transcript of a prophetic warning from Christian minister Perry Stone regarding the future of America. Like so many others, Perry Stone sees fire coming to America. The video presentation is provided below. "One of the things that the Holy Spirit gave me was in May 2008 at the partners conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I was standing at a river looking in 180 degrees. I counted at least five major cities. They were … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner’s Dream of America on Fire


Fire seems to the predominant theme in many of the prophetic dreams and words regarding the future of America. Here are a few examples: In my article "America Headed for Burning, Looting, Flooding, and Financial Ruin," professional violinist and minister Maurice Sklar had this word from the Lord. "I will expose your shame before all the nations of the world and they shall laugh and mock you when they see the burning, looting, flooding, … [Read more...]

America Headed for Burning, Looting, Flooding, and Financial Ruin


Professional violinist and prophetic minister Maurice Sklar has seen the future of America. In March, 2008, which was prior to the collapse of the housing market in September, he received the a prophetic word for our country and posted it on his website. This prophetic warning sounds like gloom and doom but it is actually a word of hope because it provides the only remedy for the problems we are facing. It warns of things that are coming to … [Read more...]

Increased Angelic Activity Coming in 2013


It seems being an ordinary human just isn’t enough anymore. Americans are looking for more and they’re finding it in Hollywood. For years, shows about supernatural beings have ranked among the top movies and television programs. There seems to be an unending flow of these kinds of shows. I took a quick look at the top movies from 2011-2013 and found the following nineteen featured supernatural beings: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part … [Read more...]

Higher Wisdom is Being Released in 2013


A higher wisdom is being released in 2013 to a remnant of Christians. That is the prophetic word from Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries. If you are not familiar with Bobby Conner, he is one of the most likable and lovable old guys to hear with lots of great stories. The reason for the higher wisdom is to prepare God's people for the new season that we have recently entered, which is the season of the second coming of Jesus Christ. … [Read more...]

Radical Christian Revolution Coming in 2013


Christianity in America is about to be redefined as the church breaks out of paralyzing passivity and complacency and is transformed by a radical revolution in 2013. That is the prophetic word from Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries. He recently released his annual word for the year, which is called "The Shepherd's Rod." He says the Lord revealed to him the condition of the church in America and called on him to sound the alarm to … [Read more...]

Three Years of Storms Ahead But God Offers Protection and Provision


The following is the transcript of a message delivered by Dr. Jonathan David at a pastor's conference in Malaysia in December 2012. I believe this message is straight from heaven with instructions about what is coming in 2013-2015. The video of this message is also provided at the bottom of this post. During the first half of the message, Dr. David spoke about a new breed of Christians arising in 2013. That message covers the first 28 minutes of … [Read more...]

The Bottom Will Drop Out of Our Economy and Banks Will Fail


The following prophetic word was given by Cathy Lechner in a church service at King Jesus Ministries in early January. This is a very large church located in Miami, FL. The pastor is Guillermo Maldonado. The following provides a partial transcript of the word for our nation. In the second half of the video she gives prophetic words that are specific to King Jesus Ministries, so those are not included in this transcript. Portions of the … [Read more...]

Destruction Coming to New York City


Prophetic minister Mike Shreve claims God showed him in a dream that mass destruction is coming to New York City on the same scale as the disaster that hit northeastern Japan in 2011. A 3 minute video clip is provided below. Mike Shreve is the author of eleven books and the founder of Shreve Ministries, based in Cleveland, TN. He has been involved in full-time prophetic evangelism and power gift ministry since 1970 when he spent his time … [Read more...]

Nuclear Proliferation and a Third Great Awakening Are Coming


This prophetic minister claims God showed him President Obama would bring nuclear proliferation to countries around the world. The 3 minute video is provided below. Mike Shreve is the author of eleven books and the founder of Shreve Ministries, based in Cleveland, TN. He has been involved in full-time prophetic evangelism and power gift ministry since 1970 when he spent his time hitchhiking across the country preaching on college campuses. He … [Read more...]

Medieval Prophecy Claims There Is One More Pope Until Judgment Day

Pope Benedict XVI

As Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation, many look to the prophetic writings of a twelfth century Irish saint who was said to have predicted the exact number of popes before the end of the world. Saint Malachy of Armagh, a Roman Catholic bishop who died in 1148, was said to have had a vision while on a pilgrimage to Rome wherein he learned the exact number of all the popes who would rule from his time to the Apocalypse. Rather than … [Read more...]

New Breed of Christians Will Arise in 2013


The following is the transcript of a very powerful prophetic word for 2013 delivered by Dr. Jonathan David on November 23, 2012 at the International Business Congress, located in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. In this message, Dr. David shares his prophetic vision for dramatic changes coming in 2013 with the rise of a new breed of Christians and a transformation of the church throughout the world. The complete video presentation of this message is … [Read more...]

Warning: Sexual Immorality Will Increase in 2013


Prophetic minister Patricia King, founder of Xpmedia.com, shares the following prophetic warning regarding an onslaught of sexual immorality coming in 2013. The purpose for this prophetic warning is to help people discern the times and understand how to prepare so they can avoid getting hurt by what is coming. If prophetic warnings sound like a strange thing to you, the Bible contains many such warnings. In 2nd Chronicles 20:20 King Jehoshaphat … [Read more...]

New United North America Talks Are Coming


Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson saw many different newspaper headlines from the future and shared what he saw in a video he recorded on October 4, 2012. John Paul Jackson is founder of Streams Ministries International. One of the headlines he saw was: "New United America Being Pushed: Canada, Mexico, USA in Talks" John Paul explained this headline saying, "There had to be something economically done with Canada, Mexico, and the United … [Read more...]

Warning to Canada: Your Water Will Become Undrinkable


With 20% of all the fresh water supplies in the world, Canada is known for its abundant water supplies. With such great supplies, Canadians might think they have no cause for any water concerns. However, two Canadian towns have already experienced water contamination and now the whole nation has been given a word of warning. In the fall of 2009, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson spoke to leaders there saying, "You guys think you have all … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: America’s Foundations Are Crumbling


Beginning in May 1981, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson began receiving many revelations about the future of America. However, at that time many of the things he saw were still a long way off in the distant future. In 2008, the Lord told John Paul, "I want you to begin sharing the things you have seen because these events are going to begin to happen during the next ten years and people need to be prepared for them." So in 2008, John Paul … [Read more...]

The Perfect Storm of Religion


In 2007, prophetic minister John Paul Jackson received a revelation from the Lord regarding a perfect storm that was coming to America and the world. He saw this storm would last approximately 12 years beginning in 2008 and ending in the year 2020. He calls it the perfect storm because it is a combination of five different storms coming together from five realms, which include military, religious, political, geophysical, and economic. It is the … [Read more...]

America Going into Convulsions in 2021


Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following word from the Lord regarding cataclysmic events coming to America in the year 2021. These events include the earth tilting and a major volcanic eruption at Mount Taylor, which is located in Grants, New Mexico. During the same season of time as the volcanic eruption of Mount Taylor, America will go into convulsions. Mount Taylor reaches to an elevation of 11,300 … [Read more...]

Obama Bringing Fire to America


The following is a transcript of a prophetic dream received by Dr. Erik Castleberg. Dr. Castleberg shared the details of his dream in an interview with Rick Wiles on his radio program, which is broadcast on Trunews.com. This program was aired on Tuesday, October 9, 2012. You can listen to this broadcast here. Erik also explains things God showed him after the dream. TRANSCRIPT In the dream there was a stage and Obama was standing there and … [Read more...]

TD Hale’s Dreams Tell the Future of America


The following is a transcript of an interview with Pastor TD Hale from Calvary Christian Center in Galipolis, Ohio. In the interview, Pastor Hale describes the details of two dreams that he received from the Lord. The first dream was on December 28, 2011. The second dream was the very next night. The interview was conducted on March 27, 2012 by Rick Wiles, and was broadcast on Trunews.com. You can listen to the interview here. TRANSCRIPT OF THE … [Read more...]

TD Hale’s 4th Prophetic Dream: Rain of Fire Coming to America


This is the fourth prophetic dream received by Pastor TD Hale regarding the future of America. TD Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Gallipolis, Ohio. The following is the transcript of two interviews of Pastor TD Hale conducted by Rick Wiles from Trunews.com on January 2 and January 3, 2013. Comments by Pastor TD Hale are provided at the end of this article to help interpret the dream. A transcript of the first two dreams is … [Read more...]

2012 Shepherd’s Rod from Bob Jones


Bob Jones gets with the Lord every year to receive revelation about what God is going to be doing in the coming year. He calls this the Shepherds Rod. The following is a verbatim transcript of his message given at MorningStar ministries at the start of 2012. You can also download or print a copy of the 2012 Shepherd's Rod complete transcript. Or scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the complete video presentation. I am posting this … [Read more...]

Warning: Blackout Coming to Atlanta


Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following prophetic word for the city of Atlanta, Georgia. "The Lord told me that the lights in Atlanta, Georgia, are going to black out. And when the lights in Atlanta, Georgia, blackout, that will be a sign to get ready. We are headed for a time when the lights are going to blackout in nearly half of this nation. This nation is going to go through a great blackout. It … [Read more...]

Bombs Raining Down On Israel by December 2012


The following provides a transcript from an interview with Dr. Daniel Bohler regarding many things God has shown him, including bombs raining down on Israel by December 2012, and the consequences of a coming war in Israel coming upon the United States. Note: I believe this word was fulfilled a few weeks before December as terrorists in Gaza launched hundreds of rockets into Israel reaching even as far as Tel Aviv. These events were reported by … [Read more...]

Bob Jones: Earthquake to Hit California


Speaking at a "Blue Moon Conference", Bob Jones shared the following prophetic word regarding a coming earthquake in California. “I believe the next one is getting ready to happen when this volcano will erupt when the plates can’t take the pressure anymore. And I believe the pressure are melting the plates down there to where this has got to be vented, and these earthquakes are just a sign of what is getting ready to happen. It’s getting ready … [Read more...]