Time to Sound the Alarm Right in the Ear of Sleeping Christians


Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of his day because they could discern the appearance of the sky, but could not discern the times they were living in (Matthew 16:3). Their Messiah was standing right in front of them, but they could not recognize Him because they lacked spiritual discernment. When was the last time you heard a good sermon on why President Obama might be the antichrist? Or how about a sermon on why Pope Francis might be the … [Read more...]

Kick-Off Event for Season of Market Crash is Fast Approaching


The kick-off event that will mark the beginning of the season in which the stock market crashes and the U.S. dollar plunges appears to be approaching fast. Earlier this week three top military leaders voiced their support for sending lethal arms to Ukraine. Now leaders of Congress have given their support calling on Obama to authorize lethal arms. In my previous post, The Event Before the Event, I shared how the Lord showed me the coming event … [Read more...]

Rumblings Coming from Ukraine


Rumblings are coming from the Ukraine today in several news events. In the past 24 hours two high ranking military officers have made public statements supporting shipments of military weapons to Ukraine. First, Infowars.com reported the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, voiced his support for supplying Kiev troops with American weapons. “I think we should absolutely consider lethal aid and it ought to be in the … [Read more...]

Mena Lee Grebin: Warning to the Churches of America


The Spirit of The Lord visited me two nights ago. He woke me up at 3:33 a.m and began talking to me about the churches in this nation. He told me that I had to warn them. Usually, during the Lord's visitations in the night, He shows me things that are about to unfold in the nation, or the world. But this time it was specifically for the church. Thus Saith The Lord; "What is coming upon this nation will affect many who claim to follow me. This … [Read more...]

David Cameron: “Christians Should Be More Evangelical About Their Faith”


Throughout western nations, political correctness has silenced the voice of faith in God among our elected leaders. It has gotten to the point that anyone who makes mention of their faith is branded as a dangerous extremist and a kook. News stories are routinely "sanitized" to omit any mention of God, and we now consider this to be normal. Meanwhile in eastern and Middle Eastern nations, Muslims and Hindus are very outspoken about their faith … [Read more...]

Persecution of Christians Increasing in India


A few weeks ago I spent eleven straight hours on the phone with Microsoft tech support. My case got bounced around back and forth between departments, which was pushing the limits of my patience. But the day ended on a positive note when I got a very knowledgeable young lady helping me. I could tell she was from India, but her English was very good and easy to understand. She helped me for the last hour or so. We had some down time to just be … [Read more...]

Former Stripper Now Flowing in Prophetic Evangelism


Janice Armstrong used to be a stripper dancing in bars. The Lord delivered her from that life and has given her a brand new life. Now she is busy winning lost souls and using all the gifts God has given her, including prophetic words and dreams that have helped turn even hardened atheists into believers. Her testimony shows how the prophetic gift can be used as a powerful tool for evangelism. At a conference in December 2014 she gave her … [Read more...]

The Final Four Seasons of the U.S. Dollar


It will soon be time to say farewell to an old friend who has stayed as close as our hip pocket for as long as any of us can remember. At the ripe old age of 230 the United States dollar has entered the final four seasons of its’ life. The dollar was born on August 8, 1785, when the Continental Congress of our new republic authorized the first issuance. It was born out of a great struggle as America’s founders fought and prevailed against the … [Read more...]

Seven Signs of Economic Trouble Ahead


When people hear warnings of economic trouble coming they often say things like, “Yeah, yeah, I have been hearing that for decades and it never happens.” I even hear a lot of skepticism from Christians regarding prophetic warnings about trouble ahead. But regardless of what anyone believes about the future we should at least be able to agree on the past. That is the focus of this post. I have identified seven disturbing facts about our … [Read more...]

End-Time Believers Learning to Fly


This past Sunday night I had a detailed dream in which I saw large numbers of end-time believers being trained to operate in the powers of the age to come. They were being trained to do the greater works that Jesus said we would do (John 14:12). For training purposes they were separated into three groups. Each person was assigned to a group based on their level of development. Group One - Sitting The first group included a very large number … [Read more...]

Two Big Lies About Islam


There are two big lies being told about Islam. Don't be misled. The truth about Islam is exposed by the ultimate authority, the Quran, and also by historical facts. The First Lie: Islam is a Religion of Peace America's leaders have lied to us repeatedly about Islam. President Bush and President Obama have both called Islam a religion of peace. It is not a religion of peace. The very fact that Islam has to be called a religion of peace … [Read more...]

Google Now Openly Persecuting Christians


Google, the noun that became a verb, is best known as the world’s favorite search engine. However, Google has become much more than that. They have become an adversary to anyone who believes the Bible. Google became the world’s leading search engine by delivering faster, more relevant search results than any other site. The bulk of Google’s revenues are still generated from their dominant share of Internet searches, processing over one billion … [Read more...]

Al Qaeda Forces Causing Increased Tensions Along Israeli-Syrian Border


Rumors of war in Israel have increased after a failed attempt by Syrian forces to expel rebel forces from the Golan villages along the Israeli-Syrian border. Israeli forces are on heightened alert to the threat of Al Qaeda attacks on Israeli army patrols along the border, which could quickly escalated into a multi-front war. IDF command is deeply concerned by developments of the last three weeks in the southern Syrian sectors facing the Israeli … [Read more...]

Attention Comrades: Our Government Has Saved Us Again


Back in the good old days, we Americans used to wash and dry our hands however we saw fit. It was a dangerous time. Those of us who survived can one day tell our grandchildren all about it. Under the guise of liberty a few right wing zealots threatened the safety of us all. Not to worry though, we are safe now, and we owe it all to our comrades in the government. I had a nice dinner at a barbecue restaurant where I found this sign posted in … [Read more...]

President Obama Ramping Up Persecution of Christians in U.S. Military


Americans should have seen this coming, because it was displayed publicly and openly years ago. Today we are paying for the spiritual blindness of millions of people who voted for Barack Obama as President. Even before he became President, in June 2007 Senator Obama made a clear break with America’s Christian heritage when he declared publicly: “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Doomsday Prepper’s Checklist

Environmental disaster

Preppers have gotten a lot of media coverage lately. There is even a television series called "Doomsday Preppers." Clearly there are lots of people getting ready for calamity. It is no wonder given all the drama coming out of Washington DC and our enormous government debt. Every good prepper begins with a checklist. There are lots of prepper checklists available, with most of them focusing on things like food, water, generators, medical … [Read more...]

Dr. Martin Weiss: Shocking Forecast of U.S. Bond Market Collapse

Dr. Martin Weiss at his home office.

Having just escaped from the government shut down and the debt-ceiling drama, a new monster appears to be emerging as global investors could be ready to start dumping U.S. dollars. As soon as an agreement was reached on the debt-ceiling last week the value of the U.S. dollar dropped sharply in global currency markets. Many were surprised by the plunge because forecasts from technical analysts had indicated the dollar had already bottomed out … [Read more...]

John MacArthur Launches Vicious Attack Against Charismatic Christians

Pastor John MacArthur

In a previous post I shared prophetic warnings of a coming civil war in the church. That war ignited this week with a major assault on charismatic Christians coming from John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. MacArthur hosted a three-day Strange Fire Conference, October 16-18, 2013. The conference is tied to next month’s release of his new book, “Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit With … [Read more...]

President Obama Is Preparing to Violate the Posse Comitatus Act


We don't have to wait until things get ugly before we address the danger facing our country. We already have enough evidence to prove President Obama is preparing to violate the Posse Comitatus Act. This act prohibits the federal government from using "the Armed Forces of the United States for the purpose of executing the laws, except in such cases and under such circumstances as such employment of said force may be expressly authorized by the … [Read more...]

Common Core Curriculum Violates Federal Laws and Undermines 10th Amendment to Constitution


The Common Core State Standards for K-12 schools are being implemented in most states in English language arts and math. The Common Core is designed to replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control. It is another federal government power grab, another attack against the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution, which states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor … [Read more...]

Major Changes Are Coming to Churches in America and the World


Major changes are coming soon to churches in America and around the world. The days ahead will be the best of times for some and the worst of times for others. The global economic collapse will financially wreck many churches while others will become an oasis of life for multitudes of people who are going to turn to the Lord in the midst of their troubles. The church leaders will make the difference between blessings and curses. Those who have … [Read more...]

Senate Moves to Violate the United States Constitution


It is amazing to see what is happening in our country today. We are suffering from self-inflicted wounds from our own government leaders in Washington DC. After decades of excessive spending our leaders have taken the world’s largest economy to the edge of insolvency. That took a lot of doing, but they did it. They have so badly mismanaged their duties that we are now facing a crisis that could rock the world. Ronald Reagan summed it up … [Read more...]

Warnings of Debt Ceiling Stalemate Causing Economic Collapse


Warnings of an October economic collapse are now showing up in news reports about the United States debt ceiling deadline. With only ten days left before the United States reaches the debt ceiling, the two sides are at a stalemate. Neither side shows any signs of giving in. House Speaker John Boehner said the House does not have the votes to pass a debt-ceiling increase without add-ons, such as defunding Obamacare. Meanwhile, President Obama … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner: We Are Headed for Martial Law


MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #81 - October 3 2013 A recent MorningStar TV Prophetic Perspectives program that I did on how martial law is coming to America has created quite a stir. Some were outraged and some glad that the obvious had been stated. Both of these responses are understandable. The stir that was created by this is encouraging. I obviously touched a nerve, as even the national news picked it up. At least for a moment, a lot of … [Read more...]

Pastor James Durham: Water Quality Alert


Pastor James Durham, founder of Higher Calling Ministries, regularly posts words and visions that he has received from the Lord. Last week he posted the following warning about an enemy attack on our water supplies, making them unsafe to drink. I was face down before the Lord when a series of messages came. First, I received the same vision three times. I saw people who were very concerned about the quality of water coming from the city delivery … [Read more...]

War is Coming in Syria Regardless of Chemical Weapons


After beating the drums of war for a few days, the news media is reporting the threat of war in Syria has passed. They claim the issue was all about the use of chemical weapons and it is now heading for a peaceful diplomatic solution. Unfortunately, nothing they have reported so far is true. I don't believe the issue in Syria ever had anything to do with chemical weapons. Just because President Obama made that claim does not make it true. He has … [Read more...]

Why the Housing Market Bubble is About to Burst


We are being lied to. Contrary to what we are being told repeatedly by the mainstream media and our government leaders, the housing market has not recovered from the 2008 collapse. The truth is the worst part of the crisis is still ahead of us. Any signs of life in the housing market are not evidence of a recovery, but evidence that the market is in a bubble, artificially inflated by the Federal Reserve’s purchases of $85 billion per month in … [Read more...]

Eight Ways the Federal Reserve is Destroying the American Republic


The Federal Reserve is doing what no military on earth can do. They are destroying the American Republic. Without firing a single shot, they are bringing us down with money. They are printing so many dollars, Americans will soon be using them to wipe their butt. The Fed injects $85 billion into U.S. markets every month through a program called Quantitative Easing. They are now on their third phase of the program, which is called QE3. The first … [Read more...]

Four Dark Clouds Are Now Forming Over Europe


European leaders are claiming Europe’s problems have all been solved. The mainstream media repeats their talking points, telling investors and viewers what they want to hear. Maybe they think repeating it often enough will make it come true. Unfortunately, the numbers show Europe’s problems are far from solved. In fact, things are getting much worse. On top of that, four dark clouds are looming just ahead. The 2008 collapse of the U.S. housing … [Read more...]

Derivatives Panic Coming to Global Markets


Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson saw news headlines from the future. The headlines revealed many coming events. One of the headlines said, "Derivatives Panic Hits Global Markets." WHAT ARE DERIVATIVES? Derivatives are financial products or securities that derive their value from the value of an underlying asset. The most common underlying assets include stocks, bonds, commodities, interest rates, and currencies. Examples are interest … [Read more...]

Obama is Leading America Into a Dangerous War in Syria


President Obama is leading America to launch U.S. military strikes on targets in Syria while downplaying the risks. He promised yesterday that any U.S. military strike at Syria would be a “shot across the bow” that avoids seeing America pulled into “any kind of open-ended conflict.” But “if, in fact, we can take limited, tailored approaches, not getting drawn into a long conflict, not a repetition of, you know, Iraq, which I know a lot of people … [Read more...]

Keith Moore’s Amazing Visit to Heaven


Pastor Keith Moore of Faith Life Church in Branson MO shared his personal testimony of his visit to heaven. While he was there, he saw his earthly father who had just passed away about three weeks earlier. Keith Moore also shares how he rode on a two wheel vehicle that he said resembled the cycle from the movie Terminator 2 and encountered other people who shared with him how they had been helped by his ministry. The 14 minute video shown below … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner: Time for Courage


MorningStar Prophetic Bulletin #78 - June 12, 2013 As the revelations of the last few weeks now make abundantly clear, our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and our freedom of religion may have never been in greater jeopardy than they are right now. The remainder of this year will likely determine whether we will remain a free people or succumb to a terrible tyranny. The scandals around Benghazi, the attacks on the press, and the IRS … [Read more...]

Bob Jones: Warning to America, Do Not Put Pressure on Israel


Prophetic Minister Bob Jones recently warned America not to put pressure on Israel to divide her land. The following is the transcript of his comments. The video presentation of him making these comments is also shown below. TRANSCRIPT: "One of the worst things that could happen to America. The last time we butted into Israel's business we pressured them to divide Gaza and New Orleans got all the rain they wanted. There is an intention now of … [Read more...]

Is Gold Confiscation Coming Back to America?


In the midst of economic troubles in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order to confiscate all gold from American citizens (download executive order 6102). At the same time, laws were passed making it illegal for American citizens to own gold. According to a top-level financial insider at a multi-national bank, economic problems are coming but the government is not likely to confiscate gold again. The following provides his … [Read more...]

Insider Leaks Details of Banksters Plans to Take Down U.S. Economy


According to a top-level financial insider, elite multinational bankers are planning to take down the U.S. economy. The anonymous insider uses the alias name “V” for his protection. He provides details of the plan bankers, also known as banksters, have devised to implement a total take down the United States economy. They are currently positioning their own assets and preparing their safe-houses. Once they are ready, they will shut down the … [Read more...]

Financial Insider Says the Global Economy Has Entered Uncharted Territory


A top-level financial insider at a multi-national bank recently explained why he believes the global economy has entered into uncharted territory and is now facing an imminent collapse in the near future. The following provides the transcript of his comments when he was a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Radio Program on April 15, 2013. This person uses the alias name “V” for his protection. He has also been nicknamed “The Guerrilla … [Read more...]

Why the United States Treasury is a Giant Ponzi Scheme


We're gonna make you an offer that you can't refuse... you give us the money and we take good care of you. Capeesh? Oh wait, I forgot. That's the way the mafia does it. We're the good guys, right? So how about this... "We're from the government and we're here to help." Nah, nobody would believe that. Sometimes the line between organized crime and disorganized government gets blurry. Other times the line goes away completely. There's nothing to … [Read more...]

Why the Federal Reserve Bank is a Big Fat Blood Sucking Tick


This year the Federal Reserve Bank is celebrating their 100th birthday! Happy Birthday to the Fed! Oh, you haven't heard about it? Well, they do like to keep a low profile. Oopsies! And guess what else they're celebrating... 100 years without an audit! Not a single report card ever. Yeah! What a deal! No pesky performance reviews or job evaluations to worry about. That just means more time to do their job looking out for you and me. I feel … [Read more...]

God is Using President Obama to Bring Judgment on America


Many Christians have been disappointed and frustrated by the way President Obama seems to be purposely destroying America. Could it be possible that God is behind all of this? If He is, surely it is important for us to know because it changes everything. The Lord has revealed to many of His people that what is happening to our country is the will of God. The following documents several specific words from the Lord received over the past several … [Read more...]

Three Prophetic Warnings of a New War in the Middle East


This article puts together three prophetic words received by three different prophetic ministers over the past few years regarding the start of a new war in the Middle East. There is a lot of overlap in the things they saw. By putting all of these words together, we can get a clearer picture of the future events in the Middle East. Warning #1: At the beginning of this year (2013), prophetic minister Cathy Lechner from King Jesus Ministries in … [Read more...]

Cash Withdrawal Limits and Reduced Hours Coming to U.S. Banks


Author and prophetic minister Steve Quayle recently shared reports which he has received from friends of his that financial markets in the United States are going to collapse very soon. The reports, which are detailed below, indicate that cash withdrawal limits will soon be enacted and banking hours will be drastically reduced to two partial days per week. The source stated these changes would be enacted within 60 days, but there is no way to … [Read more...]

Remembering the 2008 Lakeland Revival


I came across the following excellent documentary video about the 2008 Lakeland Revival. It is 25 minutes long and focuses on the first 30 days. It is hard to believe it was that long ago! Of all the ministry events covered by God TV, founder Rory Alec said the Lakeland Revival was by far the greatest move of God that God TV has ever aired. There were far more healings, miracles, and dead people raised than anything they have seen before. I … [Read more...]

Church Leadership Will Soon Get Delivered from Their Witchcraft


Prophetic minister Rick Joyner and others have recently reported seeing major changes coming to church leadership. God is about to deal with problems of witchcraft among church leaders. A new breed of leaders is arising. The primary opposition that Jesus faced during his life on earth did not come from sinners, but from the religious leaders. The same people who claimed to be closest to God were actually His biggest enemies. Even after Jesus … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why Cyprus is the Perfect Storm


The economic crisis in Cyprus is unfolding very fast. Their banks are on the verge of collapse. The impact on Europe and the world could be devastating. The prospects for resolving this crisis appear dim. So far the only news coming out of Cyprus has been bad news. Led by the Germans, the European Central Bank took a hard stand requiring immediate repayment of 5.8 billion Euros. If the funds are not repaid by Monday, March 25, the ECB will cut … [Read more...]

Increased Angelic Activity Coming in 2013


It seems being an ordinary human just isn’t enough anymore. Americans are looking for more and they’re finding it in Hollywood. For years, shows about supernatural beings have ranked among the top movies and television programs. There seems to be an unending flow of these kinds of shows. I took a quick look at the top movies from 2011-2013 and found the following nineteen featured supernatural beings: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part … [Read more...]

Higher Wisdom is Being Released in 2013


A higher wisdom is being released in 2013 to a remnant of Christians. That is the prophetic word from Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries. If you are not familiar with Bobby Conner, he is one of the most likable and lovable old guys to hear with lots of great stories. The reason for the higher wisdom is to prepare God's people for the new season that we have recently entered, which is the season of the second coming of Jesus Christ. … [Read more...]

Radical Christian Revolution Coming in 2013


Christianity in America is about to be redefined as the church breaks out of paralyzing passivity and complacency and is transformed by a radical revolution in 2013. That is the prophetic word from Bobby Conner, founder of Eagles View Ministries. He recently released his annual word for the year, which is called "The Shepherd's Rod." He says the Lord revealed to him the condition of the church in America and called on him to sound the alarm to … [Read more...]

Three Years of Storms Ahead But God Offers Protection and Provision


The following is the transcript of a message delivered by Dr. Jonathan David at a pastor's conference in Malaysia in December 2012. I believe this message is straight from heaven with instructions about what is coming in 2013-2015. The video of this message is also provided at the bottom of this post. During the first half of the message, Dr. David spoke about a new breed of Christians arising in 2013. That message covers the first 28 minutes of … [Read more...]

Meteorites Are Falling All Across the United States and Canada


On February 15, the largest meteor in the past hundred years fell in Russia, injuring about 100 people. Now there are reports of meteors landing all across the United States and Canada. As reported by all the major news media, the massive meteor that hit Russia was 55 feet in diameter and weighed about 10,000 tons, which is about 20 million pounds. It unleashed more than 30 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, which was dropped on … [Read more...]

The Bottom Will Drop Out of Our Economy and Banks Will Fail


The following prophetic word was given by Cathy Lechner in a church service at King Jesus Ministries in early January. This is a very large church located in Miami, FL. The pastor is Guillermo Maldonado. The following provides a partial transcript of the word for our nation. In the second half of the video she gives prophetic words that are specific to King Jesus Ministries, so those are not included in this transcript. Portions of the … [Read more...]

Japan’s Economy Has Entered a Terminal Phase


After more than twenty years of economic troubles, Japan now appears to be entering a terminal phase. They are running out of options as they approach a total economic melt-down. Since their recession began with the 1990 collapse of the Nikkei stock market, the Japanese government has tried to stimulate their economy with more government spending. Unfortunately, all they have to show for it is massive sovereign debt. The promised economic … [Read more...]

Financial Insider: International Bankers Are Letting the Japanese Economy Collapse


The Japanese Economy has been struggling for more than two decades, but now it appears their biggest economic troubles are still ahead of them. A financial insider has leaked information regarding a decision made by the world's biggest multi-national banks to give up on Japan and allow their economy to collapse so they can reset it and conform it to a more desirable economic model. The situation in Japan has global implications, especially … [Read more...]

‘Come and Take It’ Video Sends Message to Liberals Assault on Gun Ownership


Grammy-winning musician Steve Vaus has composed and produced a new 1 minute video in defense of our second amendment right to bear arms. The full video is shown below. Vaus then contacted media outlets in an attempt to get them to air his video as a way to counter the onslaught of liberal media attacks on the second amendment. However, he quickly ran into opposition from media outlets. According to Vaus, "Clear Channel refused to allow me … [Read more...]

WH: Obama Called Hillary on Night of Benghazi Attack–More Than Six Hours After It Started

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama called Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at approximately 10 p.m. on the night of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told CNSNews.com. That was more than six hours after the attacks started, more than an hour before Tryone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed--and about the time that Clinton first released a statement linking the attacks to … [Read more...]

The True Story Behind the Financial Crisis

Unwelcome Neighbors Detroit

Peter Wallison on Wednesday lamented the poor understanding people have of the underlying causes of the financial crisis, arguing that a false narrative of the crisis led to the Dodd-Frank Act and continues to stymie real reform in the financial sector. Wallison, a member of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and a financial policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute, discussed his recent book Bad History, Worse Policy: How a False … [Read more...]

The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous

Why are some of the biggest names in the corporate world unloading stock like there is no tomorrow, and why are some of the most prominent investors on Wall Street loudly warning about the possibility of a market crash? Should we be alarmed that the big dogs on Wall Street are starting to get very nervous? In a previous article, I got very excited about a report that indicated that corporate insiders were selling nine times more of their own … [Read more...]

Armenia Struggles to Absorb Christian Refugees From Syria

YEREVAN, Armenia (RNS) -- Sarkiss Rshdouni escaped the fighting in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo months ago but cannot shake memories of what he witnessed. "I was with a friend when I heard gunshots," said Rshdouni, who is among hundreds of thousands of people who have fled the war in his homeland. "It was fast -- second by second, the sound was getting closer. I saw mass shooting, people running." Aleppo is home to more than 80 percent of … [Read more...]

ObamaCare Embraces Health Savings Accounts

Despite getting clobbered in the fiscal cliff negotiations, Republicans have something to celebrate this year -- the survival of health savings accounts, or HSAs. They had feared that President Obama would obliterate this critical cost-saving tool. Sure, the president had promised that ObamaCare would not bar HSA-qualified plans from health insurance exchanges. But we had our doubts. Fortunately, we were wrong. A new regulation from the … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow Stays on the Sidelines in Controversy over Homosexuality


New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has opted to stay out of a firestorm of controversy surrounding homosexuality. Tebow was coming under severe pressure from liberal news media outlets over his plans to speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas in April. Nearly a year ago in March 2012, Tebow's speaking engagement was criticized by Meredith Bennett-Smith at the Huffington Post, "This polite strand of evangelicalism stands in sharp contrast, … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood Doctor Left Part of Baby Inside Woman in Botched Abortion


Planned Parenthood describes their abortions as "health services," despite the fact that their patients are never made more healthy by the process, but instead the children are murdered and the mothers are emotionally damaged and in some cases physically damaged too. That is what happened to Ayanna Byer, a Planned Parenthood abortion patient who ended up in an emergency room two days after a botched abortion in which part of the baby was left … [Read more...]

New School Policy in Massachusetts Mandates Allowing Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms and Locker Rooms


Just when you think our school systems have hit bottom, we hit another new low. Schools in Massachusetts no longer know the difference between boys and girls. A new policy has just been approved by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education mandating that boys must be allowed to use girls bathrooms and locker rooms, and girls must be allowed to use boys bathrooms and locker rooms. Any student that says they prefer to identify with the … [Read more...]

Max Keiser: Bond Market Bubble Set to Burst by April 2013


Max Keiser, financial guru and host of a financial talk show called the Keiser Report, predicted in June, 2012 that the worldwide bond market bubble will burst by April 2013. In an interview, which was broadcasted yesterday on Infowars.com, Mr. Keiser shared his assessment of where we are and where he predicts we are going soon. The following is the transcript of his comments from that interview. "What we have in the mix right now, we have the … [Read more...]

North Korea Releases Propaganda Video Showing Obama & US Troops In Flames


North Korea has just made new threats against the United States. They released this short video clip three days ago (shown below), which shows President Obama and United States military troops on fire. Following that disturbing scene, the video shows some sort of nuclear bomb detonation device. The production quality is pathetic but they made their point. Apparently, they don't have any of their own music available for the soundtrack. According … [Read more...]

Total Destruction of the U.S.: An Interview with Larry Grathwohl

If your church's new pastor had a long and well-known history of atheism, contradicting church doctrine, or fire-bombing churches, would you trust him to serve the church community in good faith, and to do everything in his power to uphold the church's principles and practices?  More to the point, would you continue to attend that church, and to take your children there? If people dedicated to the complete destruction of the United States as a … [Read more...]

Steve Quayle: U.S. Military Planning to Use Heavy Weaponry Against American Citizens


In a January 11 2013 interview with Steve Quayle on the Hagmann & Hagmann radio program, he claimed a Lieutenant Colonel from the United States military informed him that the U.S. military is currently planning to use heavy weaponry against American citizens. The Hagmann & Hagmann program is produced and broadcast by the Northeast Intelligence Network. Steve Quayle also said his information has been confirmed by other military personnel … [Read more...]

Russian Troops Identified at Asheville Mall in North Carolina


There were a lot of reports in the news last year about Russian troops being trained in America, supposedly for the purpose of fighting terrorism in America. If you want to see for yourself, just Google the phrase "Russian troops in America." You will be amazed by the search results. Most of the reports I found were about Russian troops training in Colorado in 2012. The following is a quote from a report from Fox News giving the details about … [Read more...]

What Happens to a Financial System When Its Two Biggest Pillars Collapse?

Those EU leaders who have yet to be implicated in scandals are not faring much better than their more corrupt counterparts. In France, socialist Prime Minister Francois Hollande, has proven yet again that socialism doesn’t work by chasing after the wealthy and trying to grow France’s public sector… when the public sector already accounts for 56% of French employment. France was already suffering from a lack of competitiveness. Now that wealthy … [Read more...]

Welcome To The New Cold War

Make no mistake: America and China are on a collision course and the battleground is Asia. The China-Japan dispute has little to do with a small group of islands in the South China Sea. It's about a new world power, China, wanting to assert its authority in Asia. And it's about the U.S being threatened by China's increasing power and wanting to contain it. That's what makes the current dispute so dangerous. Even if the fight dies down, the battle … [Read more...]

Nuclear Proliferation and a Third Great Awakening Are Coming


This prophetic minister claims God showed him President Obama would bring nuclear proliferation to countries around the world. The 3 minute video is provided below. Mike Shreve is the author of eleven books and the founder of Shreve Ministries, based in Cleveland, TN. He has been involved in full-time prophetic evangelism and power gift ministry since 1970 when he spent his time hitchhiking across the country preaching on college campuses. He … [Read more...]

The Real Reason the Economy Is Broken (and Will Stay That Way)

We are far enough and deep enough into the most heroic monetary and fiscal efforts ever undertaken to finally ask, why aren't these measures working? Or at least we should be.  Oddly, many in DC, on Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve continue to steadfastly refuse to include anything in their approaches and frameworks other than "more of the same." So we are treated to an endless parade of news items that seek to convince us that a bottom is … [Read more...]

If Europe Were a House… It’d Be Condemned

One of the primary focal points of our writing is the corruption that has become endemic to the political and financial elites of the world. When we refer to corruption we are referring to insider deals, cronyism, lies and fraud. Since the Great Crisis began in 2008, these have become the four pillars of the financial system replacing the pillars of trust, transparency, truth and reality that are the true foundation of capitalism and wealth … [Read more...]

Global Recession Tugs At U.S. Economy

This recent release of the manufacturing and industrial production data added further support to our previous commentary regarding the search for the much touted economic recovery.  Unfortunately, it has yet to manifest itself.  The latest data showed that manufacturing in January fell back but after strong gains in December and November.  However, it is important to remember that the gains at the end of 2012 were driven by the effects of … [Read more...]

James Dines: Countries Are Now Printing Paper Without Limit—With Each New Piece To Chase Gold Higher


I had the great opportunity to connect with one of the most legendary investment newsletter writers in the world, James Dines, publisher of The Dines Letter, for a powerful conversation on markets, gold, & crowd psychology. Throughout his 60 years of publishing, Mr. Dines has amassed a true library of personal writings, often times being the pioneering global voice of major long-term trend changes in markets and societies. Of great … [Read more...]

Ian Gordan: “This Collapse Will Be Very Frightening Because Once The Credit Stops, The Economy Stops”


I had the opportunity once again to connect with Longwave Analytics President, Ian Gordon, for a fascinating conversation. Ian has developed the “Longwave Theory” of perceiving markets and predicting future events, and based on his work, the world is moving into ever more dangerous economic territory. During the interview Ian spoke about historical paper money collapses, why we’re nowhere hear hitting bottom globally, and why there will be a … [Read more...]

French Lawmakers Approve Gay ‘Marriage’


The French National Assembly approved a bill Tuesday that legalizes gay marriage and allows same-sex couples to adopt children, following months of protests and debates in the once heavily Roman Catholic nation. The bill passed 329 to 229 with 10 abstaining, and will be sent for a Senate vote in April, where the Socialist majority likely will confirm the vote. While polls last August showed same-sex marriage had two-thirds support among the … [Read more...]

Marco Rubio: Breakdown of American Family Affects US Economy


Marco Rubio, the Republican junior U.S. Senator from Florida, recently spoke on what he believes to be the breakdown of the American family and its direct consequence on the country's economy. "I think morality ultimately is the function of the church and our faith, not government, but certainly government cannot be immune from morality, nor can our society because the breakdown in morality is having a direct economic consequence on our … [Read more...]

California Woman Sues Christian College After Being Fired For Fornication


San Diego, California – A former staff member at a Christian college in California has filed a lawsuit against her employers for firing her for having sexual relations outside of marriage, stating that the college’s actions were “un-Christlike.” Teri James, 29, worked as a financial aid specialist at San Diego Christian College in El Cajon until October of last year when she admitted to the school’s human resource director that she was pregnant. … [Read more...]

TBN Mobile App Sends Christian TV Around the World


It’s the age of the mobile app, and Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks, the world’s largest religious broadcaster, has a smartphone application that is introducing the best in Christian television to new generations of viewers. What started out 40 years ago as a struggling California TV station airing a few hours of inspirational programming a night has grown to over 20 international networks broadcasting life-changing programming 24 hours … [Read more...]

Evangelist Sues Maryland Police for Being Charged With Trespassing on Public Sidewalk


Montgomery County, Maryland – A Washington D.C.-area evangelist has filed a lawsuit against a Maryland county and its police department after being cited with criminal trespass for engaging in free speech activity on what he asserts is a public sidewalk. Attorneys representing Michael Corral explain that the evangelist was reading the Bible aloud, distributing tracts and speaking with passersby about his Christian beliefs outside of a movie … [Read more...]

T.L. Osborn Dies at 89

TL Osborne

T.L. Osborn was born December 23, 1923 to Charles Richard Osborn and Mary (Brown) on the family farm in Pocasset, Oklahoma. He stepped through the veil into eternity peacefully, at home surrounded by four generations of his beloved family on February 14th 2013 shortly after asking His Lord Jesus, “Take me home!” He was 89. Tommy married Daisy Marie Washburn on April 5, 1942 and together they carried the Gospel of Christ to tens of millions of … [Read more...]

Nearly One Million Refugees Have Fled Syria; Death Toll Climbs


The trucks delivered 15,000 blankets and 10,000 tents to an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp near the Syrian-Turkish border in the country's northwest. For only the second time in the nearly 2-year Syrian civil war, the U.N. refugee agency completed an aid delivery Thursday, reports MNN. However, the reception was surprisingly cool. Jeff Palmer with Baptist Global Response explains, "There were ties to other factions out there. People … [Read more...]

German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom


Having immersed myself for about eight days in writing a brief for the Romeike family (a German homeschooling family who fled to the United States for political asylum), I wanted to share some insights I gained into the view of our own government toward the rights of homeschooling parents in general. You will benefit from some context. The U.S. law of asylum allows a refugee to stay in the United States permanently if he can show that he is … [Read more...]

Illinois Senate Passed Marriage Redefinition Bill; ‘Catholic’ Governor Promises To Sign It


The heavily Democratic Illinois Senate voted mostly along party lines Thursday to approve a bill redefining marriage in the state to include homosexual couples. The vote was 34-21, with three Democrats voting against the bill and only one Republican voting for it. Two additional Democrats voted “present.” Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, who is Catholic, has been publicly urging passage of a same-sex “marriage” bill for months, despite his … [Read more...]

Chinese Woman Forced to Abort at 7 Months Speaks Out for First Time

Feng Jianmei, a Chinese woman who last June was beaten by birth control officials in the Shaanxi province and forced to abort her seven-month old baby girl, has spoken out for the first time since enduring her horrific tragedy, saying that she still deals with persistent medical issues due to the late-term abortion, and that she feels she and her husband suffered the greatest loss of all: the loss of a child. Jianmei, whose forced abortion … [Read more...]

Bear Bombers Over Guam: Russian Nuclear Bombers Circle Guam


Two Russian nuclear-armed bombers circled the western Pacific island of Guam this week in the latest sign of Moscow’s growing strategic assertiveness toward the United States. The Russian Tu-95 Bear-H strategic bombers were equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and were followed by U.S. jets as they circumnavigated Guam on Feb. 12 local time—hours before President Barack Obama’s state of the union address. Air Force Capt. Kim Bender, a … [Read more...]

CA Police Chief Says Guns as a Defensive Weapon is a Myth


Just when you thought the gun control debate could not get any crazier, now we have Emeryville, CA Police Chief Ken James making a statement last week that would be hard to believe, except that it is coming from California. The following is the transcript of his quote, with the 1 minute video below. "One thing that always boggles my mind is the idea that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon. A gun is an … [Read more...]

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Performance at Senate Hearing Was Absurd


Liberals all over America are celebrating the way newly elected Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren grilled bank regulators in a Senate hearing this week. The Huffington Post reported on her performance with the headline, "Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Bank Regulators at First Hearing." A YouTube video was also posted with the same title. The 4 minute video shows Senator Warren confronting top bank regulators from the FDIC, SEC, OCC, CFTC, Fed, … [Read more...]

How Anyone Can Get Anything Past the TSA Body Scanner


This video raises questions about the effectiveness of the controversial and highly intrusive nude body scanners currently being used by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) in all airports in the United States. The video points out that this expensive system was called rejected by an unnamed Israeli security expert who called the scanners "useless," and claimed, "I can overcome them with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing … [Read more...]

The Judgment of God on America


Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, a messianic Jewish Rabbi who was at ground zero on September 11, 2001, has been given amazing insights into the judgment of God on America. Rabbi Cahn is President of Hope of the World Ministries, Senior Pastor, and Rabbi of the Beth Israel Worship Center in Garfield, New Jersey. Rabbi Cahn points out the similarities between how God dealt with ancient Israel and how He is dealing with America today. This article summarizes … [Read more...]

Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?

Should we all quit working and jump on board the Obama gravy train?  Of course I am being facetious, but when you are barely surviving does there come a point when it just becomes easier to give up and totally rely on the government?  Today, the federal government runs nearly 80 different means-tested welfare programs, and many state and local governments have their own welfare programs on top of that.  If you become an expert on those programs … [Read more...]

Russia & China Know Final Currency Devaluation Is Coming

In the 1920s a popular phrase was ‘Follow the bouncing ball.’ The phrase was created by Max Fleischer of Fleischer Studios. Included among the characters attributed to Fleischer Studios were Superman, Popeye, and Fitz the Dog, later to be renamed Bimbo. Following the ball was an early form of a sing-a-long. As the audience watched a cartoon, subtitles for the music appeared at the bottom of the screen, and a bouncing ball would hover over the … [Read more...]

Currency As the New WMD

How do you hedge when shots are pips? The next world war will be computerized. The global economy is on the brink and battle lines are forming with one objective, restoring economic balance. Properly engineered devaluation measures would accomplish precisely that. This is a new age of currency wars. In the past countries would directly manipulate the value of their currency with trade wars and the like. But today’s currency war is a result of … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Raises New Questions Regarding Chuck Hagel’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense


The Senate is embroiled in another dog fight this week. For the first time in American history, it appears we will have a filibuster of a Presidential nominee for Secretary of Defense. The full Senate is expected to vote on the nomination of Chuck Hagel this Friday. Democrats are claiming to have enough votes to confirm Hagel, but Republicans are planning to block the vote with a filibuster. The filibuster is being led by Republican Senator … [Read more...]

Report: Hamas Thugs Come to Morsi’s Rescue

The Muslim Brotherhood is losing the very thing that brought it to power in Egypt: Popularity. President Morsi’s power grab and his Sharia-instituting constitution has destabilized his rule, sparking ongoing protests and bloody clashes. There are now unverified reports that Morsi has even resorted to importing Hamas terrorists to serve as loyal protectors. In late January, RadicalIslam.org was told by an Egyptian source that there were reports … [Read more...]

Hero’s Islamic Killer Gets Off Scot-Free

Sunday evening I had the great honor of receiving the Patriot of the Year Award before a packed house of well over 200 people at the nation’s oldest Republican Club, the Queens Village Republican Club. I received a beautiful plaque that also featured a clock, which I thought apropos in light of our AFDI pro-freedom ads that just ran on 240 clocks throughout the New York subway system, and a citation from the New York City Council recognizing me … [Read more...]

Israeli Forces to Continue and Possibly Escalate Air Strikes on Syria – Former Israeli Official Warns

Israeli forces struck two locations inside Syria just two weeks ago, one being a convoy that allegedly was carrying anti-tank missiles to Lebanon and the other being a scientific research center, which was used to enhance defense and resistance tools. As SLN reported, “Tuesday night’s Israeli attack on Syria brought confusion to the media as to what was hit inside Syria, and as the dust started to settle, it seems everyone was right.” What was … [Read more...]

Syrian Jets Bomb Northern Air Base Seized By Islamist-Led Rebels

Tuesday night, Feb. 12, he Syrian Air Force began bombing the large al-Jarra air base which rebels led by Islamist battalions conquered near the northern city of Aleppo. Bashar Assad has ordered the destruction of the dozens of fighter-bombers on the ground in the captured base. Most are Czech-made L-29 trainer planes which his air force has been using to pound rebel positions in built-up areas of the cities. But still in hangars are also Sukhoi … [Read more...]

President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Transcript


Here is the full transcript text of President Obama's 2013 State of the Union speech as released by the White House. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, fellow citizens: Fifty-one years ago, John F. Kennedy declared to this Chamber that "the Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress…It is my task," he said, "to report the State of the Union – to improve it is the task of us all." Tonight, … [Read more...]

Moran: Obama Gun Grab Based On False Assumptions

GENEVA — On Jan. 16, President Obama put forward his 15-page plan to “better protect our children and our communities from tragic mass shootings like those in Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, and Tucson.” The plan’s titular theme was “now is the time” for action. The top two priorities: universal background checks for gun purchases and a categorical rifle ban. Setting aside the troubling facts that the White House sales pitch had significant … [Read more...]