News Media Blackout as World War 3 Approaches

It appears the whole world has gone mad. The threat of World War 3 escalated dramatically this week, but our mainstream news media is barely even mentioning it, towing the lines drawn by their new world order masters. I just visited the home page for and found not one single mention of the insane events now unfolding in the Middle East. I could not believe it, so I used my Find tool to search for Syria and Saudi Arabia. Not one … [Read more...]

Now is The Time All of Creation is Waiting For

On January 17 2016, I awoke from a dream with such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and a crushing burden for the church. My dream was about an evangelist that kept pleading with the people, "Do not grieve the Holy Spirit! Do not grieve Him!" There was more to the dream, but those words lingered in the air as I awoke. The burden was so crushing and the feeling that the Lord was grieving poured through my being. In prayer He began … [Read more...]

World Leaders Now Taking Dangerous Missteps

Yesterday morning, I saw a short vision of someone's feet as they were walking down the concrete steps of their porch. I saw their left foot miss the bottom step wide to the left, which caused their foot to land on some dry leaves laying on the ground. As their foot landed, I heard the crunching sound of the leaves. Then a word came to me, "Misstep." I immediately assumed I had done something wrong and God was letting me know about it. I began … [Read more...]

Prophecy Fulfilled: Obama Authorizes $1.2 Billion for Military Defense Equipment

A news report released yesterday, February 9 2016, by provided the fulfillment of a prophetic dream. President Obama authorized a proposal for $1.2 billion in spending for military defense equipment used by the United States Air Force. His authorization is the fulfillment of a prophetic dream I received on March 1 2015, which was given as a sign to show we have entered into the season of a sudden economic collapse and to show the … [Read more...]

Two Kingdoms Now Looking to Oil as Key to the Future

Big Oil that fuels the world is currently making top headlines: “World economy seems trapped in ‘death spiral”… Jim Cramer: Keep an eye on oil prices…How long can Saudi Arabia live with $30 oil…Russia’s 10-billion barrel game of oil bluffing…Chief: Oil nations face years of pain…” Citi strategists warn that the global economy is trapped in a ‘death spiral’ that will lead to “weaker oil/commodity prices, weaker world trade/petrodollar … [Read more...]

The Great Shepherd Is Urgently Calling Many People Right Now

In a dream, I saw myself walking in beautiful country. It was a beautiful day and I felt light and good. I came to a beautiful park filled with many people. I stood at the edge of the park and watched all the people walking around, but I noticed no one was talking to anyone. They were together, but not like we would expect, which made me wonder. Just then a man was standing at my side. He spoke to me and said, "I want you to enter into the … [Read more...]

After Two Moons and Three Days the Zika Virus Arrived

A prophetic warning shared by Denika Alston on November 29 2015 warned about something bad coming in two moons and three days. See her post, In Two Moons and Three Days It Will Come. Since we don't count days in moons anymore there were different ideas about exactly when that would be, but if we add two months we get to January 29, then add three days and we get to February 1 2016. On February 1, the World Health Organization announced the … [Read more...]

I Will Lift Up Those That Have Walked in Righteousness to Know Me in a New Way

It is a very scary world we live in today. The economy is about to collapse. The government is corrupt. The world appears to be on the verge of war. Yesterday as I was praying, I felt peace come over me, and the Lord spoke these words. "Though I walk with My children they still fear. I say do not fear for I have heard your cries and I, the Great One, will answer your prayers. I will lift up those that have known righteousness and have walked in … [Read more...]

God Reveals Evil Spirits Operating in False Church

I had a dream many years ago about false religion and false brethren in the church. In this dream, I was in a church. They were having a coffee social before the service. Everyone was smiling and chatting, but I noticed it was not normal. The service was about to start, so I went inside. As the service proceeded, all the people began to swell up and sort of grunt and growl. They continued to swell up until they couldn’t move and could … [Read more...]

Record Numbers of Prisoners Now Escaping from Churches

The prisoners have been bound up in chains for so long they have almost forgotten what it is like to be free. The prison guards have done their best to keep them locked away, but more and more are finding ways to escape. The evidence is found in reading the comments posted on Joanie Stahl’s latest post, False Bridge Now Being Prepared to Embrace False Bridegroom. Person after person shared testimonies of their great escape. Most endured … [Read more...]

False Bride Now Being Prepared to Embrace False Bridegroom

Long after I had left the organized church, I had this dream. I struggled in a way to share this, but it came to the surface strongly recently and when I awoke this morning it was even stronger. I prayed about it and felt led to type it out, so here it is. I saw myself walking along a sidewalk. I came up to an enormous building made of big cement walls. As I walked along just about to pass by it, a door swung open. It seemed to appear out of … [Read more...]

When You Walk Through the Fire, You Will Not Be Burned

As I seldom have dreams, I feel this dream was sent to give hope, strength and courage to the saints for the days ahead. The following is a dream I had on January 30, 2016, a dream I feel is an exhortation, a word of encouragement from our wonderfully loving Abba Father to His children. I saw a bald headed man casually dressed in jeans and a tee shirt walking down a path. As he walked, flames of fire surrounded him and appeared to consume … [Read more...]

I Have Distinctly Separated Those Who Have Given Me Their All

"Daughter of The Most High God, I speak to you this day. Let this proclamation go forth, My words most holy. I speak to you of this great culling (selection process) which is upon you. In order that I have a pure and undefiled church, I must purge the body of all wickedness and unrighteousness. I must execute punishment where it is due, and I must uncover and expose. The nakedness and the shame of all who have beguiled will be brought to … [Read more...]

A Time of Great Sorrows is Upon You

"A time of great sorrows is upon you. Never has there been a time such as this in your nation and never again will such a time come. The decisions you have made (speaking to the nation as a whole) are not without consequence. The choice you have made to turn your backs on Me in favor of your own lusts and the gods formed by your own hands have forced Me into a position concerning you. For a season I turned My back. I allowed you to pursue every … [Read more...]

Update and Four Warning Signs for the Coming Economic Collapse

This provides an update to my previous post, Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay, which was an update regarding the timing of a sudden economic collapse, which I saw in a prophetic dream on July 7 2014 and shared in my post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015. The following provides a short summary of the original dream for the sake of those who aren’t familiar with it. For more details, please see the original post. In … [Read more...]

In the Midst of Great Shaking the True Church Stands Firm

I had this dream last Tuesday January 19, 2016. When I woke up, I was instructed to write it down. After I wrote it down, He then told me to go and read about judgment in the book of Jeremiah. I cried for the church and our nation because what I saw in the dream was confirmed in His word. I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with it. He said, "Tell my people. Publish it." So here is what I saw as well as the scriptures He gave me to … [Read more...]

God is Raising an Army to Make a Bold Stand

As we look at the world around us, it is easy to see the many things that have gone wrong. All too often we focus on the violence that rages out of control, the brokenness that is pervasive throughout the land and the hunger that sends many to bed at night with pangs in their stomachs. We throw up our hands and cry, “Where are you, God?” These things are realities of the world that we live in and we were not meant to turn a blind eye to them. … [Read more...]

Out of this Darkness I Will Raise Up an Army

I was driving on my way to work and praying about future events. The Lord showed me a vision of a small whirlwind. As I was looking at it I saw a much larger one coming up behind it and appeared to overtake it. I then received this word from the Lord: "As the large comes up and overtakes the small, so it is in this hour. The large will overshadow the small. The small cry for justice shall be overshadowed by the great darkness. As one crying … [Read more...]

It Is Time for My People to Be Tested Like Never Before

As I was reading and studying my bible and spending quality time with God today. I was studying Habakkuk, mainly focusing on the last three verses of chapter 3. 17 Though the fig tree should not blossom and there be no fruit on the vines, though the yield of the olive should fail and the fields produce no food, though the flock should be cut off from the fold and there be no cattle in the stalls, 18 Yet I will exult in the Lord, I will … [Read more...]

The Things Which Have Oppressed Us from the World are About to Be Shaken Off

Wow! The Lord is so awesome and His presence is so strong in our worship room today. Face down in His weighty (Kavod) presence, I began to see an Open Heaven portal. As I watched, the portal began to increase in size, but then it would shrink a little before it increased again. I understood in my spirit that the portal was unchanged. The change was in our ability to see it and experience it. Faith is the key to seeing the increase. May the … [Read more...]

The Wheat Will Become Distinguishable from the Tares

The word below I received yesterday morning in prayer.  I hope it blesses and edifies the Body of Christ. "You look around and realize it is hard to find Me in this world.  It seems as though there is nothing but darkness, even in the places that were filled with light not long ago.  You envision this growing darkness is indeed winning.  You wonder when and if the light will return.  Even love, true love, seems like a distant memory.  That … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals a Glimpse of The Coming Glory

Words cannot adequately describe what I saw and experienced, so I’ve been in much prayer about relaying this dream. Before reading, please ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to receive whatever He wishes to minister to you individually. In 2015, through a series of dreams and visions, the Lord revealed things that shook me to my core.  He showed me coming death and destruction, the rise of the Church from the ashes, and the greatest … [Read more...]

I Will Use the Despised and Rejected to Show My Greatest Light

I received this word from the Lord on January 26 2016. "Many of My people know that I am coming again, the young and the old in the faith alike. Is it not clearer than ever? Yet I see many fearing the end due to radical changes in the earth and nations. My judgments are not for you. They are for the rooting out of Satan's kingdom to establish My glorious kingdom. You are now living in the days of the beginning of My judgments. As I said, these … [Read more...]

I Am Getting You Ready for a Swift Charge

"Things are beginning to fold up. The inhabitants of this world, mainly the rich, are and will be hanging on to the very end to things that will, in the end, erase all their earthly joys and comforts. They are waxed bold before My face. They do not consider how swiftly they will eat the malnourishing bread of poverty and iniquity. As of today, the sky may seem all is clear, but very quickly the sky will gather clouds, My thick black clouds. … [Read more...]

In the Midst of Great Trouble Comes Life Saving Instructions

Two years ago, I had a series of three dreams.  At that time, I had heard nothing like this from anyone else. All three dreams had the same word from the Lord to me. In my first dream, I was with many other Christians who were made to stand in the middle of a pond of water. Men with guns were standing on the bank getting ready to shoot and kill us for being Christians. I was so scared. I thought to myself, "I am getting ready to … [Read more...]

The Lord Has a Controversy with the Church

The year 2016 will be a year in the earth where the church will be tested like never before concerning her allegiance, trust, and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and His ability to save, deliver, and lead them through the turbulent years in the earth that are ahead. Let it be known that God the Father has a CONTROVERSY with the church, as He has grown heart broken with her desire to put her dependence in men (specifically political figures) and not … [Read more...]

My Hand is About to Sweep Across the Churches of Your Nation

"Let us sit here together.  As you close your eyes and are overcome with peace, remain there.  Commune with Me and I will commune with you.  I am always with you according to My word.  Yet you only sense My presence when you focus on Me and search with the eyes of your heart.  What we desire is the same.  You are mine and I long for intimacy with you.  Sometimes you will come to this place and it will feel as though I have not.  Do not permit … [Read more...]

The Calling Given to My Remnant Will Not Be Overcome by the Plans of the Enemy

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.  These words of warning have become the playbook of evil men and women. There is a public relations campaign to transform the views of people to the point where their ability to tell right from wrong is so warped that their perception of these thing will be turned upside down.  This perversion has been overtaking your nation for years and it is now coming to a head on issues that Bible believing … [Read more...]

Five Trigger Events Occurring at Start of 2016

Lyndon LaRouche released an warning through an emergency webcast on December 23 2015 identifying five trigger events occurring at the start of 2016 that could soon lead to serious economic problems. His statement was printed on leaflets and distributed on the streets of Manhattan and in other locations across the United States. Lyndon LaRouche is founder of LaRouche PAC, which is a political action committee. I am not a follower or supporter … [Read more...]

U.S. Dollar Takes Strong Stand with Fed Rate Hike

I believe today’s interest rate increase announced by the Federal Reserve Bank is the fulfillment of the first part of a dream I had on July 7 2014. If this interpretation is correct, the implications are enormous and coming soon. I shared the details of that dream in my previous post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015. Then on November 20 2015 I shared how the Lord gave me a dream showing me a one-month delay, Prophetic Dream … [Read more...]