What Will Unfold Will Cause Many to Commit Suicide


I must share this disturbing word from the Lord, along with the Scriptures I was directed to by the Holy Spirit, along with the urgency to remind all who claim to be a Christian that we MUST, MUST, MUST have a pure walk with the Lord. We must repent from all sins, forgive all who have sinned against us and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was awakened by the Holy Spirit around 4 am and He said, "Many will commit suicide." Events … [Read more...]

What is Arising in Your Country is Worse Than the Nazi Regime


On July 25 2015, I had this vision, from an "outer space" perspective: I saw black iron crosses swirling around the northern hemisphere of the Earth. I knew they were related to the Nazi iron crosses, used in Hitler's time. I saw other things swirling in the air even more rapidly after the crosses, but I was unable to see what they were. I asked the LORD what does this mean? This is what came to me: "The spirit of antichrist, … [Read more...]

The Beast is Already at the Gate


On July 31 2015, I dreamed I was in a large one-story, ranch-style house. It was not my house. I had never seen this house before. My wife was there with me, and there were a lot of other people who I did not know. People were casually sitting around talking with each other. The atmosphere was peaceful and friendly. I opened the door to the garage and saw the garage door was already wide open, which allowed me to see into the driveway. There … [Read more...]

Avi Lipkin: “All Churches Are Infiltrated with Muslim Spies”


The Lord is now warning his people that a dangerous enemy has infiltrated our camp. Yesterday, Nicole Moore posted her warnings of an Islamic plot to kill Christian children in churches all across America. Today, I learned Jewish author Avi Lipkin is sounding the same warning. Nicole heard it from the Holy Spirit. Avi heard it from his wife, Rachel. Rachel Lipkin regularly monitors Islamic broadcasts, television feeds and other Islamic news … [Read more...]

Prophecy Fulfilled: Six Year Upward Trend in S&P 500 Now Broken


This graph shows a six-year upward trend in the S&P 500 index, which started back in 2009. Technical analysis reveals the trend has now broken and a new downward trend has started. Zero Hedge posted this graph on July 27 with the headline: The Most Important Market Trendline Since 2009 Was Just Broken. This development is significant because it fulfills a prophecy given by Elvis Mbonye in January 2015. He saw the U.S. economy would … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: The Unsupervised Boy and The Coming Calamity in NYC


I had a prophetic dream on December 10 2007. In my dream I was shown in the spirit that on a particular highway there would be a huge accident and many people would die. It would be a calamity that is coming very, very soon. I was warning people for a long time about it, but they did not believe me. Then I saw a boy, maybe 8 or 9 years old, playing with the wires of different electric poles along the highway. I talked to him and told him that … [Read more...]

Terry Bennett: Cauldron of Chaos Begins in August 2015


Prophetic minister Terry Bennett was told by an angel the United States will enter into a cauldron of chaos beginning in August 2015 and continuing until the end of the year. The following is a transcript of his comments from an interview with Rick Wiles on the June 17 2015 recording of Trunews.com. I had recently another angel come to me this last week and I am going to share a little bit on this and also some surrounding revelations that … [Read more...]

August 1st Deadline Looming for Puerto Rico Debt Payment


Terry Bennett saw instability ahead during August, calling it a cauldron in his June 17 interview with Rick Wiles on Trunews.com. Puerto Rico might be one of the main sources for the instability as they have announced they will default on their next debt payment due August 1. The little island racked up a whopping $70 billion in debt by offering an overly generous welfare system, which allowed citizens to earn more money by not working than … [Read more...]

Islam Poses a New Threat to America’s Children


Parents have a unique kind of love for their children that says, “If someone must die then let it be me, but don’t touch my child!” America is now under attack and our kids are the prime target. The threat is not coming. It is already here. The enemy has entered our camp and the slaughter has begun. He aims to kill many more, if we let him. I heard someone say the number one rule of warfare is to know your enemy, so exposing the enemy is a … [Read more...]

Islamic Plot to Murder America’s Christian Children Revealed


I spend a lot of time fasting and praying to hear from the Lord. After a week of prayer and fasting in October 2014, I received a series of very disturbing prophetic warnings about an Islamic plot to murder Christian children in churches across America. On Sunday 12th October 2014, I took my children with me to the church where we attend regularly. When our kids go to the children's church, we give a slip of paper to the person standing at the … [Read more...]

Severe Calamity Coming to New York City


 The following prophetic word was given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El on May 14, 2012 during the T’filla Intercessory prayer. Thus said Elohim of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov, The calamity that is coming will be so severe that it cannot be compared to 9/11. Many people will be caught in this calamity. Many people will die. While she was prophesying, Rabbi Hadassah saw an open vision. And she said, "There will … [Read more...]

New Downward Course in Markets Appears to Have Started

An aerial view shows smoke and ash rising from Villarrica Volcano, south of Santiago

Is this what Elvis Mbonye warned us about? On May 31 2015 I posted a prophetic word from Ugandan minister Elvis Mbonye, which warned that the U.S. economy was "going to start a course of plunging" in June/July 2015. See my previous post, Elvis Mbonye: U.S. Economy Will Plunge in June/July 2015. When I first read his warning, I could not help but think of the sudden dramatic drop in the markets that the Lord told me was going to happen in … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Wave upon Wave


Here is another confirmation of Linda Clay’s post, Prophetic Dream: Supernatural Protection from Sudden Disaster. November 20, 2014, I recorded my first dream of the previous evening: I was in the ocean, either standing on the ocean floor in water to my shoulders, or vertically floating, toes skimming the sand beneath. The sea was quite calm. Suddenly the ocean began to change. Wave upon wave came from behind me with no warning, much faster … [Read more...]

Prophetic Word to Australia – Given September 24, 2013


I had given a prophetic word to Singapore at the request of my friend Bruce Allen who ministers out of Spokane, Washington. His ministry is called Still Waters International Ministries. Bruce asked me if I would seek the Lord for a word to Australia and this is what the Spirit of the Lord showed me. For those areas that have been affected by the floods, understand that God says this was by His hand. He is removing and causing an upheaval of … [Read more...]

A Prophetic Word for Australia


This word was received March-June 2015. Summary: 1. Don’t be mesmerised about news coverage of the upcoming catastrophic events. 2. Sometime in the future Australia is going to be invaded by a foreign power. 3. The good news is that at that time the church will function together well. Now is the time to hear from the Lord, man-up and get healthy. When I came off a fast in Feb 2015, the Lord began to speak with me in more clarity … [Read more...]

Earth’s Plates Moving and Popping in the USA


I had a dream in which I saw Jesus holding the earth in his hand like you would an apple or orange. As I looked closely the earth looked like it had been cross stitched together. I then saw him take his finger and cut down through the USA. I could hear the strings popping because of the way it was sewed together. Then as I continued to hear the popping sounds I realized I was hearing the movement of the plates in the earth. The next thing I … [Read more...]

The Holy Spirit said, “Obama is the Antichrist”


One day in the fall of 2011 I was rolling my trash bin down to the curb. I did not have any particular thought in mind, other than taking out the garbage to be picked up the next day. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit said in my spirit: "Obama is the antichrist".  I knew that voice. I stopped in my tracks. Stunned. I had voted for Obama in the first election.  I certainly wasn't expecting any kind of word from the Lord at that moment, and certainly … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Supernatural Protection from Sudden Disaster


Early in the morning of July 14 2014, I had a dream that I was with other people outside.  I was facing them and they were all facing me. Suddenly I saw the look of terror on their faces as they looked up behind me. I turned around and saw a huge tsunami. It appeared to be about 11 stories high! It was about to crash down upon us. I only had a moment to glance up, then I leaned in to the rocky cliff-like area I was standing next to. I started … [Read more...]

This Could Be Germany’s Turn to Say No


On July 5th 61% of the Greek people voted no in a national referendum, rejecting the latest offer for a bailout package from the leaders of the European Union. This could be Germany's turn to say no. Contrary to the news headlines being circulated last week and again today, no deal has been reached between Greece and their creditors. I was amazed to see the outright lies posted by some of the world's largest news sources, claiming a new deal … [Read more...]

More Signs to Watch for the Coming Dramatic Drop in the Stock Market


A visitor to this site, Uriah Akinmoju, shared the following prophetic warning. On June 8th 2015 I believe the Lord told me when I see the Dow Jones close out a day or week at 17,958.26 this will be the beginning of the “downturn of the bull market”, He said because of “two masters” (Matthew 6:24). God said this will start us on the path, going up to destruction. Currently, the Dow Jones is at 17,923.50, just 34.76 points from the mark Uriah … [Read more...]

Finding Refuge from America’s Coming Oppression


On July 3rd 2015, I had a dream that I was walking with my children on the streets of an abandoned city. We knew something terrible was coming and we were looking for a place to find refuge. A tall, friendly, “All-American” boy came over and began walking with us; laughing and joking with me. The college aged quarterback type reminded me a lot of Captain America, a Marvel movie character. We walked to a place where I thought (from a previous … [Read more...]

Prophetic Vision: Severe Persecution and Great Outpouring Coming to America


In October of 1978, I was watching a TV news broadcast when suddenly, overlaid on this TV was something like a high definition screen. I saw 3 giant frogs emerging from the Atlantic ocean in the proximity of Atlanta, Georgia. I was given to understand that these represented ruling spirits of divination. Once they came inland, I saw a level of terrorism arise throughout this country far exceeding anything we see and hear in the news. The terror … [Read more...]

Obama Brings Persecution to America Like a Thunderbolt


Last Friday's Supreme Court ruling to strip states of their rights to restrict same sex marriages has opened the floodgates for unprecedented persecution of Christians. Now that homosexuals have come out of the closet and have the full protection of the law, the next step is to put Christians into the closet. We are now going to see a dramatic increase in legal actions against Christian churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals. … [Read more...]

The Coming Judgment and Triumph of the Church


The following tells about a dream I had with five different scenes. After each scene, I have provided my interpretation. Scene One: In the first scene, I saw a church building and the property was like a small school campus or a summer camp. The sanctuary was one long narrow room with no pews. Instead, it had amphitheater style seating that was covered in light beige carpet and the color of the walls was also light beige. The dream began … [Read more...]

Mount Fuji Volcanic Eruption Predicted to Happen in 2015


Science and faith don't always agree, but in this case they do. A prominent Japanese scientist and a prominent Christian minister have both issued warnings of a volcanic eruption in Mount Fuji, which is near Tokyo Japan. One warning is based on scientific evidence while the other is based on a prophetic vision. The last time Mount Fuji erupted was in 1707, over 300 years ago. However, scientists have been watching it closely for signs of … [Read more...]

Financial Meltdown Might Have Already Started in Germany


With all the focus on Greece it is easy to forget the coming economic collapse begins with Germany. I shared a warning about Germany in my previous post: David Wilkerson: Economic Collapse Begins in Germany, but I am posting again today to share more confirmations. The process of a financial meltdown might have already started at Deutsche Bank, which is Germany's largest bank and the world's twelfth largest in terms of assets. On Sunday June 7 … [Read more...]

The Timing of the Rapture is Revealed by the Great Multitude


The timing of the rapture is revealed by the great multitude of people whom John saw standing before the throne of God in heaven. John described a multitude so great in number that no one could count them. That's a lot of people! They came from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. All of them were wearing white robes and worshiping God. (Revelation 7:9-10). The elder explained to John these people have washed their robes and made them … [Read more...]

Panic Hits Greece as ECB Cuts Off Funding to Banks


Due to an accelerating bank run in Greece, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced today they have cut off funding to Greek Banks, forcing the banks to close until further notice. Panicked citizens have been standing in long lines around the clock this weekend withdrawing euros from ATM machines. It is estimated over one billion euros have already been withdrawn from ATM's this weekend, forcing a liquidity crisis for banks. Grocery stores … [Read more...]

Prophetic Vision of End-Time Believers Exercising Great Authority


Great trouble is coming upon the earth, and especially upon America, but end-time believers are not victims who cower in fear. Instead, they are part of the greatest army ever assembled in history. These mighty ones will do amazing exploits, exercising great authority and releasing God's supernatural power in ways that have never been seen before. The  following prophetic vision is a great example of what the future holds for end-time … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: ISIS Terrorists Launching Missiles inside U.S. City


A visitor to this site, Cyndi J. Dana, sent me the following prophetic dream. She received this dream about two months ago, on April 25 2015. The dream begins in a simple setting on a long, narrow street in a normal size, small American town. The street reminded me of the old 1930's era neighborhoods because the houses were lined up side by side on both sides of the street with barely any yard in front. The street was eerily quiet with no one … [Read more...]

Prophetic Vision: China Now Preparing for War


Warnings of trouble ahead are sometimes called red flags. This particular warning is literally a red flag. For at least 20 years the Lord has been sending warnings that America will fight a war against China. I recently shared a warning about this received by Dumitru Duduman in 1996. See my previous post: War With China Could Be Coming Soon. I posted that article just a few weeks ago on June 2 2015, but now I am posting again because of a … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Approves America’s Final Abomination


It only took twelve years for America to completely redefine marriage. Now the new definition has opened the floodgates for disaster to strike our land. In 2003, a court ruling in Massachusetts made it the first state to legalize homosexual marriage. In 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional. Today, the Supreme Court effectively legalized homosexual marriage in all fifty states with a 5-4 … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Obama Assassination and Deadly Wound Healed

[Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: German Economic Collapse Coming Soon


The situation in Europe is getting very interesting with the possibility of bank runs beginning soon in Greece. So I was very interested when I received the following prophetic warning today from Michael Perritte. Michael works in the oil field in North Dakota. In January 2015 he received the following dream: In the dream I was in a classroom. It was as if I was there for career day. I had my hardhat on from the oil field. I was speaking to … [Read more...]

Mena Lee Grebin: Martial Law Coming to America


Today Mena Lee Grebin uploaded an urgent warning message to her YouTube channel. In the 48-minute video shown below, she shares prophetic dreams she received during the past three weeks. She saw martial law coming to America. … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Large Floods Make America Smaller


I dreamed I was lifted up above the earth's atmosphere and it was like I was looking at a space satellite picture of the United States. The land mass looked different; it was significantly smaller because the oceans along the coastlines were severely flooded. It was almost like all the coast lands surrounding the US receded like a scroll. I specifically saw the west coast, gulf coast, and Florida coast clearly receding. I also saw an unusually … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: We Must Know the Truth About Islam


I dreamed my husband and I were on a city street and I saw several Arab men fighting each other in the middle of the street. There was a rushing flood of water in the middle of the street, but it was only about knee deep so the men were able to stand in it and continue fighting. Across the street, I noticed a large, older house. I wanted to go inside. I was surprised the Arabs didn't attack or persecute this house, but I knew it was because … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Civil War Coming to America


I had a dream that my husband and I were downtown on the streets of Atlanta walking with our children and a large group of people on the sidewalk behind us. I noticed there were troops lining up on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. They were dressed in old fashioned uniforms that resembled civil war veterans. They looked like they were lining up to prepare for a coming battle. Suddenly, I saw three men on horses riding through … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Run from Muslim Obama


A visitor to this site, Phanuel, shared the following prophetic dream in which he saw President Obama practicing Muslim faith and persecuting Christians. I once had a dream about him. He was praying like a muslim and I sat opposite to him. I told him I was a Christian and I asked if he was also a Christian. He got offended (Muslims get offended when you call them Christian). I then heard from heaven. "Run now son." So I ran. At that time the son … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Dark Tornado Approaching


I have had a reoccurring dream in which I was in a park with many people. There was a huge, dark tornado only about 50 yards from where we were! No one saw it and the people were just playing and having fun in the park while the tornado was only moments from sweeping them all away! But I saw the storm and I began to yell for the people to run into this brick building that was an outdoor bathroom. I quickly instructed everyone to line up along … [Read more...]

California on Fire While Son of Perdition Plays Golf Nearby


When I saw this news story I could not help but think about a prophetic dream shared by Dr. Erik Castleberg in 2012. In his dream he saw President Obama bringing fire to America. I shared the details in my previous post, Obama Bringing Fire to America. We have yet to see the fulfillment of his dream, but we are now getting a small sample of things to come. California is on fire today while President Obama is only 50 miles away playing … [Read more...]

Rick Joyner: “This is Your Jubilee”


Speaking at the 2011 IHOP Conference in Kansas City, Rick Joyner shared what the Lord showed him about the coming economic collapse. An excerpt from his comments is shown below with a 2-minute video clip at the bottom. When I was shown this economic collapse that is coming, I saw a worldwide collapse. It was terrifying what I was shown. Then the Lord showed me. He said, "No, you don't understand. It is going to be bad. There is going to be … [Read more...]

Senate Approves 2016 Defense Authorization Bill


After two and a half weeks of debates and amendments, the U.S. Senate voted today to approve H.R. 1735, which is the 2016 Defense Authorization bill. The vote was 71-25 with most of the no votes coming from Democrats. This bill authorizes $612 billion for defense spending, but the significance goes beyond our national defense. The Lord showed me in a prophetic dream on March 1 2015 the President's approval of military aid, which is included in … [Read more...]

The Trade of a Lifetime Could Be Coming This Summer


The collapse of fiat currencies for major developed nations is a rare event, but we could see it happen this summer. That is great news not only for Forex traders, but also for anyone who trades stocks. The trade of a lifetime could be just around the corner. If you have been following this blog you already know the Lord has given me dreams revealing major financial events coming this year. I have seen the coming collapse of the stock market … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: American Citizens Hiding as Refugees to Avoid FEMA Camps


On June 10, 2015, I had a prophetic dream about American refugees, hiding out. I was one of them. There were small groups of less than 10 people, mostly 3 to 5, camping in the open together, but separate. These groups were in the mountains and wilderness areas surrounding cities all over the country. They were just trying to survive in freedom. Sometimes a forest clearing or desert oasis would house three or even four small groups for a … [Read more...]

Prophetic Warning: 200 Foot Tsunami Coming to British Columbia


Two separate prophetic warnings have identified a tsunami coming to British Columbia, Canada. The first warning comes from Terry Bennett. Terry is a prophetic minister who has been shown many things about the future of America and the world. In April 2011 he received prophetic warning for the area of Vancouver, which is in British Columbia, Canada. He saw this area would be hit by three separate events, including an earthquake, an … [Read more...]

Six Reasons Why I Believe the Crash Could Happen by the End of July


Anyone following this blog already knows the Lord warned me in a dream about a coming drop in the stock market and the value of the dollar. I shared that dream in my previous post, Warning: Sudden Economic Collapse Coming in 2015. Now I am seeing increasing signs that we are getting close. There are six reasons why I believe it could happen by the end of July. Even if it doesn't, I know it will happen before the end of this year. Please … [Read more...]

War with China Could Be Coming Soon


The United States could soon be at war with China. In my previous post, U.S. Naval Battles Are Coming, I shared how the Lord has been showing me United States battleships at war. I was not shown where the conflict would be, but I suggested it could be against China based on current events in the South China Sea and recent threats from them stating that war with the United States is imminent. After reading a prophetic warning from Dumitru … [Read more...]

U.S. Naval Battles are Coming


During my prayer time last week I saw a United States battleship firing its cannons similar to what is shown in this photo. Seeing that reminded me of another vision I had two years ago. In that vision I saw a black cloud that looked like it was made out of black rubber. Then the cloud transformed into the shape of a black battleship, which I somehow knew belonged to the United States. Then the scene changed and I saw the bare back of a man … [Read more...]

Sarah Beveridge: Obama is the King of Babylon Who Becomes a Beast


In December 2010 Sarah Beveridge asked the Lord a question, "Who is Barack Obama?" The answer she received startled her. Sarah is an intercessor and blogger. The Lord speaks to her through dreams, visions, words, and manifestations. Read more about her on her website. I previously posted a dream she shared, Prices Going Up by the Light of the Blood Moon. The Lord answered her by directing her to Daniel chapter 4. The following is her … [Read more...]

Elvis Mbonye: U.S. Economy Will Plunge in June/July 2015


On January 6 2015 Ugandan Christian minister Elvis Mbonye shared a prophetic word of warning about a coming economic collapse in the United States. He saw the economy plunging in June/July 2015 and continuing to go down for years. Elvis Mbonye is the founder and leader of a large church in Uganda called Zoe Fellowship. He also shares prophetic words on his Facebook page. His prophetic track record includes the following accurate … [Read more...]

The Whole World Will Worship a Hologram Image of the Beast


My previous post, The Whole World Will Worship the Beast, presented scriptural evidence and personal revelations proving we are now living in the days when the whole world will worship the dragon and the beast. This post continues that discussion by exposing another important part of Satan's plan. He will deceive the world into worshipping the image of the beast, which will be a hologram image of Obama. The Bible reveals two beasts will … [Read more...]

New Graph for USD/CHF Shows Big Moves Ahead


I saw a new graph today showing future price movements for USD/CHF. I think there is some overlap between this new graph and the previous graph, which showed the price moving straight down then straight up, then straight down again. The first move down happened on Friday when it fell to .935 and then bounced back up to .944. It closed on Friday at .9417. The new graph shows it dropping back down again, then bouncing up much higher. I did not … [Read more...]

Next Big Move for USD/CHF is Straight Down


I believe we have completed the pattern shown on the graph in my previous post, USD/CHF Next Move Up. Today I saw a new graph, but before commenting on that I want to share a couple of things I learned from the previous graph. Lessons from Previous Graph The previous graph showed the price moving straight up, then gradually coming down, but with volatility. Just as I saw, the price moved up from .945 to .953. However, it did not … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles: An EMP Attack is Coming to America


Appearing as a guest on the Jim Bakker Show on May 25-27 2015, Rick Wiles shared how the Lord showed him the future of America in a vision in 1998. Rick Wiles is the founder and host of Trunews.com. Here are some of the prophetic warnings he shared on the program. The Lord spoke to me in 1998 and said "EMP". That was the first time I heard it. I did not know what it was. The Lord showed me what it was. If God allows this to happen, I believe … [Read more...]

Carl Manning: Dream of Russian Invasion

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs

The following dream was shared by a visitor to this site, Carl Manning. "I had a dream about a Russian invasion in 2009. In this dream, I was in my spiritual body. In this body, I could move with just my thoughts anywhere I wanted to go virtually immediately, and I knew instinctively that nobody in their physical bodies could see or hear me, and I was immortal. The dream begins in a graveyard. A battle is underway. There are bullets flying … [Read more...]

USD/CHF Next Move Up


In my previous post, USD/CHF Price Dropping Soon, I shared a graph I saw, which showed the price moving down gradually, then dipping down sharply followed by an immediate sharp bounce back up. As I stated in that post, there were two sharp dips coming even though that chart only showed one of them. The first dip happened on Thursday when the price dropped down to .9308. Then the second dip happened on Friday when the price dipped down to .929. … [Read more...]

USD/CHF Price Dropping Soon


In my previous post I reported how I saw two sharp dips coming. I also added comments to that post explaining how the chart I saw on May 17 started with a sharp spike up followed by a sharp drop back down. I wrongly assumed that spike was a historical reference to a similar spike that happened on Friday May 15. Actually it turned out to be a new spike this week. I went back and reviewed the previous graphs the Lord has shown me and all of them … [Read more...]

Melisa Peggs: Obama Signs Seven-Year Peace Treaty


In 2008 Melisa Peggs received a dream in which she saw a tall slender man standing in the pulpit of a church. At first she was not able to see his face because he was standing with his back to her. She heard the Lord tell her, "The antichrist spirit has arrived." Then she saw the man in the pulpit turn around and it was Obama. She then heard a voice tell her, "That is the antichrist." She shares more details about this dream in the video … [Read more...]

Update for USD/CHF Price Movements


Today I saw a graph that looks like the one below. The graph shows historical price movements for May 13-15 plus future price movements in the green line. The first thing I saw was the price moving up close to .917 then resuming the sideways movement with some minor volatility along the way. Then there are two sharp dips coming up with sharp moves back up following each one. Please note I did not see any numbers on this graph, but I did … [Read more...]

Michael Boldea: The Four Horsemen Released


Here is another confirmation that end-time prophecies are now being fulfilled. Back in October 2007, Michael Boldea had a dream in which he was shown the four horses being released and prepared for the riders to enter the earth. Michael Boldea is chairman of Hand of Help Ministries, which was founded by his grandfather, Dumitru Duduman. I dreamt that I was sleeping, when a hand touched my shoulder, and a voice I recognized said, 'wake … [Read more...]

Market Crash Draws Closer as HR 1735 Approved by the House


Yesterday we moved another step closer to seeing the fulfillment of what I have called "the event before the event" as the house voted to approve HR 1735, which is the 2016 U.S. Defense Budget. The bill was approved by a vote of 269 to 151. Included in the 2016 budget is $200 million in lethal military aid for Ukraine. As I stated in my previous post, The Event Before the Event, the Lord showed me in a dream the sign that would precede the … [Read more...]

The Rider on the Black Horse Coming in September 2015


The Bible reveals the world will enter into a time of birth pangs leading up to the end-time tribulation. During the birth pangs four riders on horses will release great trouble in the earth. These riders are not sent from God. They are antichrist spirits from the devil. They are coming to steal, kill, and destroy. My previous posts documented the appearance of the first two riders: The Rider on the White Horse is Now Riding Across … [Read more...]

Trucker Reports Seeing Unusual Military Activity in Iowa and Wisconsin

U.S. Military Unimog Troop Carrier

The following comments were written by a truck driver who routinely drives from Texas to Northern Wisconsin. He shares some very interesting things he saw on his recent trip. His screen name is John Gault, but his real name is not known. These comments were sent to me by a visitor to this site who prefers to remain anonymous. So I cannot verify anything stated here, but if it is true, foreign troops are here, plans are in place to kill the … [Read more...]

The Whole World Will Worship the Beast


The Bible tells us in the end-times a man will arise with mighty strength and power. He will first be given a crown to rule over one nation, but eventually he will be given authority to rule over the earth for 42 months (Revelation 13:5). Hollywood movies have portrayed him as having great charisma, great speaking ability, great intellect, great insights into world events, and even great looking. Many of us have formed images in our minds … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Four Horsemen Released Into the Earth


On the May 7 2015 broadcast of Trunews.com, Rick Wiles shared a prophetic dream received by a four year-old orphan girl from the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. This little girl, whose name is Mia, was being taken care of by the ministry of Bless An Orphan, which was founded by Karissa and Marshall Washburn. She told her caretaker, Karissa Washburn, she saw a fire mountain and fire water coming out of the mountain, which sounds like a volcano. Then … [Read more...]

David Wilkerson: Global Economic Collapse Begins in Germany


In my previous post, Why the Greek Drama Will Soon Become a Tragedy, I shared a prophetic vision from the late David Wilkerson in which he warned of bank runs starting in the United States within about two weeks after the first country goes bankrupt. The purpose of this post is to clarify what he meant. With all the focus on Greece, it would be easy to assume they will be the first country to default. However, in another message David … [Read more...]

David Wilkerson: Two End-Time Super Churches Will Arise


David Wilkerson was the founder and Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. In 1973 he received a vision of the end-times. In 1974 he shared his vision in a book, "The Vision". He also summarizes what he saw in the 52-minute audio message shown below. Excerpts from parts of the audio are transcribed in this post. David Wilkerson's vision aligns with warnings from Jesus, but with more details. Jesus warned us the world would enter into … [Read more...]

John Williams: Expect a Panic Decline in the Dollar


I could hardly believe what I was reading when I saw what economist John Williams said in an interview with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com. John Williams is founder of ShadowStats.com, which provides accurate economic data and forecasts, often exposing the baloney presented by our government and mainstream news media. Here is his statement quoted from a post dated today May 10 2015: "I think you are going to have a crash here somewhere … [Read more...]

Two Big Price Movements Coming Soon for USD/CHF


In my previous post published on April 30 2015 called "Welcome to Season Two: The Decline of the Dollar Has Arrived", I shared how the Lord had revealed to me what was coming next in trading the U.S. dollar against the Swiss franc (USD/CHF). On April 11 he showed me this pair was going to make a significant move down. On Monday April 13 the price reached .986. By the time I posted on April 30 the price had already dropped by 5 cents and was … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles: Amazing Antichrist Warnings Received on Election Eve 2008


Rick Wiles, founder and host of Trunews.com, a Christian radio talk show, received three supernatural warnings about the antichrist the night before Barack Obama was elected President in 2008 plus a fourth warning on election day. He shared the following testimony on his program, which was broadcast on April 13 2015. “When I went to bed that night I said, ‘Lord I want to ask who is going to win this election, John McCain or Barack Obama?’ I … [Read more...]

Proof the Four Horsemen Appear During the Birth Pangs, Not the Tribulation


The events happening in our world today are recorded in the Bible. Although we have not yet reached the end, we have already entered the birth pangs leading up to the end. This post provides scriptural evidence that the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear during the time of birth pangs, which comes prior to the tribulation, along with links to my previous posts, which provide evidence the first three riders have already been released, which … [Read more...]

The Rider on the Red Horse is Now Riding All Over the World


This post provides evidence the rider on the red horse has already been released in the earth and is now completing his assignment through Barack Hussein Obama. This rider is one of the four horsemen who appear during the birth pangs preceding the tribulation period. See my previous post, "Proof the Four Horsemen Are Released During the Birth Pangs, Not the Tribulation".  The rider on the red horse is the second rider to appear and he takes … [Read more...]

Mena Lee Grebin: Obama is the Final President and Will Lead America Into the Tribulation


Appearing as a guest on Trunews.com, Mena Lee Grebin shared a prophetic word the Lord gave her back in 2004, which was four years before the election of President Obama. Mena is a Prophetess with Faithful Walk Healing Ministries. The Lord revealed to her the President that would be elected after George W. Bush would cause great trouble for our country. She saw he would be the last President of the United States and would lead America into the … [Read more...]

Mena Lee Grebin: A Man From Chicago Will Destroy America’s Freedoms and Lead Us Into the End-time Tribulation


Mena Lee Grebin received a dream from the Lord regarding the future of America. She is a Prophetess of the Lord Jesus Christ at Faithful Walk Healing Ministries. The Lord has called her to be a voice in the wilderness and to declare that the Day of the Lord is at hand. In an interview on Trunews.com on May 7 2015, Mena shared the details of a dream she received back in 1987. At that time Mena was only seven years old and was living in … [Read more...]

How to Withdraw Cash from the Bank Without Getting Arrested


With so many signs and warnings of economic trouble ahead, including bank holidays with banks holding onto our money, plus new FDIC regulations allowing banks to do that, it would be wise to have cash on hand before anything happens. Contrary to what we have been led to believe, our bank deposits are not protected. We are told they are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), but the FDIC is mandated by law to keep a … [Read more...]

Why the Greek Drama Will Soon Become a Tragedy


While most of the world, including most of the Christian world, continues in their deep sleep, all indicators are warning of big trouble ahead. No worries though because the NBA playoffs are on all night, every night. Oh yeah, baseball season is back too! It's all good man! And whatever you do, don't mention anything about trouble coming because nobody wants to hear that. You must be nuts to believe that stuff! This is an equal opportunity … [Read more...]

Seven More Disturbing Facts About Pope Francis


In my previous post I listed Ten Disturbing Facts About Pope Francis. Thanks to visitors to this site, I continue to learn about more disturbing facts. Like the old saying, "truth is stranger than fiction". These facts include really strange connections between Pope Francis and the numbers thirteen and six. Any one of these alone would be too trivial to have any meaning, but the repeated occurrence is enough to at least make us wonder. Could … [Read more...]

Ukraine Crisis Escalates with H.R. 1735 Scheduled for Full House Vote Soon


The Ukraine crisis continues to escalate with H.R. 1735 now on the House schedule as their top priority for next week. As of today, it is the only bill listed on their schedule for the week of May 11. However, the exact date for their vote is not yet known. The House Armed Services Committee voted last week to approve $200 million in "lethal weapons of a defensive nature" for Ukraine. The funding for Ukraine is part of bill H.R. 1735, which … [Read more...]

House Armed Services Committee Approves $200 Million in Lethal Military Aid for Ukraine


On March 1 I shared a dream the Lord gave me in which President Obama was given a proposal for $200 million in military aid, which he would then increase to $1.2 billion. I explained that event would be the sign to let us know we were close to the sudden drop in both the U.S. dollar and the stock market. The previous post is "The Event Before the Event." Yesterday the House Armed Services Committee voted 60 to 2 in approval of $200 million in … [Read more...]

Marten Valk: Vladimir Putin Feeling Frustrated, Wants Peace


Recently I have been corresponding with Marten Valk, a citizen of the Netherlands. Marten first came to the Lord while serving in the Royal Dutch Navy. For more than a decade he has been spending a lot of time in prayer, specifically praying for different nations as the Lord puts them on his heart. Early last year the Lord began allowing him to see future events. In the 3-minute video below, Marten shares what the Lord revealed to him on April … [Read more...]

Welcome to Season Two: The Decline of the Dollar Has Arrived

Weak broke dollar US currency money

I have been waiting for the past three weeks to get the confidence to share this post. Today I am finally ready. If you've been following this blog you might be confused by the title. If you haven't been following this blog you will definitely be confused by the title. So now that everyone is confused... Season two refers to the time when the U.S. dollar is going to take a sudden dramatic dive. This is based on my previous post: "The Final … [Read more...]

Dr. Daniel Daves Prophetic Dream


Dr. Daniel Daves is an author, conference speaker, mentor, and business advisor. He recently shared a dream in which he was scuba diving with lots of other divers. They were all following President Obama as he led them down into deeper waters. He led them into an underwater cave. Dr. Daves felt very uncomfortable going in there, but he followed him anyway. As soon as the divers were all in the cave an earthquake caused rocks to fall at the … [Read more...]

Prophecy Fulfilled: Major Rioting in Baltimore


On Christmas day 2010, Terry Bennett saw many news headlines, which he posted on his website. He was given dates that they would all come to pass approximately between June 15 2011 and June 15 2015. The dates are approximate because some events could happen a few months before or after that window. One of the headlines he saw stated: Major Rioting in Baltimore Threatens Services and Deliveries The Boston Globe reports: Rioters plunged … [Read more...]

Seven Proofs the Great Tribulation Has Not Happened Yet


Some claim the great tribulation already happened, but I believe this teaching contradicts many scriptures. No previous events in history fulfill the requirements for this monumental event. Here are seven reasons why I believe the great tribulation has not happened yet. 1. The Enemies of God Are Destroyed in the Great Tribulation Many scriptures confirm the great tribulation will be a time of great destruction for the enemies of God. Here … [Read more...]

Eight Proofs the Rapture Happens On the Day of the Lord


The Bible reveals the rapture happens at the start of the day of the Lord. This post is the fifth part of my previous post, "Five Proofs the Rapture Comes Before the Wrath of God." So if you missed that post, please read it before starting this one. If we count days as 24-hour periods, we could say the rapture occurs on the same day that the day of the Lord begins. However, if we count days as 1,000-year periods like the Lord does, the … [Read more...]

Five Proofs the Rapture Comes Before the Wrath of God


Here are five reasons why I believe the rapture comes before the wrath of God is poured out at the end of this age. 1. GOD HAS PROMISED TO DELIVER US The wrath of God is not for innocent people, but for unrepentant sinners who have rejected him. Everyone who has received Jesus Christ and turned away from sin is innocent before God because the blood of Jesus the Messiah paid their debts in full. So God has promised to deliver His people from … [Read more...]

Corrie Ten Boom: Beware of False Teaching of Pre-Tribulation Rapture


During World War 2 Corrie Ten Boom and her family were arrested by the Germans for the crime of helping Jewish people hide. She was sent to a concentration camp and endured great hardships, but she survived. In 1974 Corrie Ten Boom wrote the letter shown below to warn Christians about the false teaching of the pre-tribulation rapture. This teaching is very popular in America, even though there is no scriptural basis for it. Many believers have … [Read more...]

Ominous Sign of Another Japanese Disaster Causing Great Concern


The costliest natural disaster in history might be about to happen again. The same ominous warning sign that preceded the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami by six days happened again three days ago. On April 9 2015 156 melon-headed whales washed ashore on the Pacific coast of Japan, about three times more than the 50 melon-headed whales that washed ashore in Japan on March 5 2011. Six days later a 9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami, … [Read more...]

Prophetic Word: You Are Going to Be Amazed


I have been a subscriber to Reyna's YouTube channel for a couple of years. She has shared many prophetic words that seemed right on the mark and a great source of encouragement to me. Her channel is reyna4321. Her 17-minute video talks about the events happening in the spring of 2015 followed by an insightful summary of the transition period that we have been enduring for the past few years. I transcribed a short sample as follows: Look, it … [Read more...]

Favorability Ratings for Pope Francis Are Soaring

Pope Francis

Recent public opinion polls by Pew Research Center show the whole world adores Pope Francis. His relentless outreach campaign to other religions with his all-inclusive message that everyone goes to heaven, including atheists, is resonating with almost everyone. See my previous post: Pope Francis Claims Atheists Go to Heaven. Public opinion ratings for Pope Francis were very favorable right from the start of his Papacy in March 2013, but a new … [Read more...]

Congress and News Media Bowing Down to Worship The Beast Again


Has the whole world gone crazy or is it just me? After reading the latest news about the potential new treaty with Iran, I am shaking my head in disbelief. The President, most of the Congress, and the mainstream news media are acting like the United States Constitution does not exist. The Constitution clearly states that all treaties negotiated by the President must be approved by two-thirds of the Senate. Otherwise, there is no treaty! The … [Read more...]

Future 2015 News Headlines Show Big Economic Trouble Coming Soon


During a three year period from 2010 to 2012 the Lord showed Terry Bennett many news headlines from the future. He was shown they would be fulfilled during a four year period beginning approximately from June 15, 2011 through June 15, 2015. The following is a list of 12 headlines he saw, which are related mostly to economic trouble. Terry also saw other news headlines on his website that include geophysical events and more. Dow Flops and … [Read more...]

Kat Kerr: Shocking Amazing Things Coming in Spring 2015


Are you ready for a word in season? Well, here it is! With so many dreams and visions warning us about trouble coming, plus scriptures warning us about a time of unprecedented trouble (Daniel 12:2, Matthew 24:21), it is enough to make us forget what is really happening. I have even considered fleeing the United States, but then I remember I can't do that unless the Lord puts it in my heart to go and so far He hasn't. So I have resolved to be … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream: Prices Going Way Up by the Light of the Blood Moon


Here is another confirmation that something big is about to happen with the value of the U.S. dollar. Sarah Beveridge, a Christian blogger, received a prophetic dream on December 18 2014 showing her prices will be increasing dramatically very soon. She was not given a specific date, but was shown the fulfillment would come "by the light of the blood moon". The next blood moon is coming April 4 2015, less than two weeks from now. There will be … [Read more...]

Warning: Dimensional Boundaries Are Being Removed


You don't have to search hard to see evil is manifesting all over the earth today. However, as bad as it is now it is going to get much darker before the end. Jesus told us the trouble coming in the last days would be "such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will" (Matthew 24:21). That is an amazing statement considering the horrible times the earth has already endured. Jesus explained further, "Unless … [Read more...]

Glynda Linkous: Cracking, Splitting, Ripping Heard in the Spirit Realm


I have been sensing we are getting close to something big happening in our nation that will also impact the rest of the world. So it got my attention when I heard this prophetic warning from Glynda Linkous, founder of Wings of Prophecy. She posted two very short videos on YouTube, both about this same topic, which are posted below. Along with that I transcribed her key points as follows: Five or six days ago (recorded March 4 2015) I was just … [Read more...]

Ten Disturbing Facts About Pope Francis


There is so much focus on the antichrist that it is easy to forget there is also a second beast who will rule over the earth alongside of the first beast in the last days. In fact, the second beast, who is also called the false prophet, plays a very important role in upcoming events. For example, he is the one who requires everyone to take the mark of the beast. The Bible reveals the second beast will have the appearance of a lamb, but will … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Claims Atheists Go to Heaven


The Bible warns us a second beast will arise in the last days with the appearance of a lamb and speaking the words of a dragon (Revelation 13:11). The appearance of a lamb reveals he will be a religious leader because the Bible refers to God's people as sheep and the Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God. The words of a dragon reveals he will speak the words of Satan, the father of all lies. So we know this beast will hide behind the guise of religion … [Read more...]

Time to Sound the Alarm Right in the Ear of Sleeping Christians


Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of his day because they could discern the appearance of the sky, but could not discern the times they were living in (Matthew 16:3). Their Messiah was standing right in front of them, but they could not recognize Him because they lacked spiritual discernment. When was the last time you heard a good sermon on why President Obama might be the antichrist? Or how about a sermon on why Pope Francis might be the … [Read more...]