The Quest for the Bottom Begins

In keeping with Nisan 17 and the day of new beginnings, I received an encouraging dream this weekend, which I believe revealed what lies ahead.

In this dream, I was outside at night standing next to a large lake. The water was very dark, even black, so there was no way to see beneath the surface. There was something mysterious and treacherous about it, as if something dangerous was hiding down there. I sensed there were others around me and we were all feeling concerned and anxious.… [Continue reading...]

The Coming Wealth Transfer

Proverbs 13:22 “The sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

This is a unique time in history and the wealth of the sinner is about to be transferred to the righteous on a global scale. When we look around the world today, there is so much shaking in the economies, governments and nations. Leadership positions are changing at every level and for every reason imaginable. With so much going on, it would be easy to miss what is really going on in the world and God’s divine hand upon it all.… [Continue reading...]

Germany’s Role in the Upcoming Market Crash

This post provides an update on Germany’s role in the upcoming market crash.

Alarms have been sounding for years from both prophetic and financial sources telling us Germany is in big trouble. There are many rumors about the possible failure of their largest bank, Deutsche Bank, which would create a nightmare scenario for global financial markets because of their exposure to over $70 trillion in derivatives, which is almost as big as the total annual GDP for the entire world, $78 trillion (Source: Wikipedia).… [Continue reading...]

Historical Patterns Reveal Eight Step Process for Market Crashes

Analysis of previous market crashes reveals consistent patterns, which can help us know what might happen in the future.

My previous post presented three historical cycles pointing to Passover 2016 as a major turning point. However, history also tells us what we can expect to see happening after the crash starts. Previous crashes have not happened quickly, but have taken 40 to 44 trading days from the final market top to the first bottom with most of the drop occurring during the final 4 to 8 trading days.… [Continue reading...]

God Reveals New Things at the Top of the Market

For the past several weeks, traders have been trying to find the top of the final leg of the W-pattern, which has been forming since July 2015. Finding the top is important for taking the most profitable positions for the upcoming downturn.

Along the way, many of us have received insights about the top as we have participated in an ongoing learning process, as well as a time of bonding together, which I believe was an important work of the Holy Spirit.… [Continue reading...]

Stock Market Future Revealed by Ride in 1979 Red Thunderbird

I was inquiring of our Lord last week about where we were at with the current market and other things going on in general, including a lot of things being discussed on this site.  But most specifically I was asking our Lord for some clarification and insight into the stock market and what is going to happen.

I even said, “Lord, if there is anything further that you think I need to know about this stock market, please let me know, if you are willing”.… [Continue reading...]

My People Are Poised for a New Beginning

“My people, you are on the edge. You are poised for a new beginning.

I am taking My prepared ones into the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. Glorious changes shall take place overnight as you watch the fulfillment of My promises  (that I made) to you long ago.

You have remained faithful and now you will be rewarded! I desire My people would enjoy their rewards in this time  (I felt He meant before the judgments and so much disaster are widespread).… [Continue reading...]

David Wilkerson’s Mega-Quake and Economic Storm Could be Close

Last week southern Japan was struck with two earthquakes, first on Thursday April 14, a 6.2 magnitude and again early Saturday April 16, a 7.1 under Kumamoto, a densely populated urban area.

Over 40 years ago David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge Ministries and founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, predicted a mega quake would unexpectedly strike America following one in Japan.

Are we on the verge of the fulfillment of his prophecies? In the second chapter of his 1974 book The Vision, he states:

“The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history.

[Continue reading...]

Three Historical Patterns Point to Passover 2016 As Major Turning Point

The Jewish feast of Passover is known as a time of major turning points in history. Three historical patterns are now indicating another major turning point is coming during Passover 2016.

King Solomon discovered there is an appointed time, a set time for everything and for every event under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Nothing just happens randomly. Everything happens at a set time following patterns, seasons of time, which are as predictable as sunrise and sunset.

Applying this insight to the global marketplace goes beyond the limits of our understanding, but history reveals predictable patterns govern the markets just like everything else.… [Continue reading...]

Z3 Family Rises Up And Turns It Around

Yesterday was an amazing turnaround day for Z3 News. My wife and I were in tears, thanking God for the generous support received from our Z3 family.

After working on this site for the past three and a half years, this week we were forced to start discussing whether or not Z3 could continue. I was not ready to give up, but over the years our finances have depleted to the point where we could not see any way to continue.… [Continue reading...]

Death Cross Reveals Market Downturn Coming Soon

A reliable technical indicator, called the death cross, reveals a market downturn is coming soon. The death cross occurs when the 10-month moving average crosses below the 20-month moving average. In the past twenty years, this has only happened twice, in 2001 and 2008. Both times the stock market crashed soon afterwards.

The chart below shows 20 years of stock market price movements with the red line showing the 10-month moving average and the green line showing the 20-month. In late February 2016, the death cross appeared when the red line dropped below the green line.… [Continue reading...]

The People’s Bank of China is Coming!

On March 31 2016, I dreamed I was outside in the middle of the night walking through a retail shopping strip. I walked past lots of small small storefronts, but they were all closed and had all the lights off so it was completely dark inside and they all appeared black.

There was a vacant retail space available and somehow I knew it was going to be filled soon by the People’s Bank of China. I was pacing back and forth in front of this space repeating out loud, “The People’s Bank of China is coming!… [Continue reading...]

Believers Being Gathered Together and Brought Out of Isolation

I dreamed I saw myself walking on a sidewalk in a big city at night.

As I walked, I noticed something I didn’t see before. A huge side of a mountain appeared right next to the sidewalk. And I mean it butted up right where the cement ended.

I stopped and looked at it thinking, “What is this? I didn’t notice this before. How strange that all of a sudden a mountain side is here.”

I stood there looking at it.… [Continue reading...]

God Reveals Timing of Market Top

At the very end of my prayer time today, God answered my prayer.

For the past couple of days I have been asking Him to tell me the timing of the final market top. I became interested in this after He showed me a graph of the Dow Jones Index, which I shared in my previous post.

Although this drop is not nearly as big as what is coming after the crash starts on April 25, it could easily be 800 points or more, so it is a great opportunity.… [Continue reading...]

Vision of the Amazing Glorious Bride of Christ

I was driving with my 10-year-old, listening to her sing a country music song. Then I heard the Lord saying, “I wish My church loved Me this much.”

As I heard this, I got a glimpse of God’s glorious Bride.

She was wearing a white, gleaming wedding gown, which emitted a golden glow.

She was singularly focused on Jesus Christ. Her one thing was sitting quietly at His feet like Mary loving her Master (Luke 10:39), her Lord, and her closest friend. … [Continue reading...]

Practical Wisdom Coming to End-Time Believers

The great end-time harvest of souls is coming, but not by accident. Multitudes will be drawn to the light when they see the glory of God appearing upon His people (Isaiah 60:2-3).

They are going to see something different in us, something not of this world, the light of God, the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God in us.

The late prophet Bob Jones saw it coming:

“Wisdom is on her way. I believe it has started. In this one harvest He is talking about over one billion youth is getting ready to come in.

[Continue reading...]

Traders Looking Forward to Life After W

A giant W-pattern began forming in the stock market back in July 2015. Now eight months later, it is nearly completed. Technical analysts refer to this pattern as a triple-top reversal because it has often preceded major reversals in bull markets and marked the start of major downturns.

The final leg started forming in mid-February 2016, which is when I posted a warning because upward movement in the market puts downward pressure on inverse ETF’s like FAZ and UVXY. See my previous post, Triple Top Reversal Pattern Could Be Forming Now.… [Continue reading...]

God Parts the Red Sea on Nisan 17

Give glory to the God of heaven because He alone reveals mysteries and performs great wonders for His people!

Through His goodness and kindness, He has revealed the timing of the start of the coming economic crash. On the same day He parted the Red Sea, God is once again going to bring a great victory to His people and great destruction on the unrighteous. It is coming on Nisan 17.

This post compares previous insights with new ones to reveal the exact timing of the coming global economic collapse.… [Continue reading...]

I Am Revealing and Releasing the Hidden Ones

Veronika West posted this word on her Facebook page.

“Have you been dwelling in the hidden places, living in the darkness of the caves of isolation?

Hear the word of the Lord, “My broken vessels are now being brought out into the light of My glory. That which has been sealed and prepared in the hidden places, and in the caves of isolation and intimacy will now break forth with the intoxicating fragrance of My heavenly oil, and that which has saturated the deepest parts of their innermost being will now flow forth like rivers of living waters, for I am revealing and releasing the hidden ones to a world living in darkness and despair.

[Continue reading...]

New Season of Building on the Apostolic and Prophetic

Greetings to you dear believer. The Lord has confirmed that the church as a whole has shifted to a new season and consequently we must build on the Apostolic and Prophetic foundation laid out in Ephesians 2:20. This document has been collated by Thomas Harry, through the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to communicate this word to the global church. Due to the urgent nature of this word, please circulate this to believers and leaders both here in the UK and beyond.… [Continue reading...]

TD Hale: Correction on Democratic Presidential Race

As it turns out, the word received by Pastor TD Hale on February 1 2016 regarding the 2016 election did not include anything about the Democratic candidates. He accidentally copied and pasted a block of text that included both his prophetic word regarding the Republican candidates and his personal comments regarding the Democratic candidates and sent the whole text to Rick Wiles at without proofreading it first.

Rick Wiles read it during his broadcast last Friday March 4. Then I posted a transcript of it in my article, TD Hale: Destruction Has Been Diverted for a Season. … [Continue reading...]

Your Election Will Be a Sham, Evil Has Taken Hold

The following is what I heard in my spirit on 1 March, 2016.  Confirmation of what T.D. Hale  saw and Rick Wiles reported?  Take it to the LORD in prayer.

“You do not see, your eyes have grown dim, the brilliance of the world’s lights have taken away the True Light from your eyes and now it has become difficult to distinguish the difference. With doubt and fear My children grope around in darkness. Seldom seeing the goodness of their God, blinded by the cares of the world.

[Continue reading...]

Market Watching Final Leg of W Pattern Forming Now

A Z3 reader named Faith shared a dream yesterday regarding the giant W pattern, which has been forming in the stock market since July 2015. Technical analysts refer to the W-shaped pattern as a triple-top reversal because it typically indicates a major turning point in a long term trend. This pattern has appeared prior to every major stock market crash.

Here is what Faith saw in her dream:

This morning I had a dream. Since this was a Sunday morning dream I’m wondering if something significant may unfold this week in the markets.

[Continue reading...]

America! You Forgot to Zip Your Pants!

I had a dream yesterday morning. I saw a large pair of pants coming down in the sky. They were so large they could be seen from great distances. I noticed they had a metal zipper, like blue jeans, and it was unzipped.  After this I heard God’s voice stating with Great Authority, “AMERICA! You forgot to zip your pants! Now the whole world can see the shame of your sin!”

I immediately thought of the last Republican debate. I did not watch it, but I heard it had turned crude at one point.… [Continue reading...]

Breath of God Burning Up False Churches and False Doctrines

I had a terrifying dream yesterday morning. A hot wind began to blow. It came through my house and debris was blowing all around. The wind was hot and due to it’s intensity things were burning, flowers dried up, and it was like no wind I have ever experienced.

I walked through the house to close the doors and windows, but none were open, yet the wind was blowing. I looked outside, but there was not one tree or bush stirring, just inside the house.… [Continue reading...]

God is Going to Pour Down His Spirit in the Market Place

Two years ago, the Lord made me aware I was a lukewarm Christian in a church that did not acknowledge our brothers and sisters in the Middle East being persecuted and murdered for their faith. He has been leading me on a journey to awaken me. I have been shocked in what I have discovered about our country and our great need for repentance.

On February 23 2016, I dreamed I was shopping in a store looking for a tool for my husband.… [Continue reading...]

Deadly Pestilences Are Coming – Part Two

This post is Part Two of a seven-part series equipping the saints and exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences.

Part Two – Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic

It is strongly suggested that you first read Part One—It’s All About the Blood! No Vaccines! Take what you read here to prayer for confirmation. God is infallible; I am not!

Physical Effects of this Pestilence and Vaccine:

Healthy hardy people (without God’s supernatural covering) who get the pestilence might survive without the vaccine, but it will be quite hard on them.… [Continue reading...]

Key Technical Indicators Confirm Big Drop in Markets Coming Soon

Based on where the stock market closed yesterday, technical indicators are confirming a big drop is likely to happen soon.

The chart above shows a 20-year history of the S&P Index including the tech bubble crash in 2000-2001 and the 2008 financial crisis. Analysts watch technical measures from previous crashes to see when we are in danger of another crash. Based on where we closed Monday, four key indicators are now confirmed to be in the danger zone. (Source:

These indicators include:

  1. Relative Strength Index (RSI) dropped to 49.4.
[Continue reading...]

Judgment Falls On America with the Death of Justice Scalia

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 was not only a tragic loss for everyone who loves the United States Constitution; it was the judgment of God falling on our country. It was a symptom of our weakened spiritual condition and a warning of far worse things ahead.

To whom much is given, much will be required and America has been given much. Our forefathers had the light of God, but we turned away from it. They walked in humble repentance with their house swept clean, but we have allowed the unclean spirits to return with seven other spirits more wicked than the one who left (Matthew 12:43-45).… [Continue reading...]

Ten Disturbing Facts About Justice Scalia’s Death

The following list shows ten disturbing facts surrounding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on February 13 2016.

1 – Motive Established

One of the first things police detectives look for in any homicide investigation is motive. Would anyone stands to benefit from Scalia’s death? In this case, we have strong evidence for a motive. As the most conservative Justice on the Supreme Court, left-wing adversaries would have far greater success advancing their agenda by removing him from the court at a time when a left-wing President was still in office to appoint a left-wing replacement.… [Continue reading...]