Blood Cries Out from the Land of Canada

I received this word on October 23 2015 and I really feel led to share it. “I am grieved, Oh Canada. Oh My people, I have longed that you would stand up to take your place, Oh Canada, as a TRUE North, pointing to that which IS True. A North STRONG, standing against the tides of destruction. Oh Canada, I had longed for you to be a FREE North, free to choose many things on many levels, and yet you have chosen against this. Despite your … [Read more...]

The Time Has Come When I Will Bless You Mightily

The Lord has given me another message today during my study and meditation time. I am being obedient to the Lord. This was an urgent message and a message of hope as well. I was reluctant for about a minute, but I wanted to be obedient to my Father. Lately God has been delivering these messages, but this one He wanted me to give to you. As I was studying my word and studying the death of Lazarus (St. John 11) and also studying about the … [Read more...]

Weep and Wail for the Time Has Come

"The time is upon you now. Weep for what once was. Travail and wail for that which is coming. Adorn yourselves in sack cloth and ashes for the day is upon you when you will need to HEAR MY VOICE. The day is upon you when you will have to use DISCERNMENT. Where are the Prophets? Do you run and hide because disaster is upon you? Where are My prophets of old that speak of these things? Have the wolves shut your mouths? Where are those that speak … [Read more...]

Three Days of Darkness in the Northwest, Swift Judgment in Eastern United States

Yesterday while in prayer I saw a brief picture of ash falling and covering everything below it. I was moved to tears as I felt the Lord’s sorrow for what is coming. The Lord has spoken to me about judgment coming to our country through the Yellowstone caldera. The dream shared by Shawna Elizabeth, Warning of Large Plume Clouds After Eruptions in Washington and Oregon, might have been viewing this same occurrence. I have been praying for a … [Read more...]

The Shaking I Have Warned of is Upon You, But My Sheep Must Fear Not

I received this word last night and feel it is something to Lord wants me to share. I went to sleep and was startled awake when I dreamed that a large grasshopper landed right in front of me.  It looked like a typical grasshopper but it was oversized.  It felt very real and for some reason was a little frightening.  I am not typically afraid of bugs or grasshoppers specifically.  There was no dream surrounding the grasshopper, just its … [Read more...]

Warning of Large Plume Clouds After Eruptions in Washington and Oregon

On December 27, 2015, I woke from a quick, vivid dream. In the dream, I was standing on a viewpoint hill in eastern Washington state. It was a vantage that I don’t believe exists in the natural because I could see all of the Cascade mountain peaks in Washington and Oregon. Nearly simultaneously, all of the large peaks became active volcanoes. The first to erupt was Mt. Rainier, and it’s plume was the largest. But directly following, all of … [Read more...]

Old Indian Chief Delivers Very Important Message

During my prayer time today I saw a vision. I saw a single large white feather, like an eagle feather. Then I saw an old Indian chief standing in front of me. We were standing around what looked like a picnic table in my basement. On the floor in front of him was a carved black figure that I knew represented an Indian chief. With one foot on the floor and his other foot on the bench he leaned over with his arms resting on his knee and said to … [Read more...]

The Time Has Come for Releasing Two Portions of Faith!

Here is a word I received around 6:30 AM on January 24, 2016. “The time has come; the season is here for My releasing of two portions of faith. The first portion is for survival. The second is for revival. In the first portion, I will pour out an anointing on to how to survive what is coming and to thrive in it. It will be a Goshen anointing (Exodus 8:22), I will teach you how to maneuver, manifest, and manufacture My strategies to overcome … [Read more...]

Supernatural Deliverance Coming at the End of the Day

In a dream I saw myself walking with some friends. It was the end of the day and the sun was starting to set.  The area we were walking in was near a park, a big beautiful park. As we were walking I said to the people, “I need to go and see more of the park.” They were against my idea and tried to convince me it would take away valuable time since we were on foot and the day was almost over and we needed to get somewhere. I knew they were … [Read more...]

Men’s Hearts Will Quake in Fear, but Repentance Will Not Come

"Swift tides sweep across nation after nation, tides of deceit and disobedience to My Word. The lies of the mainstream media have spread deception and false hope to millions. Governments set stumbling blocks before their people, bringing them to a place of complacency and submission. Obama has led America down the path to great tribulation and turmoil. He has taken your nation to the precipice, caring not for the safety or welfare of the … [Read more...]

The Terror of the LORD is Coming to the United States of America

"Oh, My precious child, you are going to need to trust Me, but not just with your pen.  You are going to need to trust Me with your mind, with your heart, and with your very life (Proverbs 3:5-6).  There are things which are about to come upon this land that will strike terror into the hearts of men. (Luke 21:26)  They will search high and low for the causes and the solutions.  They will long for safety and security but none will be found apart … [Read more...]

Mandatory Injections Turning People Into Zombies

I dreamed I was at either a hotel or a hospital. At times it seemed to be both. The walls were greenish like a hospital, but nice enough to be hotel walls. I was looking for a certain room, but the hallway was crammed with chairs of some sort down the middle with people being made to sit down in them. Nurses, or what seemed to be nurses wearing white uniforms were calling people's names and as people came to them, I realized they were being … [Read more...]

Obama Will Be Caught Red Handed

I was in devotions one morning about a year ago at the beginning of 2015. I strongly heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "Right before Obama leaves the office, he will be caught red handed by the entire world. He will be exposed to the entire world." Then immediately in a waking vision I saw Obama like a thief in the dark. It was like seeing someone in our home sneaking around. Instantly, a glaring bright light shone upon him. He had a look … [Read more...]

Fiery Boulders Falling from Sky Engulf Land in Flames

In a dream I was in a car with a good friend driving down a two-lane road leaving a city. She was driving and I was in the passenger seat. All of a sudden, the road ended and turned into a rocky dirt road, so she stopped the car and got out. We walked to the front of the car to see where the road had ended and to assess whether or not the car could handle the rocky dirt road. I did not want to go down that road, but she looked very concerned … [Read more...]

The Harness of the Lord

There is a terrific operation of the Spirit going on today to bring the Sons of God into an absolute confinement to the perfect will of God. This is the Day of His Preparation, the day in which He is preparing the channel through which He shall pour forth His Glory for all the world to see. This channel is His Body in the earth that glorious company of people who are being conformed through much tribulation and fiery tests to the image of the Son … [Read more...]

Beginning Soon You Will See the Fallout Resulting from Unrighteous Behavior

"A great shaking has begun in the heavenlies. My warriors are beginning to prepare for battle. The foe has taken his place on the world scene, hiding no longer in the shadows. His plans for the destruction and terrorizing of My chosen vessels, My saints will shortly be evident. A mighty fortress is your God, a Shelter in the time of storm; and great will be the storm coming soon. Cataclysmic events coming quickly, great shaking, spiritual … [Read more...]

In the Month of Red, Blood Will Be Shed

On January 17 2016 at around 2:30 am I was awakened to the following word, which I received several times before I got up and began to write it down. The Holy Spirit spoke these words to me. “I am mobilizing My Team, My Army to the frontlines. War is here now! Carnage will rage from Wall Street to the Main Street of America. My judgment has arrived. My time of winking is over. I will stare and I will gaze at this nation’s demise. I am fixed in … [Read more...]

Sixties Style Racial Conflicts Are Coming to America

Last night I dreamed I was taken to a secret meeting in the woods of a country town. It was the middle of the night and there were several dozen men in attendance. The men spoke with heavy southern accents and I heard one yell out, "We gotta get them out of our town!" They seemed to be frustrated with the African-American community in their small town and were strategizing an attack to terrify the town's black community and force them … [Read more...]

Seeds of Frustration Are Now Being Watered

"Harsh days coming upon wicked America. My children, the days have been numbered and determined. It will come to pass. As I have spoken so shall it be. My kingdom is not of this world and neither is yours. Your enemy's attempts to kill, steal and destroy will be of no avail for those whose heart and mind is stayed on Me. Beginning in March a great earthquake will shake the nation (I understood this to be spiritual, not a literal earthquake). … [Read more...]

I will Penetrate the Darkness, For All is Not Lost

"America, land of the deceitful and home of the fearful. Once you were great, a tribute to all who would see your light, a blinking lighthouse shining in the darkness so people could find their way home and know they were safe. Once you were a land of milk and honey and O so beautiful. Once you thrived and worked, doing all for the love of Me. A blessed land, a fruitful land, a well nourished land. Now hear the word that you take so … [Read more...]

Like Lambs to Slaughter, Millions Embrace All They Are Told

Following are words received on 23 November, 2015: "There is coming a great day of destruction for the nations of the world. Germany has opened the gates of hell to her people. Finland too seeks to appease evil. Of those who have openly embraced wickedness, no nation will be spared, including America. Like lambs led to slaughter, millions embrace all they are told. My children have been duped by false pastors and false teachers, by those … [Read more...]

2016 Year of Much Chaos, Wars, Famine, False Flags, and Persecution

Judgment will fall quickly upon all those that scoff and mock the prophets and messengers that God sends. 2016 is the year of much chaos, wars, and famine, as described in the Bible. Many false flags will arise causing fear among the people. Dominated by fear, many will voluntarily surrender everything in response. One false flag after another will arise in the form of chemtrails, annihilation of humans, and CERN. The purpose is not only to … [Read more...]

A Correction of Divine Magnitude is Coming

The following was imparted to me about noon today. It was as though the Holy Spirit took hold of my pen. "I see a correction of divine magnitude coming. A rude and true awakening. A stripping and shocking event that even professing Christians are not ready for. I believe that in the silence and quietness of homes, God is raising up an army of priests, judges, leaders, ministers and prophets of old. He is putting his standards on the table, … [Read more...]

Judgment Will Fall on Those Who Voted in Their King (Obama)

I know this is going to be uncomfortable and some may even be offended, but when God speaks a RHEMA WORD you pay attention. I was getting ready to retire for the night, when I heard a distinct knocking sound. I thought someone was at my door, but at that time of the night I wasn't expecting anyone. My hearing was very keen. I heard a rattling sound with footsteps. I didn't hear anything else, nor did I see anything, but upon arising this … [Read more...]

Riots Will Soon Fill the Streets of Major U.S. Cities

"Riots will soon fill the streets of major cities in the United States. As they struggle to control the violence, it will grow worse. Officials will be powerless to maintain order; martial law will be declared to secure the peace. The people will demand it while refusing to see the evil behind the action. Small in its beginning, it will grow as riots intensify and spread. Without resistance, they will feel empowered and march forward in their … [Read more...]

Judgment Coming to America’s Defiant Sleeping Churches

I had a terrible dream on the night of May 8 2015. It was very vivid and terrifying. I awoke in a cold sweat and immediately knew this was a dream from the Lord. In my dream, I walked up to a concrete slab (maybe 20’ x 20’) situated in the middle of a green field. One by one, four men laid down individually. All of them were nude in various poses. A voice told me, "These people will burn." Then I saw a giant blow-torch, about three feet in … [Read more...]

Pure Evil Spreading Through America and Consuming It

On June 4 2015, I dreamed I was in a tall office building at the edge of a neighborhood, along with some other people. The area reminded me of some of the areas around Atlanta. It seemed as if we were being held for some nefarious reason, which was not clear to me. Nor was it clear who these other people were who were with me. It wasn't like we had actually been arrested or such. It was more like someone there was using a ploy of daily … [Read more...]

Christians Flee from Muslim Men Demanding Sharia Law

On September 20 2015, I dreamed I was with this older couple who I went with everywhere. Everything was somewhat chaotic and I knew something was very wrong because we were running from place to place every few hours. I kept seeing Muslim people, mostly men. I needed a doctor for some reason, so I must have been injured. We were in and out of buildings, grabbing food when we could, or clothing. The older couple was pretending I was their young … [Read more...]

The Government Will Lay Siege to Homes and They Will Become Government Property

I dreamed I was walking along and the same man that always shows me things in dreams and visions came to me. He took me by my arm and asked me to come with him. I felt as though we were in a hurry. We came to a housing unit and he knocked on the door. A young man opened the door, but he was in a hurry to go. He told the man that was with me, "I am sorry, but I cannot stay. I have to go." Then he went into his bedroom and came out with some … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Giant Explosion in Southwest Texas

In a dream I saw myself suspended over the earth. I was so high up that I could see the entire curve of our planet. A man was with me at my right side, as in all my dreams. I looked and saw the position we were in was right over the United States. I could see the entire nation from shore to shore. Just then I saw an enormous explosion. It was so great it reached up into the heavens. I said the man that was with me as I pointed to the location … [Read more...]