Why I Believe Nothing Unusual Happens on June 12

I saw something new yesterday that got me started looking closely at the calendar and re-assessing the warning posted two days ago regarding June 12.

During my prayer time, I saw the market dropping by 144 Dow points before immediately bouncing back up again. That got me thinking because there are now only nine trading days before June 12 and this new move could easily consume one of those remaining days. So I started mapping out all of the upcoming movements I have seen over the past several months, things that must happen prior to a crash, and realized we don’t have enough time to complete all of them prior to June 12, which means either I am hearing things wrong or interpreting things wrong or June 12 is a false alarm.… [Continue reading...]

Obama Is Going To Shed Blood in the Church

The Lord started giving me dreams and visions in 2006. Up until October of 2013, I was just a typical housewife and satisfied with daily news feeds from CNN and MSNBC and naively believed everything they said. Then one night, in a dream I saw the word “MATRIX” in green color on a black background. The huge word in all capital letters was shown right in front of my eyes like a movie screen.

At that time, I had never heard of a “Matrix” so I was puzzled and wondering what it meant.… [Continue reading...]

“America as She Was Will Be Remembered No More”

I had this dream in the early morning hours on May 25 2016.  This was a new experience for me having an “open vision” while dreaming, if that even make sense!

I dreamt I was sleeping in my bed and dreaming when I was awakened by an open vision that began as a black and white television cartoon being played on my bedroom wall like a projector.  Eventually the cartoon characters faded away, replaced by a broadcast coming into focus.  I saw a parade of blue military tanks going down the road. … [Continue reading...]

Day of Reckoning Could Arrive on Sunday June 12

Update: Please see my update to this post, which was written two days after this one, Why I believe Nothing Unusual Happens on June 12. With God’s help, I was able to see the sudden devaluation of the dollar is not likely to happen that soon.

The watch continues for a sudden event that will trigger a great shaking in our financial system. I believe the time is very short now, based on the ten reasons listed in my previous post plus the prophetic dream God gave me about an amazing horse. … [Continue reading...]

America, This Is Our Last Breath

This morning May 24, 2016 around 3:00 am I was awakened by these words; “America’s last breath, Isaiah 51”.

As I struggled to awake, I heard the Father repeat this phrase, along with more details. I got out of bed and proceeded to write the following words:

“Hillary will win the election by default. Obama will stay in due to the chaos. It will be a two-headed serpent, which you cannot kill until I come. This will be what America wants and deserves!”

As I questioned the Father about this strong word, He proceeded to give me understanding.… [Continue reading...]

May 2016: Will Deutsche Bank Survive This Wave Of Trouble Or Will It Be The Next Lehman Brothers?

If you have been waiting for “the next Lehman Brothers moment” which will cause the global financial system to descend into a state of mass panic, you might want to keep a close eye on German banking giant Deutsche Bank. It is approximately three times larger than Lehman Brothers was, and if the most important bank in the strongest economy in Europe were to implode, it would instantly send shockwaves rippling across the entire planet. Those that follow my work regularly know that I started sounding the alarm about Deutsche Bank beginning last September.… [Continue reading...]

Amazing Horse Delivers Christmas in July

In my previous post, I identified ten reasons why I believe we are now very close to seeing a sudden event that will trigger panic selling in the markets. However, I have one more reason, which completely seals the deal for me.

On December 5 2015, I dreamed it was almost Christmas (which it was). My wife and I were told a company was going to be delivering a Christmas gift to our home and it would be something like a singing telegram delivery, but it would be presented with animals.… [Continue reading...]

Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Sudden Event is Very Near

In July 2014 I received a prophetic dream warning of a sudden event that would trigger a market crash. Many others have received similar warnings, confirming what I saw. To some, I might sound like a broken record, but I believe this is what God has put on my heart to share for now and soon I will be able to move on because it will be fulfilled.

Here are ten reasons why I believe we are very close to the time when this sudden event will happen.… [Continue reading...]

“My Chosen Ones Shall Possess the Land”

This is what I received during my meditation this morning, May 22, 2016.

I had opened up Acts 15:12–18 for my meditation, but the Spirit then led me on to read Amos 9:11–12. I continued on till the end of the chapter. Then I received:

“What I build, no man can destroy. What I destroy, no man can rebuild.”

Second reading of Amos 9:11–15
“I am building a people for Myself, My Church, My Bride. What I build, no man can tear down, but what I tear down, no man can rebuild.”

Third reading:
“Write it down.… [Continue reading...]

A Tempest is Upon You, A Storm of Monumental Proportions

A tempest is upon you, a storm of monumental proportions. Do you not see the lateness of the hour in which you are in? I ask My body, My beloved, will you not watch and pray with Me in this hour of trial which is come upon the earth? My army of angels stands ready as the hordes of hell are unleashed. They long for the sweet victory foretold from before time began.

Set the watchmen upon the towers and stand high upon the walls as the Lion of Judah is made known from the heavens.… [Continue reading...]

By the Time of the Election, Civil Unrest Will Reach Nuclear Levels of Anger and Eventually Civil War

As I came home from work today. I was sitting in my car, in front of my apartment building, crying out to the Lord. My heart has been heavy. My spirit truly believes something is about to happen any day now.

The Lord then began to speak to me about some personal things involving me. However, after he was done dealing with me, he began to speak to me about the following topics:

Donald Trump and the Election:

When it comes to Donald Trump, there will be an assassination attempt on his life.… [Continue reading...]

Evil Black Thing Wages War Against American Soldiers and Citizens

My teenage son Reid has received several prophetic dreams warning of military conflicts coming to America. Three of his dreams are summarized below.

In the first dream, he saw an all black helicopter land in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. The soldiers appeared to be American, wearing all black uniforms. They ran in formation from their landing zone all the way to our house. They entered our house without a word, jogging through, up the stairs, through the hall, then back down and out of the house.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Warns of Catastrophic Event in California on June 3 2016

In July 2014, I received a prophetic dream warning about a sudden orchestrated event that would cause an economic collapse. What I saw was a false flag event that would cause a sudden panic while the real culprits would remain unseen, just the way they planned it.

I believe God has been merciful in giving us these advance warnings. I have been watching for nearly two years, but more recently on full alert, watching and sharing stories about potential events such as a market crash in Germany, an unknown event happening on May 25, a tsunami striking the West Coast of the United States, the start of a new war, and more. … [Continue reading...]

Signs and Wonders Will Be Witnessed in the Sky

On the morning of 16th May 2016, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I heard people saying something had cracked on the Sun. In other words, a component of the Sun had cracked.

So I looked at the Sun in this vision of The LORD and I saw that indeed a crack was on the Sun; so I don’t know whether it was a massive solar flare or solar storm or the like that had happened.… [Continue reading...]

I Was Shown the Tsunami That Will Strike the West Coast of the United States

On the night of May 17, 2016, I had a dream/night vision in which I was shown the tsunami that will strike the West Coast of the US, as a judgment from Father on the United States. It was very short, but very clear.

There were many people on the coast, and as I looked out to the horizon, I suddenly saw the waves approaching. Father confirmed that this was indeed the tsunami that will strike the California and the NW coasts.… [Continue reading...]

I Saw This Steep Slope All The Way Down

I had a very exciting and very bearish dream last night. I’ve been waiting for this for many months, trusting that the markets aren’t going to drop off a cliff before God gives me this bearish dream. And now I’ve got it!

On May 18 2016, I dreamed I was in some kind of cave on the side of a mountain. Outside was a very steep ski slope and many people were going down the slope very fast. The entrance to the cave I was in was through a narrow channel in the snow.… [Continue reading...]

Great Judgment is Coming on the Church in America

On May 14 2016, I dreamed I was in a small room filled with people, young and old, from all races. They were all standing because there was no place to sit and waiting on a word and a touch from the Lord.

There was excitement in the air because everyone was eager to experience the goodness of the Lord. I laid my hands on a young boy who I felt had a demon. As I touched him my hand tingled.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Warnings Pointing to Big Trouble in Germany

Several prophetic warnings regarding Germany have been shared in the past few weeks, as listed below.

Z3er Michelle shared the following warning in an email sent on May 9 2016:

“My 73-year old husband last night at 6:00 pm on May 8 2016 became very out of character. He looked at me strangely and said, ‘Something big just happened in Europe.’ I looked at him and said, ‘It has to do with the money system.’ He sat there dumbfounded for another ten minutes and the Holy Spirit said to him, ‘International banking system.'”

Z3er Scott shared the following warning in a comment posted on April 26 2016:

“I had another short dream or vision on April 15 2016 where I quickly knew the word ‘Germany’, and I was shown a computer screen that everything had just gone blank or disappeared, and the screen went to what I think is like a start-up page, or whatever you call it, and all the icons disappeared and only two were left and they kind of migrated up to the upper left hand part of the screen, I just knew something happened suddenly that changed things and something along the lines of trading, etc., got shut down or stopped.”

Z3er Phanuel shared the following warning in an email sent on April 26 2016:

“I had a few dreams this weekend that the DAX (Germany’s stock market) is about to get slaughtered, falling to 8600-8900.”

At that time, the DAX was at 10,259, so it would have to drop 16.2% to get to 8,600.… [Continue reading...]

The Veil Will Now Be Lifted and You Will See the Land for What It Is, HELL

On May 16 2016, the Father began speaking to me about the recent tyrannical decision by president Obama; who unleashed the filth of Hell on all schools in America. He is now decreeing that transgender and gender identity students have more rights than other students, and the schools themselves! Pure insanity and pure demonic sewage is being poured out on the American people! For more details, please read the entire letter.

“Where are My shepherds, My pastors, My watchmen, My prophets, and My leadership?… [Continue reading...]

Muslim Student Threatens to Behead Elementary School Teachers

I recently had a vivid dream of a school bus filled with children pulling up to the front of an elementary school. The bus driver stepped out of the bus for just a minute to get something outside the bus. As soon as she rounded the other side of the bus, an armed jihadist stepped up into the bus. I knew he intended on killing them all. The dream ended there and I woke up with a start.

Islamic Jihad has become a serious problem in our schools.… [Continue reading...]

Horrible Giant Defeated in the Name of Jesus

My teenage son Reid recently had a dream in which he had an encounter with a giant, one of the Nephilim (see scriptures below).

He and his best friend Chase were out at our chicken coop  closing up the for the night. They had also built a fire to entertain themselves outside for a while. Suddenly a giant came out of the woods, menacing and horrible in appearance. He was super ugly, wearing animal skin clothing, and had dirty long hair and a beard.… [Continue reading...]

Major Currency Changes Could Be Coming on May 25 2016

There are no news reports warning about any major events happening on May 25 2016, but several prophetic warnings have identified this date and the list keeps growing. Here are some examples:

Z3er William Frederick posted this comment on May 14 2016: “My 11-year old son had a dream a few weeks ago and the most prominent thing he told me was that something was going to happen on the 25th.”

Z3er Peachey posted this comment on May 14 2016:

“I was given two numbers by the Holy Spirit in a dream last night.

[Continue reading...]

The Bull is Still Very Much Alive and Well

After a very interesting week in the stock market, we are all asking where does it go from here? With the W-pattern finally completed, we are all eager to see the first big leg down, but the challenge is sorting out when it will happen. So, I pulled together a few facts and recent prophetic revelations to help bring some clarity.

Was This The Graph?
The steep 222-point move up on Tuesday May 10 followed by the 217-point drop on Wednesday May 11 reminded me of the graph I shared in my previous post, Traders Looking Forward to Life After W.… [Continue reading...]

The Time of Peace Runs Out, The Clock Has Struck Twelve

I feel led to share what Holy Spirit gave to me on Mar 28, 2016. I prayed and asked the Lord if there be anything He wanted to tell me through Holy Spirit and then I submitted myself to His will to write what He would have me know. I took my pen and waited in faith, then these words came forth.

The day dawns, light breaks forth,
My goodness revealed.

Be merciful as I AM merciful,
Hold fast, the day is coming.… [Continue reading...]

“Sit Down or You Will Be Shot!”

I have had multiple warning dreams revealing evil schemes in our nation. Usually, I am in a group or audience while something evil is happening on stage. Guards are all around to keep us in our seats, but in all of my dreams I get up and leave anyway, which leads to resistance and fighting. There is always victory though because I am armed with the name and the blood of Jesus!

In one of my dreams, the setting was some kind of small auditorium, like a school cafeteria that doubles as an auditorium.… [Continue reading...]

Prophetic Dream Reveals Diabolical Plans Against Our Nation

On May 8  2016, I dreamed I was with two officials who were taking me around to different public locations in a suburban city. They were showing me how vulnerable the locations were for attack.

Then the scene shifted and they took me into a crowed public library. People were sitting quietly at packed tables in study groups throughout the room. A tall man walked in with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. He seemed to know the gentlemen I was with and he walked right over to us.… [Continue reading...]

“I Am Looking for My Plowmen Who Will Labor for Me in My Fields”

During my prayer time on May 8 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.

For thus saith the Lord, “I’m looking for My harvesters, My plowmen, My sowers, My reapers, those who will labor for Me in My fields. For My fields are white and ripe, ready to be reaped. I’m looking for those who will labor no matter the hour or wage, but are willing to work regardless of pay. For I am just and I will repay.… [Continue reading...]

Technical Analysis Reveals Blow-Off Top Coming Soon

Technical analysis reveals the stock market could soon be forming a blow-off top, which is a common pattern preceding a big move down.

Yesterday, a Z3er named Roger shared his findings from Peter Temple’s World Cycles Institute, which combines the study of historical cycles with Elliot wave analysis to forecast price movements. Roger also formerly worked as an investment analyst for a private equity firm.

Roger explained the market pattern since August 2015, which we have identified as a triple-top reversal (W-shape), indicates we should see one final move up before making the first major leg down.… [Continue reading...]

“I Say to You No Enemy Will Be Able to Stand Against You”

In 2014, prophet and healing evangelist Glenda Jackson shared a powerful word from God warning of great trouble ahead, but also encouraging believers to prepare for battle and victory over every enemy. Glenda Jackson is founder of Glenda Jackson Ministries.

The following transcript is from part of her audio message recorded on a 3-CD set called Knowing the Voice of God, which is available from Sid Roth’s ministry.

“Hear what My spirit is saying unto thee this day. I am getting ready to remove iniquity workers from My church.… [Continue reading...]

What is Coming Upon You Has Been Determined From Days of Old

On April 11 2016, I was reading to my family Isaiah 10 during our reading and teaching time.  I was going over how it seemed to me to parallel the United States today and what we are heading into.  Then we read the vision given to George Washington.  We were almost finished when Holy Spirit fell on my wife and she started weeping.  Then the Lord spoke the following thru her:

“My sons and My daughters, pay close attention for tragedy has befallen you. … [Continue reading...]