As Darkness Envelops the Land, You Will Search for the Prophets But You Will Not Find Them

Darrell and Deb Sansom

Yesterday evening my wife and I went out to our prayer closet. It is an octagon swing set that looks over the fields behind our house where we sit and pray. She immediately felt the Holy Spirit on her and knew the Lord had something He was going to share with us. The Lord has given her many warnings for people. So we both began praying and this is what the Lord spoke through her.

“See now, that what I spoke of, the time of great darkness, is upon you.

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The Days of Elections are Quickly Coming to a Close, Leading to the Days of Execution

Throughout history there is a story of many great nations.  These nations are recorded, but they either no longer exist or they are no longer in power.  At the height of their triumphs, no one could imagine that it would not last and yet it never did.

Now the cities of these once great nations are buried beneath centuries of dirt.  The ideals they sought to advance are no longer observed or even remembered by many.  Each has suffered its demise even as new nations have been raised in its place. … [Continue reading...]

Before the Fireworks Go Off in this Nation, Fireworks Will Go Off in the Market

As I was siting here at work today, the Holy Spirit spoke to me the time frame of the next market hit. I am not invested in the market, but for those who currently are, I was given, “In the next several weeks the market will take a hit.”

Again, I asked the Lord for reassurance and He said, “Before the fireworks go off in this nation, fireworks will go off in the market.”

The Holy Spirit also spoke, “God wants his people to be givers to His kingdom, and not greedy.”

I am no market expert, but with all the dreams people are having in Z3 News, I believe this would be the proper time frame.… [Continue reading...]

Demonic Serpents Lulling Obama’s Audiences Into Catatonic State

In about 2007, following a period of seeking the Lord as a watchman, I received the following dream.

I was with four acquaintances from my church and we were going to a pageant. We were all excited, but I had no idea about what was going or what was the purpose for this pageant.

When we got there, it was so filled with people that seating was hard to find. As we stood in the back looking for seats, I felt something weird and then a shift.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Flaunts His Plans Before Deaf and Blind White House Press

President Obama made some amazing statements in his 33-minute speech at the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday April 30 2016.

I believe he spoke prophetically through a series of jokes to an audience that was too spiritually deaf and blind to know he was not kidding. They laughed along as he mocked their deception.

He openly joked about his plans to destroy our Republic saying, “It is an honor to be here at my last, and perhaps the last White House correspondence dinner. … [Continue reading...]

God Still Has a Faithful Remnant in These Days of Elijah

The prophet Elijah thought he was all alone serving the Lord Jehovah, so he hid himself in a cave. Then the word of the Lord came to him asking, “What are you doing here Elijah?”

Then Elijah answered, “I have been very zealous for the Lord, the God of hosts; for the sons of Israel have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. And I alone am left; and they seek my life, to take it away.” (1 Kings 19:10)

But God told Elijah he was not alone, but was part of a faithful remnant of 7,000 who had not bowed their knees to Baal (1 Kings 19:18).… [Continue reading...]

Water Rationing Begins After Obama’s Face Appears in the Sky

On February 15 2016, Heather Castro received a disturbing dream about President Obama. She shares her testimony in the video shown below.

In her dream she saw the sky turned into darkness. Then two beautiful portals appeared on opposite sides of the sky with colors like the aurora borealis. She also saw stars and hearts surrounding the portals and everywhere in the sky flickering like a disco ballroom.

She saw other people looking up into the sky mesmerized by the beauty, and she was too.… [Continue reading...]

“You Have Not Seen Obama’s Wicked Side Yet, But It is About to Manifest”

Appearing as a guest on the Tribulation Now Internet radio program on April 21 2016, Glenda Jackson shared a powerful vision and prophetic word regarding the 2016 election.


Glenda Jackson is the founder of Glenda Jackson Ministries. When she was young, the Lord Jesus told her she would be a prophet like Samuel in her latter days. She has been ministering for over three decades, following in the footsteps of her great aunt, Maria Woodworth-Etter.

Back in October 2014, I shared the following prophetic warning from Glenda Jackson, which she gave when she was a guest on Sid Roth’s television program, “It’s Supernatural”.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Unleashing Islamic Terrorism on the United States This Summer

On the morning of April 15 2016, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Obama will unleash terrorism on the United States this summer.”

I do not have a specific date or month. I don’t like sharing this type of revelation, but all will know soon enough if this is indeed a true world from the LORD. What I can tell you right now is this makes my heart GRIEVE to have to share the truth of this matter.

I pray this will be held off as long as the Heavenly Father will allow, yet I know the “Islamic Day of Wrath” is going to unfold throughout the United States in a manner MOST could not even imagine.… [Continue reading...]

Chuck Pierce Confirms Nisan 17 Was A Major Turning Point

Exactly what God said would happen came to pass on Nisan 17 (April 25). It was a day of new beginnings, which was confirmed by the fulfillment of the prophetic word that stock markets around the world would be in a sea of red. From the opening to the closing bell, they were in the red.

The magnitude of this date has now been confirmed by Prophet Chuck Pierce, founder of Glory of Zion Ministries. In his April newsletter, he informed his subscribers that April 25 marked a major turning point for America, describing it as follows:

“Starting April 25, through October 20, it will be the most tumultuous, confusing time this nation has known in over 160 or 170 years.”

That is quite a statement considering during the past 160 years America endured the Civil War, World War 1, the great depression, World War 2, the Korean War, the cold war, the Cuban missile crisis, the Vietnam War, and many other terrible events.… [Continue reading...]

“Trump Has Already Been Chosen Two Years Ago”

At the first of the month in January 2016, while I sat at the front desk at the private club where I worked, a prominent political figure came in for a private meeting. Many guests of the club are congressmen and senators. It is basically a Republican elitist club.

On that night, a secret service agent came to the front desk and stood there the entire time. The prominent political official who was at the time Speaker of the House came in for a meeting.… [Continue reading...]

The Quest for the Bottom Begins

In keeping with Nisan 17 and the day of new beginnings, I received an encouraging dream this weekend, which I believe revealed what lies ahead.

In this dream, I was outside at night standing next to a large lake. The water was very dark, even black, so there was no way to see beneath the surface. There was something mysterious and treacherous about it, as if something dangerous was hiding down there. I sensed there were others around me and we were all feeling concerned and anxious.… [Continue reading...]

The Coming Wealth Transfer

Proverbs 13:22 “The sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

This is a unique time in history and the wealth of the sinner is about to be transferred to the righteous on a global scale. When we look around the world today, there is so much shaking in the economies, governments and nations. Leadership positions are changing at every level and for every reason imaginable. With so much going on, it would be easy to miss what is really going on in the world and God’s divine hand upon it all.… [Continue reading...]

Germany’s Role in the Upcoming Market Crash

This post provides an update on Germany’s role in the upcoming market crash.

Alarms have been sounding for years from both prophetic and financial sources telling us Germany is in big trouble. There are many rumors about the possible failure of their largest bank, Deutsche Bank, which would create a nightmare scenario for global financial markets because of their exposure to over $70 trillion in derivatives, which is almost as big as the total annual GDP for the entire world, $78 trillion (Source: Wikipedia).… [Continue reading...]

Historical Patterns Reveal Eight Step Process for Market Crashes

Analysis of previous market crashes reveals consistent patterns, which can help us know what might happen in the future.

My previous post presented three historical cycles pointing to Passover 2016 as a major turning point. However, history also tells us what we can expect to see happening after the crash starts. Previous crashes have not happened quickly, but have taken 40 to 44 trading days from the final market top to the first bottom with most of the drop occurring during the final 4 to 8 trading days.… [Continue reading...]

God Reveals New Things at the Top of the Market

For the past several weeks, traders have been trying to find the top of the final leg of the W-pattern, which has been forming since July 2015. Finding the top is important for taking the most profitable positions for the upcoming downturn.

Along the way, many of us have received insights about the top as we have participated in an ongoing learning process, as well as a time of bonding together, which I believe was an important work of the Holy Spirit.… [Continue reading...]

Stock Market Future Revealed by Ride in 1979 Red Thunderbird

I was inquiring of our Lord last week about where we were at with the current market and other things going on in general, including a lot of things being discussed on this site.  But most specifically I was asking our Lord for some clarification and insight into the stock market and what is going to happen.

I even said, “Lord, if there is anything further that you think I need to know about this stock market, please let me know, if you are willing”.… [Continue reading...]

My People Are Poised for a New Beginning

“My people, you are on the edge. You are poised for a new beginning.

I am taking My prepared ones into the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. Glorious changes shall take place overnight as you watch the fulfillment of My promises  (that I made) to you long ago.

You have remained faithful and now you will be rewarded! I desire My people would enjoy their rewards in this time  (I felt He meant before the judgments and so much disaster are widespread).… [Continue reading...]

David Wilkerson’s Mega-Quake and Economic Storm Could be Close

Last week southern Japan was struck with two earthquakes, first on Thursday April 14, a 6.2 magnitude and again early Saturday April 16, a 7.1 under Kumamoto, a densely populated urban area.

Over 40 years ago David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge Ministries and founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, predicted a mega quake would unexpectedly strike America following one in Japan.

Are we on the verge of the fulfillment of his prophecies? In the second chapter of his 1974 book The Vision, he states:

“The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history.

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Three Historical Patterns Point to Passover 2016 As Major Turning Point

The Jewish feast of Passover is known as a time of major turning points in history. Three historical patterns are now indicating another major turning point is coming during Passover 2016.

King Solomon discovered there is an appointed time, a set time for everything and for every event under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Nothing just happens randomly. Everything happens at a set time following patterns, seasons of time, which are as predictable as sunrise and sunset.

Applying this insight to the global marketplace goes beyond the limits of our understanding, but history reveals predictable patterns govern the markets just like everything else.… [Continue reading...]

Z3 Family Rises Up And Turns It Around

Yesterday was an amazing turnaround day for Z3 News. My wife and I were in tears, thanking God for the generous support received from our Z3 family.

After working on this site for the past three and a half years, this week we were forced to start discussing whether or not Z3 could continue. I was not ready to give up, but over the years our finances have depleted to the point where we could not see any way to continue.… [Continue reading...]

Death Cross Reveals Market Downturn Coming Soon

A reliable technical indicator, called the death cross, reveals a market downturn is coming soon. The death cross occurs when the 10-month moving average crosses below the 20-month moving average. In the past twenty years, this has only happened twice, in 2001 and 2008. Both times the stock market crashed soon afterwards.

The chart below shows 20 years of stock market price movements with the red line showing the 10-month moving average and the green line showing the 20-month. In late February 2016, the death cross appeared when the red line dropped below the green line.… [Continue reading...]

Everything Suddenly Changed and Everyone was Transformed

What just happened?

On the morning of April 10 2016, I had a dream in which everything suddenly changed, and I mean everything!

Instantly, everything and everyone was changed. Our clothes were still similar to what we were wearing before, but they were instantly made all white. Everyone in the whole world was now wearing white, both the saved and the unsaved. It seemed like the end of time had come.

Even our physical bodies had changed, transformed into what seemed like immortal bodies. … [Continue reading...]

“My People Must Brace Themselves for Impact! Suddenly Things Will Change”

During my early morning preparation time on April 3, 2016, I heard the Father speak the following word to me

“The hinges of sanity have fallen off the doors of America! Insanity, madness, and murder have entered her doors and gateways. Every unclean spirit will now manifest itself as this nation invites them to inhabit this once sanctified place and people!”

“Up is down and down is up. Wrong is right and right is wrong. America has lost her direction. Her moral compass is broken.

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“My Children Have Been Trained and Prepared for Such a Time as This”

“Among the many troubles which soon come, My righteous will shine brightly. You will see Me among the lives ruined by sin. Sorrow will rob many of hope and strength, but My resting place is in My Word.

Speak clearly, do not doubt and do not shy away or fear. Speak up. The enemy advances, do not be overcome by his tricks but covered in My armor. Pray daily, claim My provisions and seek a deeper walk with Me. My mercies are new every morning, great is My faithfulness.… [Continue reading...]

The People’s Bank of China is Coming!

On March 31 2016, I dreamed I was outside in the middle of the night walking through a retail shopping strip. I walked past lots of small small storefronts, but they were all closed and had all the lights off so it was completely dark inside and they all appeared black.

There was a vacant retail space available and somehow I knew it was going to be filled soon by the People’s Bank of China. I was pacing back and forth in front of this space repeating out loud, “The People’s Bank of China is coming!… [Continue reading...]

China is Now Married to the Land

In a dream I received a dream on February 6 2016, I saw a very large construction yard with big structures a short distance away from me. They looked like commercial buildings, but they were framed up with metal and wires. I wanted to see it, so I walked over to take a look. As I approached, it was a typical construction setting with planks of wood that the workers walked on, lots of dirt, construction equipment, etc.

I saw something that caught my attention, a number of men standing around a big hole in the ground.… [Continue reading...]

Life As We Have Known It is Going to Change Suddenly

On January 31 2016, I dreamed I was in the mountains with lots of big pine trees and thick forests. I was staying in a quaint hotel. You know the kind. Old, cabin features, and charming. It was a sort of resort place with families getting in and out of cars, a typical American vacation scenario.

I was in my hotel room sitting on the bed and I knew it was getting to be that time where we had to go.… [Continue reading...]

Believers Being Gathered Together and Brought Out of Isolation

I dreamed I saw myself walking on a sidewalk in a big city at night.

As I walked, I noticed something I didn’t see before. A huge side of a mountain appeared right next to the sidewalk. And I mean it butted up right where the cement ended.

I stopped and looked at it thinking, “What is this? I didn’t notice this before. How strange that all of a sudden a mountain side is here.”

I stood there looking at it.… [Continue reading...]

Say Goodbye to the American Woman

On 5/25/15, I dreamed I and a couple others were playing a game of war with fake rifles. We were playing a fun game of war running through the yard. Then I didn’t have my rifle and had to wrestle two kids from their toy rifles before they would fake shoot me with them.

One of the kids I knew. His name is Nehemiah. So I managed to thrust their guns away from them with my arm and then proceeded to fun wrestle Nehemiah to the ground to fake choke him, but suddenly, real blood started rapidly flowing out of his entire head, neck and chest area.… [Continue reading...]