“America as She Was Will Be Remembered No More”

I had this dream in the early morning hours on May 25 2016.  This was a new experience for me having an “open vision” while dreaming, if that even make sense!

I dreamt I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming when I was awakened by an open vision that began as a black and white television cartoon being played on my bedroom wall like a projector.  Eventually the cartoon characters faded away, replaced by a broadcast coming into focus.  I saw a parade of blue military tanks going down the road. … [Continue reading...]

America, This Is Our Last Breath

This morning May 24, 2016 around 3:00 am I was awakened by these words; “America’s last breath, Isaiah 51”.

As I struggled to awake, I heard the Father repeat this phrase, along with more details. I got out of bed and proceeded to write the following words:

“Hillary will win the election by default. Obama will stay in due to the chaos. It will be a two-headed serpent, which you cannot kill until I come. This will be what America wants and deserves!”

As I questioned the Father about this strong word, He proceeded to give me understanding.… [Continue reading...]

Amazing Horse Delivers Christmas in July

In my previous post, I identified ten reasons why I believe we are now very close to seeing a sudden event that will trigger panic selling in the markets. However, I have one more reason, which completely seals the deal for me.

On December 5 2015, I dreamed it was almost Christmas (which it was). My wife and I were told a company was going to be delivering a Christmas gift to our home and it would be something like a singing telegram delivery, but it would be presented with animals.… [Continue reading...]

A Tempest is Upon You, A Storm of Monumental Proportions

A tempest is upon you, a storm of monumental proportions. Do you not see the lateness of the hour in which you are in? I ask My body, My beloved, will you not watch and pray with Me in this hour of trial which is come upon the earth? My army of angels stands ready as the hordes of hell are unleashed. They long for the sweet victory foretold from before time began.

Set the watchmen upon the towers and stand high upon the walls as the Lion of Judah is made known from the heavens.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Warns of Catastrophic Event in California on June 3 2016

In July 2014, I received a prophetic dream warning about a sudden orchestrated event that would cause an economic collapse. What I saw was a false flag event that would cause a sudden panic while the real culprits would remain unseen, just the way they planned it.

I believe God has been merciful in giving us these advance warnings. I have been watching for nearly two years, but more recently on full alert, watching and sharing stories about potential events such as a market crash in Germany, an unknown event happening on May 25, a tsunami striking the West Coast of the United States, the start of a new war, and more. … [Continue reading...]

Signs and Wonders Will Be Witnessed in the Sky

On the morning of 16th May 2016, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I heard people saying something had cracked on the Sun. In other words, a component of the Sun had cracked.

So I looked at the Sun in this vision of The LORD and I saw that indeed a crack was on the Sun; so I don’t know whether it was a massive solar flare or solar storm or the like that had happened.… [Continue reading...]

I Was Shown the Tsunami That Will Strike the West Coast of the United States

On the night of May 17, 2016, I had a dream/night vision in which I was shown the tsunami that will strike the West Coast of the US, as a judgment from Father on the United States. It was very short, but very clear.

There were many people on the coast, and as I looked out to the horizon, I suddenly saw the waves approaching. Father confirmed that this was indeed the tsunami that will strike the California and the NW coasts.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Warnings Pointing to Big Trouble in Germany

Several prophetic warnings regarding Germany have been shared in the past few weeks, as listed below.

Z3er Michelle shared the following warning in an email sent on May 9 2016:

“My 73-year old husband last night at 6:00 pm on May 8 2016 became very out of character. He looked at me strangely and said, ‘Something big just happened in Europe.’ I looked at him and said, ‘It has to do with the money system.’ He sat there dumbfounded for another ten minutes and the Holy Spirit said to him, ‘International banking system.'”

Z3er Scott shared the following warning in a comment posted on April 26 2016:

“I had another short dream or vision on April 15 2016 where I quickly knew the word ‘Germany’, and I was shown a computer screen that everything had just gone blank or disappeared, and the screen went to what I think is like a start-up page, or whatever you call it, and all the icons disappeared and only two were left and they kind of migrated up to the upper left hand part of the screen, I just knew something happened suddenly that changed things and something along the lines of trading, etc., got shut down or stopped.”

Z3er Phanuel shared the following warning in an email sent on April 26 2016:

“I had a few dreams this weekend that the DAX (Germany’s stock market) is about to get slaughtered, falling to 8600-8900.”

At that time, the DAX was at 10,259, so it would have to drop 16.2% to get to 8,600.… [Continue reading...]

The Veil Will Now Be Lifted and You Will See the Land for What It Is, HELL

On May 16 2016, the Father began speaking to me about the recent tyrannical decision by president Obama; who unleashed the filth of Hell on all schools in America. He is now decreeing that transgender and gender identity students have more rights than other students, and the schools themselves! Pure insanity and pure demonic sewage is being poured out on the American people! For more details, please read the entire letter.

“Where are My shepherds, My pastors, My watchmen, My prophets, and My leadership?… [Continue reading...]

Horrible Giant Defeated in the Name of Jesus

My teenage son Reid recently had a dream in which he had an encounter with a giant, one of the Nephilim (see scriptures below).

He and his best friend Chase were out at our chicken coop  closing up the for the night. They had also built a fire to entertain themselves outside for a while. Suddenly a giant came out of the woods, menacing and horrible in appearance. He was super ugly, wearing animal skin clothing, and had dirty long hair and a beard.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Looking for My Plowmen Who Will Labor for Me in My Fields”

During my prayer time on May 8 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

For thus saith the Lord, “I’m looking for My harvesters, My plowmen, My sowers, My reapers, those who will labor for Me in My fields. For My fields are white and ripe, ready to be reaped. I’m looking for those who will labor no matter the hour or wage, but are willing to work regardless of pay. For I am just and I will repay.… [Continue reading...]

What is Coming Upon You Has Been Determined From Days of Old

On April 11 2016, I was reading to my family Isaiah 10 during our reading and teaching time.  I was going over how it seemed to me to parallel the United States today and what we are heading into.  Then we read the vision given to George Washington.  We were almost finished when Holy Spirit fell on my wife and she started weeping.  Then the Lord spoke the following thru her:

“My sons and My daughters, pay close attention for tragedy has befallen you. … [Continue reading...]

Our Nation Had Experienced Total Government and Economic Collapse

The Lord told me I am a watchman on the wall and therefore bound by Ezekiel 33:1-9. However, on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, after sharing about what’s coming to our nation with a group of people on the board of a Christian organization, I could tell some of those present thought I was crazy. So afterwards, I asked the Lord, “Am I crazy?”

That night, our middle son, who is 21-years old, was given a prophetic dream. He said he awoke twice and the dream continued exactly where it had left off, like watching a movie.… [Continue reading...]

Will You Fight As If You Could Change The Destiny of This Land?

When the Lord starts asking me questions I know He knows the answers already! But I also know there is a reason He puts this into a question form. Do we know the answer? Have we thought about it? Do we seek Him for the answers? When the Lord asks questions, I begin to ask myself questions, and look at my surroundings to see if I am doing my part.

The Lord gave me the following word to share.

“You must be bold and unafraid in the hour of persecution; wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove.… [Continue reading...]

While The World Hides in Caves, My People Will Be Hidden in The Secret Place

Often I receive words or pictures from the LORD that are incomplete.  For a period of time I am left only with that revelation without much being added to it.  Then a day comes when He fills the gap so I see a more complete picture or receive a more complete word.

I say, “More complete” because I believe once God seals a word in our heart it lives within us.  While we may think we have received the complete understanding we never know what additional revelation might be added. … [Continue reading...]

God Identifies Ozark and Smoky Mountains As Safe Areas

I had been praying for a year for confirmation on exactly where to go to be safe from the trouble coming upon the United States. Then a couple of months ago, I had the following dream from the Lord revealing the two safe areas.

I saw a map of North Carolina outlined and shaded in bright red. While I was looking at the map, the Lord said, “North Carolina will be uninhabitable due to flooding.”

This was the second time He gave me information on this.… [Continue reading...]

Many Are The Voices Speaking Lies in This Season

“An awakening of the prophetic is underway.  In fulfillment of My words in Joel 2 this is coming to pass.  My word is spoken forth by those who have sold out to My kingdom and My purposes.  Those who have submitted themselves unto Me are My chosen vessels to pour forth My rhema words in this season.

The enemy recognizes this move taking place and he has been executing his response to it.  Like dirt being added to pure water he uses the false to pollute the real. … [Continue reading...]

As Darkness Envelops the Land, You Will Search for the Prophets But You Will Not Find Them

Darrell and Deb Sansom

Yesterday evening my wife and I went out to our prayer closet. It is an octagon swing set that looks over the fields behind our house where we sit and pray. She immediately felt the Holy Spirit on her and knew the Lord had something He was going to share with us. The Lord has given her many warnings for people. So we both began praying and this is what the Lord spoke through her.

“See now, that what I spoke of, the time of great darkness, is upon you.

[Continue reading...]

The Days of Elections are Quickly Coming to a Close, Leading to the Days of Execution

Throughout history there is a story of many great nations.  These nations are recorded, but they either no longer exist or they are no longer in power.  At the height of their triumphs, no one could imagine that it would not last and yet it never did.

Now the cities of these once great nations are buried beneath centuries of dirt.  The ideals they sought to advance are no longer observed or even remembered by many.  Each has suffered its demise even as new nations have been raised in its place. … [Continue reading...]

Chuck Pierce Confirms Nisan 17 Was A Major Turning Point

Exactly what God said would happen came to pass on Nisan 17 (April 25). It was a day of new beginnings, which was confirmed by the fulfillment of the prophetic word that stock markets around the world would be in a sea of red. From the opening to the closing bell, they were in the red.

The magnitude of this date has now been confirmed by Prophet Chuck Pierce, founder of Glory of Zion Ministries. In his April newsletter, he informed his subscribers that April 25 marked a major turning point for America, describing it as follows:

“Starting April 25, through October 20, it will be the most tumultuous, confusing time this nation has known in over 160 or 170 years.”

That is quite a statement considering during the past 160 years America endured the Civil War, World War 1, the great depression, World War 2, the Korean War, the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, and many other terrible events.… [Continue reading...]

Everything Suddenly Changed and Everyone was Transformed

What just happened?

On the morning of April 10 2016, I had a dream in which everything suddenly changed, and I mean everything!

Instantly, everything and everyone was changed. Our clothes were still similar to what we were wearing before, but they were instantly made all white. Everyone in the whole world was now wearing white, both the saved and the unsaved. It seemed like the end of time had come.

Even our physical bodies had changed, transformed into what seemed like immortal bodies. … [Continue reading...]

“My People Must Brace Themselves for Impact! Suddenly Things Will Change”

During my early morning preparation time on April 3, 2016, I heard the Father speak the following word to me

“The hinges of sanity have fallen off the doors of America! Insanity, madness, and murder have entered her doors and gateways. Every unclean spirit will now manifest itself as this nation invites them to inhabit this once sanctified place and people!”

“Up is down and down is up. Wrong is right and right is wrong. America has lost her direction. Her moral compass is broken.

[Continue reading...]

“My Children Have Been Trained and Prepared for Such a Time as This”

“Among the many troubles which soon come, My righteous will shine brightly. You will see Me among the lives ruined by sin. Sorrow will rob many of hope and strength, but My resting place is in My Word.

Speak clearly, do not doubt and do not shy away or fear. Speak up. The enemy advances, do not be overcome by his tricks but covered in My armor. Pray daily, claim My provisions and seek a deeper walk with Me. My mercies are new every morning, great is My faithfulness.… [Continue reading...]

China is Now Married to the Land

In a dream I received a dream on February 6 2016, I saw a very large construction yard with big structures a short distance away from me. They looked like commercial buildings, but they were framed up with metal and wires. I wanted to see it, so I walked over to take a look. As I approached, it was a typical construction setting with planks of wood that the workers walked on, lots of dirt, construction equipment, etc.

I saw something that caught my attention, a number of men standing around a big hole in the ground.… [Continue reading...]

Life As We Have Known It is Going to Change Suddenly

On January 31 2016, I dreamed I was in the mountains with lots of big pine trees and thick forests. I was staying in a quaint hotel. You know the kind. Old, cabin features, and charming. It was a sort of resort place with families getting in and out of cars, a typical American vacation scenario.

I was in my hotel room sitting on the bed and I knew it was getting to be that time where we had to go.… [Continue reading...]

Say Goodbye to the American Woman

On 5/25/15, I dreamed I and a couple others were playing a game of war with fake rifles. We were playing a fun game of war running through the yard. Then I didn’t have my rifle and had to wrestle two kids from their toy rifles before they would fake shoot me with them.

One of the kids I knew. His name is Nehemiah. So I managed to thrust their guns away from them with my arm and then proceeded to fun wrestle Nehemiah to the ground to fake choke him, but suddenly, real blood started rapidly flowing out of his entire head, neck and chest area.… [Continue reading...]

No Time Left for the American Woman

On April 30, 2015, I had been at a Thursday morning prayer meeting where we had been in deep prayer about America.  As I was jogging home, I continued to ask God for a revival in this country.  The word of the LORD came to me as I ran: “She’s come Undone.  There is No Time left for the American Woman.”

As a classic rock fan, this word had instant meaning.  The message referred to three Guess Who songs from the late Sixties and early Seventies. … [Continue reading...]

A Change in the Spiritual Climate is Coming

As I contemplate where the church is, in this post-modern culture, and where it needs to be going, I feel a change in the air.

I sense a new wind blowing through the church.  I am not smart enough to know what all that means, or to be able to predict the future, but the signs are there.  My spiritual senses tell me that a change in the spiritual climate is coming.

I’m not yet sure whether this is a storm, or the just the rains after a drought.  … [Continue reading...]

Giant Grizzly Bear Attacks in Late Spring

As part of my preparations, I purchased all of the components required for an emergency solar powered battery bank with DC to AC inverters… but I held off on buying the batteries and assembling everything.  I didn’t want to activate the batteries until I felt like the events were close. With Nisan 17 approaching, I felt in my spirit that now is the time for final preparations.

On Saturday March 26, 2016 I spent the morning setting up the solar battery bank. … [Continue reading...]

I Am About To Birth Something So Huge, People Will Have Difficulty Understanding It

During my time of studying the Word of God this morning, I became more and more aware of the Holiness of the Lord. I began to feel such awe at His holiness that I hesitated to go up to the worship room. I wanted to be like the description in Psalm 24:3-4,

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, nor sworn deceitfully.”

I washed my hands several times as I prayed: “Lord this doesn’t really clean my hands or make my heart pure to be in your presence.… [Continue reading...]