“I Have Given You Over To Every Nation Who Abhors You”

On the morning of February 11, 2016, I had completed reading the book of Daniel and was spending a quiet moment with the Lord. Then He gave me an interpretation to my daughter’s Jade Helm dream, which I had been praying about for four days.

After having received this interpretation, I thanked the Lord and went back into prayer asking Him for a Scripture. Jeremiah 2 came to my mind, so I read it. After considering its’ message, I went to the Lord and asked Him if this was about America.… [Continue reading...]

By the Time of the Election, Civil Unrest Will Reach Nuclear Levels of Anger and Eventually Civil War

As I came home from work today. I was sitting in my car, in front of my apartment building, crying out to the Lord. My heart has been heavy. My spirit truly believes something is about to happen any day now.

The Lord then began to speak to me about some personal things involving me. However, after he was done dealing with me, he began to speak to me about the following topics:

Donald Trump and the Election:

When it comes to Donald Trump, there will be an assassination attempt on his life.… [Continue reading...]

Evil Black Thing Wages War Against American Soldiers and Citizens

My teenage son Reid has received several prophetic dreams warning of military conflicts coming to America. Three of his dreams are summarized below.

In the first dream, he saw an all black helicopter land in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. The soldiers appeared to be American, wearing all black uniforms. They ran in formation from their landing zone all the way to our house. They entered our house without a word, jogging through, up the stairs, through the hall, then back down and out of the house.… [Continue reading...]

The Time of Peace Runs Out, The Clock Has Struck Twelve

I feel led to share what Holy Spirit gave to me on Mar 28, 2016. I prayed and asked the Lord if there be anything He wanted to tell me through Holy Spirit and then I submitted myself to His will to write what He would have me know. I took my pen and waited in faith, then these words came forth.

The day dawns, light breaks forth,
My goodness revealed.

Be merciful as I AM merciful,
Hold fast, the day is coming.… [Continue reading...]

Warning of Jade Helm Operation in Winter

On November 11 2015, my family was living in Granbury TX when the Lord told me we would be moving. He said, “You will move child. This place was never permanent. It was for a time and a half. The journey is nigh. Seek Me while you can. Give yourself unto Me. Let the Spirit speak. Come now, the time is near.”

Needless to say, this message from Holy Spirit was disappointing and shocking, but I obeyed and gave my husband this word from Holy Spirit and we prayed about it from that point forward.… [Continue reading...]

Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death

The following list shows ten disturbing facts surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on February 13 2016.

1 – Motive Established

One of the first things police detectives look for in any homicide investigation is motive. Would anyone stands to benefit from Scalia’s death? In this case, we have strong evidence for a motive. As the most conservative Justice on the Supreme Court, left-wing adversaries would have far greater success advancing their agenda by removing him from the court at a time when a left-wing President was still in office to appoint a left-wing replacement.… [Continue reading...]

America Suddenly Invaded by Russian Air Force

I had this dream a few weeks ago. I want to say I have not been too focused on the news or alternative shows like times past. I have been trying to stay focused on building up my spiritual strength in going after the Lord and keeping my focus primarily on Him. I say this because to me it brings even more credibility that these dreams are God inspired.

It was a bright sunny day. I was in a nice park, which was spread out in an open area surrounded by different shops and restaurants.… [Continue reading...]

Civil War Coming Between America’s Elite Soldiers

This dream is difficult to explain from a natural perspective but I really understood what was happening and just knew certain things.

It began in a covert location where I saw a team of about 10 high-level elite military soldiers, like Navy Seals or Recon. I knew they were good guys, active military and true patriots. The location was like a dark top secret airport hangar. These good guys had broken in to find out what the bad guys, basically the federal government was planning.… [Continue reading...]

False Flags Will Fly and Terror Will Come Suddenly

“The day is gloomy and the night arrives swiftly, as the government of this land goes on with their agendas. False flags will fly and terror will come suddenly and hearts will faint with fear. You have been warned and told of the things that are coming upon the land. There is nothing I have not told you, so you can prepare and expect the great day of the Lord.

As the armies gather together and choose sides, this is a dangerous hour.… [Continue reading...]

News Media Blackout as World War 3 Approaches

It appears the whole world has gone mad. The threat of World War 3 escalated dramatically this week, but our mainstream news media is barely even mentioning it, towing the lines drawn by their new world order masters.

I just visited the home page for Foxnews.com and found not one single mention of the insane events now unfolding in the Middle East. I could not believe it, so I used my Find tool to search for Syria and Saudi Arabia. Not one mention!… [Continue reading...]

World Leaders Now Taking Dangerous Missteps

Yesterday morning, I saw a short vision of someone’s feet as they were walking down the concrete steps of their porch. I saw their left foot miss the bottom step wide to the left, which caused their foot to land on some dry leaves laying on the ground. As their foot landed, I heard the crunching sound of the leaves. Then a word came to me, “Misstep.”

I immediately assumed I had done something wrong and God was letting me know about it.… [Continue reading...]

False Flag Event Coming Soon from Shadow Figures

At the beginning of 2015 Rick Joyner shared how the Lord told him the forecast for the year was mostly sunny, but partly cloudy. With the end of the year coming soon, we can see his forecast was accurate as things were mostly sunny until about four weeks ago when clouds rolled in with a series of horrible attacks by Islamic terrorists.

The prophet Isaiah also saw clouds coming in the last days. The literal extended translation of Isaiah 60:2 says, “Darkness will cover the earth and thick, heavy, gloomy, dark clouds will cover the people. … [Continue reading...]

$1.2 Billion Proposal for Ukraine Sent to Leaders of Congress

Even though the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has already been signed into law, discussions are continuing about increasing the level of military aid to Ukraine.

A letter sent yesterday, November 18 2015, urges four leaders of Congress to increase aid to Ukraine to $1.2 billion. The letter was sent from former Ambassadors, military leaders, and officials in Democratic and Republican Administrations urging Congress to enhance and expand U.S. economic, military and humantarian assistance to Ukraine.

The timing of the letter seems late to me because it comes after Congress spent months hammering out the details of aid to Ukraine as part of the 2016 NDAA.… [Continue reading...]

More U.S. Troops Could Soon Be Deployed to Eastern Europe

U.S. military generals have proposed sending more U.S. forces into Eastern Europe. The proposals were shared in an annual meeting of U.S. defense leaders this past weekend at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

The new proposal would increase the number of U.S. brigades in Europe at any given time, but rather than deploying troops permanently, they would rotate in and out for six month terms.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday:

The proposal for more rotating forces must be formally developed by Pentagon planners and then approved by the Obama administration and funded by Congress.

[Continue reading...]

Top Ten Best Countries to Live in During the Next Ten Years

A recent report by the IRS shows record numbers of American citizens are renouncing their citizenship (Source: Trunews.com). In addition, many others are leaving the country while keeping their citizenship, at least for now.

Anyone looking for a new country to call home should consider this list of the top ten best countries to live in during the next ten years.

Of course, the best place to be is where the Lord tells us to be regardless of anything else, but the Bible tells us a wise person sees trouble coming and hides himself from it whereas a fool proceeds on and suffers for it (Proverbs 22:3).… [Continue reading...]

Deagel Forecast Shows Big Changes Coming in Next Ten Years







A forecast model published by Deagel.com shows the world’s population level is about to drop for the first time in centuries, perhaps even dating back to the days of Noah.

The further back in time we go, the less reliable the historical records, but the best available records show the world population has only increased with no decreases since at least 1650 AD and perhaps longer. (Source: Census.gov)

According to Deagel, that streak is coming to an end within the next ten years.… [Continue reading...]

Yes Men and Political Correctness Killing United States Army

America is a very sick nation right now. It is not just our Common Core controlled school systems, our Obamacare health system, half the country dependent on entitlement checks from the federal government, or our legalization of homosexual marriages, but our defense system is now in bad shape too.

The following is an excerpt from a great summary of the current situation in the U.S. Army from USdefensewatch.com.

The US Army is sick; sick in body, mind and spirit. No matter how many times Pentagon perfumed princes and feather merchants bedazzle us with light shows, veterans know the truth.

[Continue reading...]

NDAA 2016 Still Sitting in Congress Awaiting Signatures

Both houses of Congress finally approved the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act last Wednesday, October 7. However, the bill has still not been printed or signed by congressional leaders, which must happen before it goes to the President.

I find it amazing how long it takes Congress to do anything, which is probably why they never seem to get much done. Imagine if a private sector business operated like that!

The new fiscal year started on October 1 so we are already two weeks into the year without an approved spending bill.… [Continue reading...]

NDAA 2016 Now Headed to President Obama for Approval

The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act has been approved by both the House and the Senate and is now headed to President Obama.

The House approved the authorization bill last week with a 270-156 vote, well short of the 290 needed to override a Presidential veto. Yesterday, the Senate advanced the bill with a procedural vote of 73-26. Today they voted again to pass it by a vote of 70-27, which exceeds the 67 votes needed to override a veto.

President Obama has threatened to veto the bill because it ignores spending caps put in place two years ago by sequestration.… [Continue reading...]

East Coast Hurricane Joaquin Could Fulfill Three Prophetic Warnings

Three prophetic warnings could be fulfilled in the next few days by a new hurricane named Joaquin, which has been gaining strength and is currently a major category 3. As of 11:00 pm yesterday, it was located near the Bahamas and moving north towards the east coast of the United States.

It is still too early for weather forecasters to accurately identify whether or not Joaquin will reach the United States, but concerns have increased over the past 24 hours. If it does, it is expected to hit land on the morning of October 5th.… [Continue reading...]

Would God Really Forget America?

Would God really forget America?

Would he forget our long history as a righteous nation?

Would he refuse to hear the cries of a nation that was once dedicated to him?

The answer depends on which God we believe in, the one we have manufactured in our churches or the one revealed in the Bible. We love to talk about his promise to forget our sins, but we almost never talk about his promise to forget our righteous deeds. Yet, his warnings are repeated throughout the Bible.… [Continue reading...]

Hindu Goddess Kali Projected on Empire State Building in NYC

On August 8, 2015 the Goddess Kali, Hindu god of death and destruction was projected on the Empire State Building in New York City as shown in this photo.

The Times of India reported that “In a breathtaking spectacle, Goddess Kali was projected on the Empire State Building in New York.”

Some might ask, “Who is Goddess Kali?” Goddess Kali is the Hindu god of death and  destruction. The name of Kali means black, time, death, lord of death; she is therefore called the Goddess of Time, Change, Power, and Destruction.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Vision: China Now Preparing for War

Warnings of trouble ahead are sometimes called red flags. This particular warning is literally a red flag.

For at least 20 years the Lord has been sending warnings that America will fight a war against China. I recently shared a warning about this received by Dumitru Duduman in 1996. See my previous post: War With China Could Be Coming Soon.

I posted that article just a few weeks ago on June 2 2015, but now I am posting again because of a confirmation I received today from Cyndi J.… [Continue reading...]

Mena Lee Grebin: Martial Law Coming to America

Today Mena Lee Grebin uploaded an urgent warning message to her YouTube channel. In the 48-minute video shown below, she shares prophetic dreams she received during the past three weeks. She saw martial law coming to America.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whWMORyfyhM?fs… [Continue reading...]

Senate Approves 2016 Defense Authorization Bill

After two and a half weeks of debates and amendments, the U.S. Senate voted today to approve H.R. 1735, which is the 2016 Defense Authorization bill. The vote was 71-25 with most of the no votes coming from Democrats.

This bill authorizes $612 billion for defense spending, but the significance goes beyond our national defense. The Lord showed me in a prophetic dream on March 1 2015 the President’s approval of military aid, which is included in this bill, is the sign to watch for because it will be followed by a sudden dramatic drop in the stock market.… [Continue reading...]

War with China Could Be Coming Soon

The United States could soon be at war with China.

In my previous post, U.S. Naval Battles Are Coming, I shared how the Lord has been showing me United States battleships at war. I was not shown where the conflict would be, but I suggested it could be against China based on current events in the South China Sea and recent threats from them stating that war with the United States is imminent. After reading a prophetic warning from Dumitru Duduman today, I am more convinced than ever that war with China is coming.… [Continue reading...]

U.S. Naval Battles are Coming

During my prayer time last week I saw a United States battleship firing its cannons similar to what is shown in this photo.

Seeing that reminded me of another vision I had two years ago. In that vision I saw a black cloud that looked like it was made out of black rubber. Then the cloud transformed into the shape of a black battleship, which I somehow knew belonged to the United States. Then the scene changed and I saw the bare back of a man standing in front of me.… [Continue reading...]

Carl Manning: Dream of Russian Invasion

The following dream was shared by a visitor to this site, Carl Manning.

“I had a dream about a Russian invasion in 2009. In this dream, I was in my spiritual body. In this body, I could move with just my thoughts anywhere I wanted to go virtually immediately, and I knew instinctively that nobody in their physical bodies could see or hear me, and I was immortal.

The dream begins in a graveyard. A battle is underway. There are bullets flying everywhere.… [Continue reading...]

Trucker Reports Seeing Unusual Military Activity in Iowa and Wisconsin

U.S. Military Unimog Troop Carrier

The following comments were written by a truck driver who routinely drives from Texas to Northern Wisconsin. He shares some very interesting things he saw on his recent trip.

His screen name is John Gault, but his real name is not known. These comments were sent to me by a visitor to this site who prefers to remain anonymous. So I cannot verify anything stated here, but if it is true, foreign troops are here, plans are in place to kill the dollar this year, and DHS will be squashing any civilian resistance.… [Continue reading...]

Ukraine Crisis Escalates with H.R. 1735 Scheduled for Full House Vote Soon

The Ukraine crisis continues to escalate with H.R. 1735 now on the House schedule as their top priority for next week. As of today, it is the only bill listed on their schedule for the week of May 11. However, the exact date for their vote is not yet known.

The House Armed Services Committee voted last week to approve $200 million in “lethal weapons of a defensive nature” for Ukraine. The funding for Ukraine is part of bill H.R.… [Continue reading...]