Putin Obama and Xi Jinping Celebrate Explosion and Plume Cloud

Yesterday, I received an email from a visitor to this site, Heidi Bryden, sharing an interesting dream she had the night before: I feel urged to tell you my short dream I had this morning. First I must say that for the past year the Lord has been bringing me in closer and deeper than ever before. I have had some clear pictures while I sleep, usually right before awakening fully. It seems like a half dream at times. This morning just before I … [Read more...]

All Things That Have Been Hidden Are Being Revealed

I just had an open vision of many souls falling into hell without God, and in my spirit came these words. “Did I not say in my word that I would FIRST come to My house and judge, and yet many do not know that they are very close to My judgment and will go into eternity WITHOUT me. I am requiring souls now. Then shall they know who I am and that I am a king and a judge. What is coming to your nation will come. I have known and established … [Read more...]

Darkness is Now Increasing from All Sides

"Daughter, write these words this day. You are seeing darkness increasing from all sides. Did I not warn you the end days were upon you? How long has My grace and My mercy been poured out upon an unrepentant people? There is chaos and distress and unspeakable horrors; the result of those disobedient reaping what they have sown. As you approach the times when most are focused on celebrations and feasting, relaxing and joyous events, sports, and … [Read more...]

Watch for Chicago Riots Starting this Week

In August 2015 Brian Carn shared a prophetic warning about riots coming to Chicago. Brian Carn is a prophetic minister who has his own television program on the DayStar Television Network. He shares this warning at the 2:34 mark on the video at the bottom of this post. "Pay attention next month. For there shall a riot arise out of Chicago that shall spread to Indiana, and it will make Baltimore and Missouri riots look like nothing. When you see … [Read more...]

False Flag Event Coming Soon from Shadow Figures

At the beginning of 2015 Rick Joyner shared how the Lord told him the forecast for the year was mostly sunny, but partly cloudy. With the end of the year coming soon, we can see his forecast was accurate as things were mostly sunny until about four weeks ago when clouds rolled in with a series of horrible attacks by Islamic terrorists. The prophet Isaiah also saw clouds coming in the last days. The literal extended translation of Isaiah 60:2 … [Read more...]

Turkey: The Country ISIS Uses As A Home Base And Where It Has Sold 800 Millions Dollars Of Oil

If we truly do want to get rid of ISIS, why aren’t we doing anything about the Islamic governments that are funding them, aiding them and facilitating the sale of their oil?  As you will see below, ISIS fighters hop back and forth over the Turkish border with impunity, there are “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking ISIS members”, and more than $800,000,000 worth of ISIS oil has been sold in Turkey.  If these things are true, … [Read more...]

U.S. Christians Taken Prisoner by Foreign Soldiers

At the end of February 2015 God gave me a prophetic dream. In this dream I was outside on a cool, clear beautiful day. The sky was blue with very few clouds. The color of the blue caught my attention because it was a perfect blue. I was walking with others on a dirt road. I had on an olive color military jacket. I was in a line of people attached to each other by a chain or rope in single file, one person in front of another. We were Christians … [Read more...]

Damascus Will Be Hit First, Then Iran Will Shake.

On April 14 2015 I saw a vision. I was awake, but my eyes were closed, so I saw this with my heart. I saw Jesus usher me through a white threshold into a great expanse. First, I looked to the left and saw a scene taking place behind a wall where smoke was rising. There had been a major explosion, so massive it reminded me of a mushroom cloud. I heard: "Death, destruction, embitterment, chaos, disorder." Then I heard the word "ka-yed", … [Read more...]

A New Normal Will Now Establish Itself

My Children, the world as you have known it is indeed gone forever. A new normal will now establish itself whose increasing evil will greatly vex My People. This is the beginning of the end. So much of what is written in My Word has already come to pass, but more remains still. Be flexible to adapt to the new circumstances around you. Do not get caught up in panic or fear as evil increases, for I have already warned you this is so. If you … [Read more...]

Very Serious Confrontation Coming Between Israel and Russia

A very serious and surprise attack is coming to the nation of Israel. Then at a later time the Jewish people (Israelis) will be targeted and attacked based on their mode of dressing. In the morning of 16th November 2015, The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit spoke to me through a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD. This was more of a dramatized and a Parable vision, which was to an extent in the form of a … [Read more...]

The Terrorist Attacks in Paris Were Just a Front

Serious word for today... civil unrest is soon to play out. There will be bloodied territories everywhere and everyone will want a piece of the action. I am finally able to release this word. It has been coming and coming. Very simply put, "After the holidays! After the holidays!" I know this is short, but here is what we need to know. The "BIG" terrorist attacks in Paris were just a front, just a prelude to bigger things coming, which will … [Read more...]

Orchestrated Attacks Will All Occur at The Same Time in Different Time Zones

While I was praying on Wednesday November 11, two days before the coordinated Paris attacks, I began to cry uncontrollably. This only happens when I know “something” is going to happen. I begin to feel like this when a major earthquake or other major disaster is approaching. Then Friday, early in the morning, the day of the Paris attacks, I had a dream. I saw huge bulls roaming loose on the streets. They did not seem like normal, cattle bulls. … [Read more...]

Nation After Nation Will Fall From the Weight of the Evil

The day after the terrorist attacks in France on 13 November 2015, I received the following: "My eyes have scanned the nations. Watch My children, on the horizon comes another attack." Then on 20 November 2015 I read this news report: "At least eighteen people have reportedly been killed as armed gunman stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako, Mali on Friday morning. The attackers held 170 people hostage in Radisson Blu hotel, while it is reported … [Read more...]

Why America’s Problems Are Beyond Any Political Solution

Many are holding onto hope that America can be turned around by electing a righteous President. It is time to abandon that hope because it is foolish nonsense. The only hope for America is repentance before the one true God. The only way to Him is through Jesus Christ, His only Son, who proclaimed, "No one comes to the Father but through Me." (John 14:6) No Presidential candidate would dare mention our only hope, which is why no Presidential … [Read more...]

Prophetic Dream Announces One Month Delay

The first week of November I had a very short dream in which I saw an unidentified black and white object. While I was looking at it and wondering what it was I heard a loud voice say, "One month delay!" That was the end of the dream. I believe the unidentified black and white object represents the unknown timing of the coming economic crash because while I was looking at it and trying to identify it I heard the loud voice announcing the … [Read more...]

$1.2 Billion Proposal for Ukraine Sent to Leaders of Congress

Even though the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has already been signed into law, discussions are continuing about increasing the level of military aid to Ukraine. A letter sent yesterday, November 18 2015, urges four leaders of Congress to increase aid to Ukraine to $1.2 billion. The letter was sent from former Ambassadors, military leaders, and officials in Democratic and Republican Administrations urging Congress to enhance … [Read more...]

This is the Time When the Sheep are Separated from the Goats

I heard this word from the Lord on July 13 2015: “My word is this: The cry goes out to each child of God, to those I sealed at the beginning of time. The bell tolls and your ears burn with the sensation of the tingling. I am making you new so that you may go forth and do the work I've ordained for you at this time in this season. Worry not, fear not for in all things My work is good. The hedge of protection is already in place. I have raised … [Read more...]

My Blueprint in Your Blood is Now Aligning in Perfect Harmony and Releasing My Glory

Daughter speak My words this day, for I wish My people to know the hour that is upon you. I wish for them to know that the battle is in the spirit. This battle has been going on since the beginning. It is the seed of satan against My precious and holy seed- the battle of good and evil, darkness and light, the battle of a created being against his Creator. In understanding who you are in Me, you will understand the power wherein you must … [Read more...]

Strong Winds Are Already Blowing

When I went outside with my dogs tonight strong winds were blowing through the tall trees making a loud whooshing sound as the trees swayed back and forth. It was kind of creepy, but beautiful at the same time. Whenever I see the wind blowing like that it makes me think something new must be moving in. Tonight it just confirmed what I already knew. Big changes are here. The Lord has repeatedly told us it is coming. He said the purpose is to … [Read more...]

Orchestrated Economic Collapse Bringing Separation

I had a dream and saw a vision about a coming economic collapse. In this dream I was viewing a scene, as if looking at and through a large television. What I saw was our elderly landlady at her luxury senior apartment lobby area, talking to somebody and clearly quite upset. She was relaying how her much of her money was taken, so she wouldn't be able to live in her apartment any longer. After watching the above scene for a while, I went … [Read more...]

Storm Warnings Issued to Lighthouses

Last night I asked the Lord to show me what is coming in the final weeks of 2015. I had a dream about some new things coming for this site, but I should have been more specific in my request because what I really wanted to see was what is coming in our nation and our world. As it turns out, Pastor James Durham of Higher Calling Ministries International prayed a similar prayer and received a vision that was more along the lines of what I was … [Read more...]

There Is To Be No More Delay

My heart is so heavy for that which is coming upon our nation and the world. I want to share a word the Lord gave to me and released me to share. On November 1st I heard this: "There is an event just in front of you that will change the direction of your nation for eternity.  It is time for America to experience the wrath of the one true God.  Every drunkard must sober up eventually." "There are no more curtain calls.  There is to be no … [Read more...]

Three Great Shakings Are Coming Upon Your Nation

On the evening of November 14th I heard this word from the Lord: "What is coming upon your nation (United States) will shake it to its core.  The selfish and prideful will perish for not seeking my face in this hour.  Men will rise from the rubble and call on my name.  They will lay down their own plans to follow me. The angels have been released upon the four corners of the earth.  The word has gone forth." "It is now time to draw nigh … [Read more...]

Prophetic Insights For France and Germany

The Father once again calls France; “A nation now in chaos”.  But as an underground stream flows swiftly and quietly, so do those who have determined to pray and intercede with heart wrenching pleas for the Father to move within their land. A spiritual passivity will begin to be addressed and shaken off of the hearts of fearful and hidden believers. There will begin to be a few strong and ethical governmental leaders rise up who will … [Read more...]

Disaster Has Come Upon the Nations, France First, Then Germany, Then Israel

As France is erupting in violence, I am reminded of the word I heard on 10/22/15 which was posted 10/25/15: "Respect for authority will come to an end as immigrants rage across nation after nation. Hate filled, like uncaged wild animals they will refuse correction, demanding free reign, destroying, raping, murdering...." On 11/13/15 I prayed asking Abba if He had a word for His people. I heard the following: "Have I not warned you? Have … [Read more...]

Huge Rock Takes Stand Against Coming Storm

On November 4 2015 Pastor James Durham from Higher Calling Ministries International posted this short vision, which I believe accurately summarizes what is soon coming upon the world. This morning, the Lord showed me an approaching storm. It looked like powerful straight line winds moving quickly across the land. Then I saw some of the Lord’s people stand up like a rock. This was a huge rock now taking a standing against the coming storm. When … [Read more...]

America, You Defiantly Mock Me – Destruction Comes to Your Land!

Father God began speaking this message directly after the Supreme Court ruling in the United States which recently legalized gay marriage in our nation. This occurred on June 26, 2015, a most terrible day for this country. May God have mercy on us who believe. "Oh America, land of the free, home of the brave; how mighty and powerful have you seen yourself. Yet, you are sinners in the hands of an angry God. You are so courageous in that you … [Read more...]

Stand Your Positions and Get Ready

Last night the Holy Spirit came over me so strongly and so fast, it was like a whirlwind. He showed me coming world events and it was not far off in the distant future. I was transported by the Spirit into a foreign land, where the battles had already begun. Then I heard the Battle Hymn of the Republic, but as I listened it became very foreign to me. Then I was twirling around and I saw the word, "DANGER: Foreign Troops". Then I saw the … [Read more...]

I Am Bringing Forth My Finest Wine

Here is what I heard the Lord saying today: "I am bringing forth fountains from the deep. I am bringing forth My finest wine. For I want those who are mine to consume My finest wine. I am bringing forth My oil of joy and gladness." "In bitter times shall come forth singing and great joy like never heard before in all the days of old. For there shall be singing of My people, rejoicing, clapping of hands, and great jubilation. The clapping of … [Read more...]

America’s Future Revealed by the Statue of Liberty

Coming Soon! To a Statue Near You! Tonight during my prayer time, I began to see these things. I saw the Statue of Liberty and a large boa constrictor snake. In this image the raised arm was on the left side and the tablet on the right. It was the opposite of how we normally see it. This represents the liberty we think we have, but don’t. It is not as it appears. The boa constrictor was massive. It was beginning to wrap itself around the … [Read more...]