America Going into Convulsions in 2021

Mount Taylor in New Mexico

Mount Taylor in Grants, New Mexico, elevation 11,300 feet.

Dr. Daniel Bohler, founder of the Prophetic Watchman ministry, received the following word from the Lord regarding cataclysmic events coming to America in the year 2021. These events include the earth tilting and a major volcanic eruption at Mount Taylor, which is located in Grants, New Mexico.

During the same season of time as the volcanic eruption of Mount Taylor, America will go into convulsions. Mount Taylor reaches to an elevation of 11,300 feet.

Dr. Bohler tells the story of how he received these words from the Lord.

“When I was on an airplane flying over New Mexico, God had it to be that I sat next to a state scientist. He woke me up out of a deep nap and said, “Do you see that mountain?”

I answered, “Yes sir.”

He said, “That is Mount Taylor. It was the most active volcano in the western hemisphere about 2,000 years ago. Now some of the richest people in the world live there.”

“I leaned back in my chair, and the Lord sounded into my very being, he said, ‘Son, shout it from the house top. Every time somebody asks you about what is coming on this land you tell them Mount Taylor is going to erupt in the state of New Mexico. And it is going to spew out the most unheard-of, stinking, rotten smell and smoke and it will block the sun. You will see a nation go into convulsions.'”

As to when this will happen, Dr. Bohler believes it will be in the year 2021. He bases the timing on a similar word from the Lord received by one of his closest friends, a missionary with YWAM ministries who accurately prophesied that an 8.5 earthquake was going to hit on June 9, 1994. That earthquake hit Bolivia, in South America that very day, and also struck with an even greater magnitude 5,000 miles into the center of the earth. This missionary also accurately prophesied the 2008 financial collapse.

Dr. Bohler tells the story of how the two of them sought the Lord together and received more revelation about the coming events and the timing.

“I have followed my brother for years. And now something has come to him that I wrestle with before I put it out like this. I wrestled with it until God gave me permission.”

“Now hear me out, he had a visit from the Lord on November 2, 2011. God literally wrote it across his room like you would take a big fountain pen. He wrote 5/7/2021. He heard the voice of the Lord say, ‘A season of time when climactic, cataclysmic, catastrophic events will happen.'”

“Well, my friend prayed and prayed over that word. I prayed after he gave it to me. I fasted. I sought the Lord for months. God showed me the verses in Ezekial 32 that I never could get the revelation on. God said, “Go to your Bible.” He showed me that at that time, just like he showed this man of God, the earth was going to tilt. The Lord spoke to him and said, ‘The earth will tilt.'”

“You can mark my word, I believe with all of my heart, this man of God heard straight from heaven. I have never put a date on anything in my life without a Bible verse saying it. But we only have nine years (from 2012 to 2021) before this nation goes into convulsions. God is going to cut this nation to pieces because of what we have done to Israel. In nine years this nation is going to go into convulsions. We are going to see the things that God has shown me and many other men of God. I know that the word that this mighty missionary has given me, that is when this is going to kick off.


This might sound like a lot of doom and gloom, and it is a very serious message. However, the hope is that people will hear and believe so we can make the necessary adjustments and avoid the judgment of God. The Bible tells us to judge ourselves lest we be judged by God.

As indicated by Dr. Bohler, the terrible things coming to America are a direct result of our nation taking a stand against Israel, which is the same thing as taking a stand against God. How can any nation expect to be blessed by God while at the same time fighting against God. As much as He wants to bless us, He can only do so if we align ourselves with Him, standing with Him on His side, not against Him.

Surely many people will scoff when they hear this warning. However, the hope is that the humble will hear and repent. All believers should be praying for God to help our country turn back to Him before it is too late.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey

James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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  1. tom Szarowicz says:

    TThe so called churches in America today need to wake up…..most think they’ll be raptured out of here before the tribulation, and some will because they overcame the temptations of the world. I think most are fooling themselves not completely humbling themselves to total submission to the Lordship of Jesus the sheperd of our souls.
    Those left behind will fall into two types…..ones will shake their fists at God because they thought their lives were perfect and became angry when they were revealed what’s was in their heart , proud n overconfident in their Christian lives and end up taking the Mark, their spiritual lives were built on sand. The other will know they fell short and with all their hearts begin to humble themselves. They refuse to take the Mark but now without the Mark they will begin to trust Jesus and embrace all his promises and provisions…they will be blessed to know Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. Your sick can’t see a doctor now but Jesus can heal, hungry but can’t buy food Jesus can still multiply little

  2. tom Szarowicz says:

    the little bit of food to feed the many…..without the mark of the beast we will cease to enjoy anything this world throws are way….no shopping, no world series, no superbowl, no TV, no job……only thing left is to seek the kingdom, Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength….faith God wants to see in us will grow n grow n grow ……now that the world and all it’s distractions have been removed….nothing left but His Word, prayer, and humbling ourselves before him, then God can bless us with his might, power, and glory. Only thing left to do is build our spiritual houses on the Rock…..and love not our lives to the end as most will be mattered for refusing to take the Mark

  3. Praise God.

  4. Early this year , I had vision from the lord,in vision he says ” year 2014 onwards , especially 2016-2020 is time to look out for on economic collapse.

    And year 2022, is the year to look out for natural disaster ( He didn’t mention what kind of disaster is). But both economic trouble and natural disaster are to fall on America. ( He dind’t mention about the rest of the world)

    So, all brothers an d sisters of Christ, and all fellows of America, please get yourselves back to the Lord.
    Be prepared both mentally and spiritually for what is coming upon America in near future.

  5. Mount Taylor last erupted 1.5 million years ago, but an alleged “scientist” told Dr. Bohler, “That is Mount Taylor. It was the most active volcano in the western hemisphere about 2,000 years ago.” It’s hard for me to understand how someone can spend months fasting and praying about something a stranger told them and not even look up some facts to see if it was accurate. At best, it’s irresponsible to spread false information. For the history of the volcano, see So we have a scientst with no name and a YWAM guy with no name. This seems like a false word. I believe prophets, and I believe that some really bad stuff is coming, but I can’t believe something based on factual error and unnamed people.

    • Regarding the accuracy of the timing of past events, the scientists are not trustworthy. Their story constantly changes. Their theories are presented as if they are facts when in reality they are just man-made theories based of many faulty assumptions, including the assumption that there is no God. Those scientists were not here 1.5 million years ago and there were no cameras recording those events. You are making a mistake buying into their theories. The word of the Lord is trustworthy.

  6. Jordan Drake says:

    Mr. James Bailey, I am anxiously searching for somebody of intelligence, such as yourself, to converse with about prophecies. In particular, I believe they correspond to the year of 2021. This information I have done much homework & study over, is wanting to burst out of me. I have been unable to reach anybody that will talk with me about these events. Plz, if you’re interested, email me, or contact me via facebook. My name is Jordan Drake, my picture is of me wearing a black hoodie, standing in front of a giant tree. I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. In June this year I was on holiday in Namibia and stayed over in the capitol of Windhoek for two days. First morning just as I was beginning to wake up, had this impression of the earth moving on its axis while the Lord said He will tilt the earth so it accomplishes His will. I thought it is interesting but sort of dismissed it since I rarely remember dreams, never mind having a spiritual one. Next morning the same thing happened again and I thought what are the chances of it happening twice in precisely the same way – never ever has this kind of thing happened before.
    I told some people about it but nobody seemed to think anything of it and I never saw the relevance until now when I was led to read another page of this site and finally here. It immediately clicked.
    Must say that for the last two months I felt prompted to deepen my relationship with the Lord and are beginning to understand why after studying all the end-time prophecies.

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