About Us


Thanks for visiting Z3news.com. I started this site in November 2012 to provide end-time news before it happens.

The Z in our name represents our end-time news focus because Z comes at the end of the alphabet. The 3 follows after because it rhymes with Z, which sounds kind of cool.

We cover related news items as the Lord leads, including economic news because finances are an important part of God’s end-time plans for His people and the financing of the great end-time harvest of souls.

This site does not align with conservatives or liberals. We are not Republican or Democrat, but believe both parties have betrayed the American people to look out for the interests of large corporations and their own interests. So we don’t pay much attention to political campaigns. Instead, we strive to align ourselves with the will of God and the word of God for the purpose of advancing His kingdom on earth.

We hope to help God’s people draw closer to Him and get better prepared for the days ahead.

James Bailey
Founder and Editor of Z3news.com