New Onslaught Against the Powers of Darkness is Coming


Many years ago, I was given an interesting dream. I, along with many others, came together to join one another to fight against a very real danger that threatened to take over our families and our lives to enslave us all. We joined together to fight against this evil. NEXT SCENE: I along with others, were in a section of a city which I understood to be “spiritual Jerusalem” and as we fought against our enemy, we all held our own. But then, … [Read more...]

The Sharks Are Already Circling Around the Victim


During the past few days I have noticed a lot of new reports of cracks surfacing in the global financial system. Too-big-to-fail financial institutions are reporting problems that could quickly get too-big-to-hide, including Glencore, Trafigura, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse. Global institutions are issuing dire warnings, as reported in Michael Snyder's latest article, Why Are the IMF, The UN, The BIS, and Citibank All Warning That An … [Read more...]

Tensions Escalating Between the U.S. and China


A dispute between the United States and China regarding access to a chain of islands in the South China Sea has just escalated. The U.S. has announced plans to sail U.S. Navy warships inside the 12-mile nautical zone surrounding the the Spratly Islands, which China claims as their territory. The maneuvers are expected to start within the next two weeks. A senior US official told the Financial Times that the ships would sail inside the … [Read more...]

Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?


The warnings are getting louder.  Is anybody listening?  For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing.  For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit … [Read more...]

Lock Up the Gloom and Doom Prophets


When the prophet Jeremiah tried to warn the people of Judah about trouble coming, they rejected his warning. They could not bear to hear what he was saying, so they seized him and lowered him down into a cistern where he sank down into the mud. 2 “Thus says the Lord, ‘He who stays in this city will die by the sword and by famine and by pestilence, but he who goes out to the Chaldeans will live and have his own life as booty and stay alive. … [Read more...]

NDAA 2016 Now Headed to President Obama for Approval


The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act has been approved by both the House and the Senate and is now headed to President Obama. The House approved the authorization bill last week with a 270-156 vote, well short of the 290 needed to override a Presidential veto. Yesterday, the Senate advanced the bill with a procedural vote of 73-26. Today they voted again to pass it by a vote of 70-27, which exceeds the 67 votes needed to override a … [Read more...]

Four Waves of Warnings Ignored


On September 11 2015, I had a dream that I was at the beach overlooking the water from a two story balcony. I was with some acquaintances and extended family. I was trying to tell them about a severe weather forecast that I saw, but no one would turn to me and listen. They all continued to laugh and talk amongst each other. I looked out at the ocean and I noticed a large wave coming in. It landed and moved up the coast as a rising tide … [Read more...]

I Will Require the Fullness of Your Debt in Short Order


On 6-19-2008 the Lord spoke this word to me for America. "This I have against you America. You have have extended your debt into the future to be paid at another time by another generation. You have used this debt as leverage for ill gotten gains. This debt and the way you manage it is an example of how you relate to me. You put me off for another time and seek to make incremental payments to me now. It is usury." I will require the … [Read more...]

Violent Shaking is Coming


In November 2014 I had a vivid dream about a worldwide shaking. In this dream I was inside the highest building in the region where I live.  I was meeting a friend of mine who is a CEO. It was during a typical business day. People were walking to and fro, like any normal day in their life. Little did they know what was about to happen. I began walking upstairs to the top floor of the structure. I reached the top floor resting for just a … [Read more...]

Change Will Come Suddenly and Unexpectedly, Prepare Yourself


Prophecy given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin during Sukkot Service at Messianic Temple Beth El on 15 Tishrei, 5776 corresponding to  September 28, 2015. The wind of change is blowing upon the United States of America, the wind of change. To some, it will be a change for the worst and to some, a change for the best. For I am “the fragrance of death” to those who hate Me and despise Me and “the fragrance of life” to those who love and honor Me. As it … [Read more...]

The Beginning of Something We Have Never Encountered in America


My husband and I have been sensing the spiritual darkness in most of September, but it did not manifest itself until October 1st. In September, I watched and listened to the message of the Pope. The Lord had already made me aware of an underlying meaning to his message that if we didn't listen carefully, we would miss. As I watched the Pope and the President come together, I heard these words: The abomination of desolation. Secret meetings … [Read more...]

Prophetic Warnings of Attacks on Church Children


I dreamt I was at church for an event. My wife and I were sitting at a table in the main lobby and everything seemed to be going great. I noticed two uniformed officers standing at the back of the lobby. They did not seem to be ready for work and looked like they were still getting their gear on. I noticed they put their ears to their radio and then started running down the hallway that led to the children’s area. As they ran, they looked like … [Read more...]

Al Qaeda is in the Country and Obama Knows They are Here


This message was posted on the Watchman on the Wall Report on April 23 2013. About two nights ago, the Lord gave me a dream where he was speaking directly to me. He said; "Al Qaeda is here in the country." I responded with; "What!?" The Lord continued; "Al Qaeda is in the country, and Obama knows that they are here. They are keeping a low-key and not wanting to draw attention to themselves. I will show you where they are in … [Read more...]

Clemson Football Coach Censored by ESPN/ABC for Trying to Honor God


After a close 24-22 victory over Notre Dame last night, Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney attempts to give glory to God during an emotional interview on the field. As soon as he mentions the Lord, the program is immediately interrupted for 15 seconds showing two ESPN news reporters sitting at their desk with no idea they are now on live national television. After Coach Swinney finishes talking about the Lord the program returns with the rest … [Read more...]

East Coast Hurricane Joaquin Could Fulfill Three Prophetic Warnings


Three prophetic warnings could be fulfilled in the next few days by a new hurricane named Joaquin, which has been gaining strength and is currently a major category 3. As of 11:00 pm yesterday, it was located near the Bahamas and moving north towards the east coast of the United States. It is still too early for weather forecasters to accurately identify whether or not Joaquin will reach the United States, but concerns have increased over the … [Read more...]

Very Serious Catastrophic Financial and Economic Crisis Coming to South Africa


On the night of 27th September 2015, The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit spoke to me through a vision of The LORD (a supernatural dream). So in this vision of The LORD, I found myself in the nation of South Africa. So while in South Africa, I saw something like a new currency of sort. It seems there was a financial and an economic crisis that had hit South Africa, leading to fiscal changes in South African … [Read more...]

Rick Wiles: Widespread Panic December 29-31


This is not necessarily a word from the Lord, but it could be a prophetic sign (no pun intended). I received an email tonight from Rick Wiles, host of Trunews radio program. He shared an amazing photo he took in downtown Atlanta. He also posted the following message on his website. I had to share this photo with you. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia tonight attending a meeting of radio industry executives. It was taken at the Fox Theater on … [Read more...]

We Just Took Another Big Step Closer to a Sudden Market Crash


In a press conference yesterday afternoon, several U.S. Congressmen announced, after three months of reconciling their differences, the Senate and House have finally reached a compromise for the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. Watch their 29-minute press conference on C-Span. The House approved their version of the bill (HR1735) on May 15, 2015 by a vote of 269-151. The Senate approved their version (S.1376) on June 18th, 2015, … [Read more...]

Eight Rules for Radicals


In 1971, Saul Alinsky wrote a book called Rules for Radicals. It became the guide book for communist organizers like President Barack Obama. In the same way that radical communists need rules to help them achieve their goal of world domination, radical Christians need rules to help us achieve our goal of advancing God's kingdom on earth. We might not think of ourselves as radical, but anyone who believes their sins are forgiven because a … [Read more...]

Catholics Warn Fellow Catholics Pope Francis is Not From God


With Pope Francis currently in the United States, it seems appropriate to share these amazing warnings about him from members of his own church. On 7 June 2011, nearly two years before Pope Francis took office, a Catholic ministry called Maria Divine Mercies (MDM) posted a blunt warning to fellow Catholics that the Pope who comes after Pope Benedict would not be from God. The following provides excerpts from that message: My Holy Vicar, … [Read more...]